ID Activity Title Status Creator
13272 7 months ago 2to3 fix_renames doesn't rename string.lowercase/uppercase/letters has patch has PR open ezio.melotti
7202 7 months ago "python cmd --verbose" does not set verbosity has PR open zooko
25433 7 months ago whitespace in strip()/lstrip()/rstrip() has patch has PR open Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos
24053 7 months ago Define EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE constants in sys has patch has PR open belopolsky
13127 7 months ago is not labeled as read-only has PR open dillona
12217 7 months ago Cross-link docs for faulthandler, traceback and pdb has PR open eric.araujo
7951 7 months ago Should str.format allow negative indexes when used for __getitem__ access? has patch open eric.smith
36661 7 months ago Missing dataclass decorator import in dataclasses module docs has PR open mfisherlevine
18299 8 months ago Change script_helper to use universal_newlines=True in _assert_python has PR open r.david.murray
5752 8 months ago xml.dom.minidom does not escape CR, LF and TAB characters within attribute values has patch open Tomalak
24255 8 months ago Replace debuglevel-related logic with logging has patch has PR open demian.brecht
9267 8 months ago Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open belopolsky
25567 8 months ago shlex.quote doesn't work on bytestrings has patch has PR open Jonas Thiem
36003 8 months ago set better defaults for TCPServer options has PR open giampaolo.rodola
10880 8 months ago do_mkvalue and 'boolean' has patch open IROV
15474 8 months ago Differentiate decorator and decorator factory in docs open eric.araujo
36461 8 months ago timeit: Additional changes for autorange has PR open cheryl.sabella
10936 8 months ago Simple CSS fix for left margin at open cdunn2001
21314 8 months ago Document '/' in signatures has PR open veky
21914 9 months ago Create unit tests for Turtle guionly has patch has PR open Lita.Cho
26124 9 months ago shlex.quote and pipes.quote do not quote shell keywords has PR open Charles Daffern
30535 9 months ago Explicitly note that meta_path is not empty has PR open xmorel
22021 9 months ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open DemoHT
24263 9 months ago unittest cannot load module whose name starts with Unicode has patch has PR open sih4sing5hong5
15305 9 months ago Test harness unnecessarily disambiguating twice has patch open chris.jerdonek
5879 9 months ago multiprocessing example "pool of http servers " fails on windows open ghum
11176 9 months ago give more meaningful argument names in argparse documentation has patch open bethard
36703 10 months ago [Easy][Windows] test_subprocess: test_close_fds_with_stdio() has a race condition open vstinner
20582 10 months ago socket.getnameinfo() does not document flags has PR open roysmith
16954 10 months ago Add docstrings for ElementTree module has patch open serhiy.storchaka
10374 11 months ago distutils[2] should recreate scripts in the build tree open gjb1002
828450 11 months ago sdist generates bad MANIFEST on Windows has patch open jhylton
16232 11 months ago curses.textpad.Textbox backtrace support open emeaudroid.emeaudroid
15376 11 months ago Refactor the test_runpy walk_package support code into a common location open chris.jerdonek
13055 11 months ago Distutils tries to handle null versions but fails has patch has PR open bgamari
11776 11 months ago Constructor signatures missing in types module documentation has patch open techtonik
14534 11 months ago Add means to mark unittest.TestCases as "do not load". has patch open r.david.murray
21150 11 months ago Add quick links table to argparse docs has patch has PR open rhettinger
3991 12 months ago urllib.request.urlopen does not handle non-ASCII characters has patch open a.badger
5038 12 months ago urrlib2/httplib doesn't reset file position between requests has patch has PR open matejcik
17972 12 months ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open
21257 13 months ago Document parse_headers function of http.client has PR open orsenthil
24780 13 months ago unittest assertEqual difference output foiled by newlines has patch has PR open chris.jerdonek
15457 13 months ago consistent treatment of generator terminology has patch open chris.jerdonek
35131 14 months ago Cannot access to customized paths within .pth file open Valentin Zhao
25439 15 months ago Add type checks to urllib.request.Request has patch has PR open ezio.melotti
30082 15 months ago hide command prompt when using subprocess.Popen with shell=False on Windows has PR open iMath
18624 15 months ago Add alias for iso-8859-8-i which is the same as iso-8859-8 has patch has PR open r.david.murray
20397 15 months ago distutils --record option does not validate existence of byte-compiled files has patch open marcusva
19270 16 months ago Document that sched.cancel() doesn't distinguish equal events and can break order has patch open serhiy.storchaka
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