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I'm definitely sure that semaphores were being used in my test---I stuck a print statement inside the code that creates locks just to make sure it was using the semaphore version :-).

Unfortunately, at this point I think most of this discussion is academic since no change is likely to be incorporated into Python 2.7.  I can definitely see where fairness might help I/O performance if there is only 1 CPU bound thread.  I just don't know for other situations.  For example, if you have a server where it's all I/O-bound threads, but it suddenly comes under extreme load (e.g., slashdot effect), does a fair GIL help or hurt with that?  I just don't know.

In the big picture, all of the issues raised here should be on the minds of people fixing the GIL in py3k though.   It's just one more aspect of why fixing the GIL is hard.
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