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Tennessee, are you still tracking this issue?  If not, can I steal it from you.  :)

> I found out that timedelta % int is not supported in the
> released versions while timedelta // int is.

Mmm.  Interesting.  :)

I think it would be fine to add timedelta % timedelta in this patch, and then open another feature request for timedelta % int and friends as you suggest.  I don't think divmod(timedelta, timedelta) should go in if timedelta % timedelta doesn't also go in.

> I feel that increasing the number of added
> features will reduce the likelihood of patch being accepted.

Perhaps;  I haven't seen much opposition to these ideas anyway---I think the only reason they haven't been implemented yet is lack of round-tuits.

I'd be +1 on accepting the current patch if timedelta % timedelta were added to it.
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