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Author pitrou
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Date 2010-04-19.10:34:24
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Some notes about the patch:

- NEWS blurbs generally appear antichronologically, that is newest first :-)
- you don't have to mention that "The 3.2 changes mentioned above are included in 2.7"
- the part of the PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords string after the semi-colon is supposed to be a custom error message, which "[ident string [, logoption [, facility]]]" doesn't look like; how about simply using a colon and putting the function name?
- you should check PyList_Size()'s return value for error (sys.argv could have been overriden to something else than a list)
- similarly, scriptobj is not guaranteed to be a string object, so you have to check for that too
- to check for string length > 0, it looks more natural to check either that script[0] != 0, or that PyString_GET_SIZE(...) > 0 (rather than calling PyObject_IsTrue())
- why do you Py_INCREF() the "openargs" tuple? It looks like a reference leak
- if PyTuple_New(0) fails (which I admit is highly unlikely), you should free all other resources and bail out
- when manually calling syslog_openlog(), you should check the return value and either Py_DECREF it (if non-NULL) or bail out
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