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Date 2010-04-07.09:40:59
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This very same problem happens (with Python-2.6.2) on AIX5.3 now too, after upgrading to:
$ oslevel -s

Unlike before (comparing with old build logs), this AIX5.3 now provides flock() in <sys/file.h> and libbsd.a[shr.o] like AIX6.1.

Interesting enough, /usr/lib/libbsd.a contains 32bit shared objects only, so -lbsd does not help in 64bit mode (don't know if python actually supports 64bit on AIX). I don't have an AIX6.1 to check this.

Because of this, upgrading "checking for flock" from compile- to link-check (eventually trying -lbsd a second time) might help?
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