ID Activity Title Status Creator
21150 7 months ago Add quick links table to argparse docs has PR open rhettinger
18576 7 months ago Document has patch has PR open ncoghlan
30117 7 months ago test_lib2to3.test_parser.test_all_project_files() fails has PR open vstinner
29446 8 months ago Improve tkinter 'import *' situation open terry.reedy
29844 8 months ago Windows Python installers not installing DLL to System32/SysWOW64 open TBBle
29706 9 months ago IDLE needs syntax highlighting for async and await has patch open David E. Franco G.
24024 9 months ago str.__doc__ needs an update has PR open lemburg
9267 9 months ago Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open belopolsky
11165 10 months ago Document PyEval_Call* functions open ncoghlan
24363 10 months ago httplib fails to handle semivalid HTTP headers has patch open mgdelmonte
3991 10 months ago urllib.request.urlopen does not handle non-ASCII characters has patch open a.badger
29341 10 months ago Missing accepting path-like object in docstrings of os module functions open xiang.zhang
9182 11 months ago document “--” as a way to distinguish option w/ narg='+' from positional argument in argparse has patch open gray_hemp
17301 11 months ago An in-place version of many bytearray methods is needed has patch open gregory.p.smith
28612 11 months ago str.translate needs a mapping example has patch open Jim.Jewett
28710 11 months ago Sphinx incompatible markup in the standard library has patch open Patrick Lehmann
9004 11 months ago datetime.utctimetuple() should not set tm_isdst flag to 0 has patch open belopolsky
795081 12 months ago email.Message param parsing problem II has patch open customdesigned
8145 12 months ago Documentation about sqlite3 isolation_level has patch open nagylzs
24398 14 months ago Update test_capi to use has patch open bobcatfish
12706 14 months ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch open orsenthil
11664 14 months ago Add patch method to unittest.TestCase has patch open eric.araujo
15393 14 months ago JSONDecoder.raw_decode breaks on leading whitespace has patch open aalien
23740 14 months ago http.client request and send method have some datatype issues open r.david.murray
21879 14 months ago str.format() gives poor diagnostic on placeholder mismatch has patch open roysmith
27873 14 months ago should take more than one iterable has patch open Jason Yu
6087 15 months ago distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib gives surprising result when used with a Python build has patch open vinay.sajip
24780 15 months ago difflib.ndiff produces unreadable output when input missing trailing newline has patch open chris.jerdonek
16288 15 months ago TextTestResult uses TestCase.__str__() which isn't customisable (vs id() or shortDescription()) open rbcollins
20140 15 months ago UnicodeDecodeError in when home dir contains non-ascii signs open Jarek.Śmiejczak
21254 15 months ago PropertyMock refuses to raise AttributeErrror as a side effect open michael.foord
10572 15 months ago Move test sub-packages to Lib/test has patch open michael.foord
27497 15 months ago csv module: Add return value to DictWriter.writeheader has patch open lsowen
1375011 15 months ago http.cookies, Improper handling of duplicate cookies has patch open valankar
14853 16 months ago depends on sys.stdin being unseekable has patch open gregory.p.smith
22021 16 months ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch open DemoHT
3244 16 months ago multipart/form-data encoding has patch open catlee
12750 17 months ago add cross-platform support for %s strftime-format code has patch open Daniel.O'Connor
16142 17 months ago ArgumentParser inconsistent with parse_known_args has patch open idank
24364 17 months ago Not all defects pass through email policy has patch open r.david.murray
15243 18 months ago Misleading documentation for __prepare__ has patch open William.Schwartz
21130 18 months ago equivalent functools.partial instances should compare equal has patch open theller
23883 18 months ago __all__ lists are incomplete has patch open serhiy.storchaka
24790 18 months ago Idle: improve stack viewer has patch open terry.reedy
7951 18 months ago Should str.format allow negative indexes when used for __getitem__ access? has patch open eric.smith
4260 19 months ago Document that ctypes.xFUNCTYPE are decorators. open LambertDW
10850 19 months ago inconsistent behavior concerning multiprocessing.manager.BaseManager._Server open chrysn
25461 19 months ago Unclear language (the word ineffective) in the documentation for os.walk has patch open Bernt.Røskar.Brenna
17233 20 months ago http.client header debug output format has patch open Kim.Gräsman
25386 20 months ago msvcrt_putch/msvcrt_putwch don't check the return value of _putch/_putwch has patch open Alexander Riccio
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