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Date 2010-04-15.13:36:30
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> Will the modified test fail on platforms that don't define HAVE_SIGACTION?

Well, in theory, if the system has siginterrupt but not sigaction, it will fail. But as said, I don't think it's possible, see man siginterrupt:
"      This library routine uses an extension of the sigaction(2) system call
     that is not available in 4.2BSD, hence it should not be used if backward
     compatibility is needed."

and the test right now has this at the beginning:
if sys.platform[:3] in ('win', 'os2') or sys.platform == 'riscos':
    raise unittest.SkipTest("Can't test signal on %s" % \

So it pretty much assumes that any Unix system has siginterrupt, hence sigaction, so it should be safe.
So I'd say in theory, it will, but I don't think that siginterrupt can be available without sigaction anyway.
So feel free to modify the test, or not ;-)
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