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Date 2010-03-03.13:44:39
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I'm not an ElementTree user, but that spelling (etree.tostring(encode=str), or even etree.tostring(encode=unicode)) strikes me as horrible.  You don't encode to unicode, you *decode* to unicode.  Thus the current Python3 interface works the way I'd expect: if I don't specify an encoding, I get unicode.  If I do specify an encoding, I get encoded bytes.  In the general case the fact that you can no longer get away with being sloppy about what encoding a byte stream is in, the way you could in Python2, is a feature of Python3, not a bug.

If anything, having 'tostring' return bytes is broken, given its name.  But I think we fudge that by claiming it is returning a 'byte string' when given an encoding.

That said, I'm not sure how much, if at all, my opinion counts :)
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