ID Activity Title Status Creator
27583 1 month ago [doc ] configparser: modifying default_section at runtime open rk
17108 1 month ago [doc] import silently prefers package over module when both available open shai
25066 1 month ago Better repr for multiprocessing.synchronize objects has patch has PR open davin
11385 1 month ago [doc] TextTestRunner documentation improvements open techtonik
21761 1 month ago [doc] language reference describes the role of module.__file__ inaccurately open eric.snow
20459 1 month ago [doc] No Argument Clinic documentation on how to specify a return converter open brett.cannon
28516 1 month ago contextlib.ExitStack.__enter__ has trivial but undocumented behavior open walker.hale.iv
19864 1 month ago [doc] multiprocessing Proxy docs need locking semantics explained open maxpolk
7325 1 month ago tempfile.mkdtemp() does not return absolute pathname when relative dir is specified has patch open roysmith
13821 1 month ago [doc] misleading return from isidentifier open Jim.Jewett
1705393 1 month ago Document select() failure with buffered file open rongarret
29251 1 month ago [doc] Class __dict__ is only a mapping proxy open martin.panter
44844 1 month ago The command line of launching Edge on Linux hangs has PR open rayluo
20970 1 month ago [doc] contradictory documentation for prog option of argparse open Aaron.Meurer
12706 1 month ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch has PR open orsenthil
25743 1 month ago [doc] Clarify exactly what \w matches in UNICODE mode open zwol
23453 1 month ago [doc] Clarify bytes vs text with non-seeking tarfile stream open chaica_
27779 1 month ago Sync-up docstrings in C version of the the decimal module open rhettinger
10149 1 month ago [doc] Data truncation in expat parser open Maciek.J
28445 1 month ago Wrong documentation for GzipFile.peek has PR open abacabadabacaba
43286 1 month ago [doc] Clarify that Popen.returncode does not get auto-set when the process terminates open Antony.Lee
25415 1 month ago [doc] "there is no public constructor" should be reworded in io module documentation open Gerrit.Holl
23323 1 month ago [doc] mention that flags arg to imaplib's append should be a string open Pilessio
21914 1 month ago Create unit tests for Turtle guionly has patch has PR open Lita.Cho
10880 1 month ago do_mkvalue and 'boolean' has patch open IROV
30535 1 month ago [doc] Explicitly note that meta_path is not empty has PR open xmorel
12020 1 month ago [doc] Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open Jimbofbx
33590 2 months ago [doc] sched.enter priority has no impact on execution open sahilmn
29010 2 months ago Incorrect description about scope related with inheritance open woo yoo
10572 2 months ago Move test sub-packages to Lib/test has patch has PR open michael.foord
30082 2 months ago hide command prompt when using subprocess.Popen with shell=False on Windows has patch has PR open iMath
23041 2 months ago csv needs more quoting rules has patch has PR open samwyse
23556 2 months ago [doc] Scope for raise without argument is different in Python 2 and 3 has patch has PR open a3nm
40899 3 months ago Document exceptions raised by importlib.import has PR open j13r
20749 3 months ago shutil.unpack_archive(): security concerns not documented has PR open jwilk
29844 3 months ago Windows Python installers not installing DLL to System32/SysWOW64 has PR open TBBle
18376 3 months ago show the effective count of process when running the testsuite open flox
20803 3 months ago doc: clarify that struct.pack_into writes 0x00 for pad bytes has PR open bsder
18534 4 months ago [doc] State clearly that open() 'file' param is "name" attr of the result open ncoghlan
35190 4 months ago doc: cannot be used to test whether a class provides a particular interface open hroncok
33426 4 months ago [doc] Behavior of os.path.join does not match documentation has PR open Michael Klatt
30274 5 months ago Rename 'name' to 'fullname' argument to ExtensionFileLoader has PR open brett.cannon
11479 5 months ago Add discussion of trailing backslash in raw string to tutorial has patch has PR open r.david.murray
27901 5 months ago DOC: inspect.ismethod returns different results on the same basic code between Python2.7 Python3.5 open anthony-flury
20389 5 months ago clarify meaning of xbar and mu in pvariance/variance of statistics module has patch open jtaylor
33140 5 months ago shutil.chown should not be defined in Windows has patch has PR open eryksun
10835 5 months ago sys.executable default and altinstall open allan
28973 5 months ago [doc] The fact that multiprocess.Queue uses serialization should be documented. open Bernhard10
28356 5 months ago [easy doc] Document os.rename() behavior on Windows when src and dst are on different filesystems has patch has PR open stephan
38825 6 months ago shutil.disk_usage - Lacking documentation open Lord Anton Hvornum
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