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Author jon.buller
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Date 2010-04-16.01:36:55
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I found that python 2.4.5 will compile and install on this machine,
though I don't know if that helps anyone or not, or how to track this
down further.  (At least I can run mercurial on that machine again.)

On 03/11/10 18:16, Jon Buller wrote:
> Jon Buller<>  added the comment:
> This is bad.  The problem went away and the test completed without the
> segfault.  If you think the output would help track anything down, let
> me know and I'll
> save and upload it somewhere.  (Or I could hand out an SSH account via
> IPv6 to the machine...  With some effort, I could probably reconfigure
> my network to get it
> on one of my 2 IPv4 addresses.)
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