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Date 2010-04-26.10:45:54
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> And for this specific request, it fdqn is looked up only for "logging"
> to sys.stderr. Either removing the fqdn call or just caching per
> connection it as the patch does is both fine. I doubt if someone is
> relying this logging anywhere in the code. This is useful only when
> BaseHTTPServer is started in the command like as a standalone HTTP
> server.

I think we should totally remove the call to fqdn. The common practice
with HTTP servers is to log numeric IPs and, if desired, let a batch log
analysis process (such as awstats) deal with DNS resolution and caching.

> And there is not testing code present (or required too - as this is a
> cli invocation scenario).

What do you mean? BaseHTTPRequestHandler is tested in test_httpservers.
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