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Date 2010-04-02.20:34:52
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> To my knowledge, OS X doesn't ship with gdb 7

That sounds right.  On my OS X 10.6.3 machine, the system gdb is:

Mark-Dickinsons-MacBook-Pro:py3k dickinsm$ gdb --version
GNU gdb 6.3.50-20050815 (Apple version gdb-1346) (Fri Sep 18 20:40:51 UTC 2009)

I have the impression that few people have got gdb 7 working on OS X yet, but I might be wrong.  Certainly macports doesn't seem to offer it yet.  I expect that'll change, though.

[About make distclean]
> Presumably adding:
>   -rm -f python*
> should do the trick

Yes, that seems to work.  Thanks!  Added in r79617.
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