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Date 2010-04-15.15:18:29
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@Lennart: no, in that direction (2.7 to 3.x) there's less of a problem.  You leave the module name off in the doctest, and have 2to3 add the IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL to the doctest during translation.

I was looking at the farther future case, where a project has moved to 3.x, but is still supporting 2.7 by using *3to2*.  3to2 could theoretically peel off the IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL and the module name, but I know that 2to3 doesn't touch the *output* of doctests, so I'm thinking that 3to2 probably doesn't either.  (Maybe it could, for the limited case of Exceptions, but that seems like a big enough project to motivate including this patch in 2.7.)
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