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24147 4 months ago Dialect class defaults are not documented. has patch has PR open MiK
24247 4 months ago Docs: "unittest discover" modifies sys.path open redixin
1227748 4 months ago doc: subprocess: inheritance of std descriptors inconsistent has patch open ndparker
43847 4 months ago [Windows] ntpath.realpath() of bytes root directory may raise TypeError in some cases open 9001
20692 4 months ago Tutorial and FAQ: how to call a method on an int has patch open Jon.Shemitz
25567 4 months ago shlex.quote doesn't work on bytestrings has patch has PR open Jonas Thiem
18744 4 months ago doc: pathological performance using tarfile open teamnoir
34816 5 months ago raise AttributeError if loading fails in ctypes.LibraryLoader.__getattr__ has patch has PR open lfriedri
21254 5 months ago doc: PropertyMock refuses to raise AttributeErrror as a side effect open michael.foord
21130 6 months ago equivalent functools.partial instances should compare equal has patch open theller
24823 6 months ago ctypes.create_string_buffer does not add NUL if len(init) == size has patch open
8704 6 months ago cgitb sends a bogus HTTP header if the app crashes before finishing headers open stutzbach
30044 6 months ago shutil.copystat should (allow to) copy ownership, and other attributes open noctiflore
1283110 6 months ago Give __len__() advice for "don't know" has patch open tim.peters
34538 6 months ago Remove encouragement to author a base class for all Exception subclasses in a module open Nathaniel Manista
29844 6 months ago Windows Python installers not installing DLL to System32/SysWOW64 open TBBle
23740 6 months ago http.client request and send method have some datatype issues open r.david.murray
24650 6 months ago Error in yield expression documentation has PR open swanson
1375011 7 months ago http.cookies, Improper handling of duplicate cookies has patch open valankar
41742 8 months ago Request for improvement open leveque
19683 8 months ago test_minidom has many empty tests has patch has PR open zach.ware
17545 9 months ago [doc] os.listdir and os.path.join inconsistent on empty path open babou
5430 10 months ago imaplib: must not replace LF or CR by CRLF in literals has patch has PR open memeplex
5038 10 months ago urrlib2/httplib doesn't reset file position between requests has patch has PR open matejcik
4683 10 months ago tests missing in urllib2 has patch open cmb
10936 10 months ago Simple CSS fix for left margin at open cdunn2001
1490929 10 months ago urllib.retrieve's reporthook called with non-helpful value has patch open sidnei
40064 11 months ago py38: document xml.etree.cElementTree will be removed in 3.9 has PR open fdrake
18280 12 months ago Documentation is too personalized has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
38981 12 months ago better name for re.error Exception class. has PR open mbussonn
41259 13 months ago Find adverbs is not correct on the documentation has PR open Rim Chatti
41395 13 months ago pickle and pickletools cli interface doesn't close input and output file. has PR open xtreak
1047397 14 months ago cgitb failures has patch has PR open rgbecker
41115 14 months ago Codecs should raise precise UnicodeDecodeError or UnicodeEncodeError has PR open pitrou
40065 15 months ago py39: remove deprecation note for xml.etree.cElementTree open fdrake
40283 15 months ago Documentation of has PR open guchao
40946 15 months ago SuppressCrashReport should set SEM_FAILCRITICALERRORS in Windows open eryksun
22021 15 months ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open DemoHT
39243 15 months ago CDLL __init__ no longer supports name being passed as None when the handle is not None open David Heffernan
25377 15 months ago Mention octal format of mode argument of os.chmod has PR open krichter
28859 16 months ago os.path.ismount sometimes raises FileNotFoundError on Windows has PR open lazka
22014 18 months ago Improve display of OS exception <-> errno mapping has patch open ncoghlan
30082 18 months ago hide command prompt when using subprocess.Popen with shell=False on Windows has patch has PR open iMath
18862 18 months ago Implement __subclasshook__() for Finders and Loaders in has patch open eric.snow
39712 18 months ago Doc for `-X dev` option should mention PYTHONDEVMODE has patch has PR open pitrou
9182 19 months ago document “--” as a way to distinguish option w/ narg='+' from positional argument in argparse has patch open gray_hemp
9305 19 months ago Don't use east/west of UTC in date/time documentation has patch open belopolsky
24249 19 months ago unittest API for detecting test failure in cleanup/teardown open r.david.murray
24925 20 months ago Allow doctest to find line number of __test__ strings if formatted as a triple quoted string. has patch has PR open r.david.murray
22593 20 months ago Automate update of doc references to UCD version when it changes. has PR open r.david.murray
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