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Date 2010-03-15.14:32:08
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+1 on this functionality being added for 2.7 and 3.2.  You also mentioned in pvt email that it would be better to patch than to take advantage of the quiet and force options (which seems good to me).

I have a few comments on the diff:

* It no longer applies cleanly to trunk.  There was a recent commit that removed an unnecessary catch of KeyboardInterrupt, and I think that's what's causing the hunk reject.

* I don't like @filename and @- as the syntax for reading the compilation list from a file.  Since -f is already taken, what about adding -i<file> which tells it where to take the list from?  Of course '-i -' would mean stdin.

* Please add tests for the new functionality to

Bonus points for updating this to modern Python <wink>.  E.g. using True/False instead of 1/0, and 'OSError as error' instead of 'os.error, e'.  But don't worry about that too much; I'll probably take that on as part of my PEP 3147 work. ;)
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