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Author rpetrov
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Date 2010-04-26.22:20:29
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Yes , I  understand .
For the protocol did gcc on FreeBSD warn if library order is -lncursesw 
  -lreadline  ?
Forget for

Also I'm not able to write C test case similar to python msg103231 by 
Mark Dickinson that fail on system where readline library is not linked 
to ncurses. Always program work and didn't code dump(=bus error) 
nevertheless order of ncurses (with w and without w suffix) and readline 

So if there is no way to write C test program that fail I could not see 
ather way to detect issue except to parse result from programs that 
output library dependencies. Also I expect this to fail for static build 
I'm not sure that readline library work well with static builds - but 
this is another issue and my time machine is stop working :) .

To write script that check platform and if is freebsd, suse link with a, 
b, c if os is XX link with d, e, f will work with shared and static 
build - It is not reasonable solution :(

P.S. Issue with readline library linked to termcap compatible library on 
system that distribute more then one termcap compatible library is about 
10 years old.

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