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Florent Xicluna wrote:
> Florent Xicluna <> added the comment:
> The bug was a side-effect of the update. Code point "\uAAAA" is now assigned to a printable character:
> And test_bigmem relies on this code point being non-printable.
> I changed it for a char in the Low surrogates range, which is guaranteed not printable. See attached patch.

That's better.

You wrote about '\├╝aaa' (3 'a's) in your previous post
on the ticket and I didn't understand why that would change with the
patch, since it's basically a SyntaxError which doesn't have anything
to do with the Unicode types or database.

> The regression test suite passes flawlessly.
> I will do further tests before merging back in 3.x

Please also check what happened to all those code points that were
removed by the patch in unicodetype_db.h.

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