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45116 89279 27 months ago Performance regression 3.10b1: inlining issue in the big _PyEval_EvalFrameDefault() function with Visual Studio (MSC) has patch has PR open neonene
release blocker
47194 91350 27 months ago Upgrade to zlib v1.2.12 in CPython binary releases has PR open gregory.p.smith
38856 83037 27 months ago asyncio ProactorEventLoop: wait_closed() can raise ConnectionResetError has PR open yselivanov
47086 91242 27 months ago Include HTML docs with Windows installer instead of CHM has PR open steve.dower
47071 91227 27 months ago asyncio proactor udp transport stops responding after send to port that isn't listening has patch has PR open esoma
46907 91063 27 months ago Update Windows and MacOS installer to SQLite 3.38.2 has PR open felixxm
46785 90941 27 months ago On Windows, os.stat() can fail if called while another process is creating or deleting the file has PR open Antony.Lee
46744 90900 27 months ago installers on ARM64 suggest wrong folders has PR open conio
46084 90242 27 months ago Python 3.9.6 scan_dir returns filenotfound on long paths, but os_walk does not has patch open jschwar313
45409 89572 27 months ago Support non-standard executables in venv has PR open steve.dower
45120 89283 27 months ago Windows cp encodings "UNDEFINED" entries update has patch has PR open rafaelblsilva
44817 88980 27 months ago os.path.realpath fails with WinError 161 has PR open Spacetown
44810 88973 27 months ago nturl2path: drive definition has PR open NickVeld
44101 88267 27 months ago Generation of an executable's library file when python is built is static has patch open lakor64
43984 88150 27 months ago winreg.SetValueEx should check the returned value has patch has PR open r3pwnx
43804 87970 27 months ago "Building C and C++ Extensions on Windows" docs are very out-of-date has patch has PR open shreyanavigyan
43749 87915 27 months ago venv module does not copy the correct python exe has PR open Ian Norton
43455 87621 27 months ago pathlib mistakenly assumes os.getcwd() is a resolved path in Windows has PR open eryksun
42658 86824 27 months ago os.path.normcase() is inconsistent with Windows file system has PR open sogom
42627 86793 27 months ago urllib.request.getproxies() misparses Windows registry proxy settings has PR open benrg
42606 86772 27 months ago Support POSIX atomicity guarantee of O_APPEND on Windows has patch has PR open izbyshev
42178 86344 27 months ago failed pickle hangs python on exit in CMD.exe only has patch has PR open charles.mcmarrow.4
42018 86184 27 months ago winreg SetValue(Ex) should mention integer as an acceptable value has PR open kwojniak_box
41847 86013 27 months ago Update "install launcher for all users" installer option has PR open steve.dower
41818 85984 27 months ago Lib/ major revision has PR open soumendra
41630 85796 27 months ago Enable curses support on Windows has PR open maarten
41385 85557 27 months ago test_executable_without_cwd fails on appx test run in Azure pipelines has PR open xtreak
40882 85059 27 months ago memory leak in multiprocessing.shared_memory.SharedMemory in Windows has PR open eryksun
40859 85036 27 months ago Update Windows build to use xz-5.2.5 has PR open malin
40851 85028 27 months ago subprocess.Popen: impossible to show console window when shell=True has PR open akdor1154
40648 84828 27 months ago Test file mode on Windows has PR open scrool
40151 84332 27 months ago _overlapped room for improvement has PR open Alexander Riccio
40145 84326 27 months ago Pyshellext room for binary size improvement has PR open Alexander Riccio
39148 83329 27 months ago DatagramProtocol + IPv6 does not work with ProactorEventLoop has patch has PR open alex.gronholm
38748 82929 27 months ago 32 bit ctypes stdcall callback fails to restore stack pointer has patch has PR open David Heffernan
38728 82909 27 months ago Update PC/pyconfig.h to support disabling auto linking has PR open Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin
38704 82885 27 months ago Prevent installation on unsupported Windows versions has PR open senyai
38471 82652 27 months ago _ProactorDatagramTransport: If close() is called when write buffer is not empty, the remaining data is not sent and connection_lost is not called has PR open primal
37769 81950 27 months ago Windows Store installer should warn user about MAX_PATH has PR open Jonas Binding
37746 81927 27 months ago Provide Windows predefined access type constants has PR open steve.dower
37609 81790 27 months ago support "UNC" device paths in ntpath.splitdrive has patch has PR open eryksun
37556 81737 27 months ago Launcher help does not mention configuration options has PR open Steve Barnes
37527 81708 27 months ago Timestamp conversion on windows fails with timestamps close to EPOCH has PR open Dschoni
37308 81489 27 months ago Possible mojibake in mmap.mmap() when using the tagname parameter on Windows has PR open ZackerySpytz
36511 80692 27 months ago Add Windows ARM32 buildbot has PR open Paul Monson
36305 80486 27 months ago Inconsistent behavior of pathlib.WindowsPath with drive paths has PR open kmaork
36021 80202 27 months ago [Security][Windows] webbrowser: WindowsDefault uses os.startfile() and so can be abused to run arbitrary commands has PR open vstinner
35920 80101 27 months ago Windows 10 ARM32 platform support has PR open steve.dower
35739 79920 27 months ago Enable verbose of tests during PGO build on amd64 platforms has PR open neyuru
35037 79218 27 months ago PYLONG_BITS_IN_DIGIT differs between MinGW and MSVC has PR open scoder
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