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Date 2010-04-09.00:27:45
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With patch 29, I believe all patch-related test failures are corrected.

The remaining failures in some modules (namely test_tarfile, test_glob, test_mailbox, test_warnings) can be demonstrated to occur in unpatched builds. Since some failures are transient, I created repeat_test, which I used to demonstrate that test_glob, test_tarfile, and test_mailbox will fail on a clean build.

Additionally, I'm including test output for 32- and 64-bit builds on the unpatched build, the patched build running under administrator, and the patched build running under guest.

The test output was generated in an automated fashion to guarantee a clean build. The build process can be found by easy_installing jaraco.develop==1.1.1 and running (VS9, GNU patch, and svn required).
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