ID Activity Title Status
22738 76 months ago improve 'python -h' documentation for '-c' open
22000 76 months ago cross type comparisons clarification open
16508 75 months ago include the "object" type in the lists of documented types has patch open
23639 74 months ago Not documented special names has patch open
25275 73 months ago Documentation v/s behaviour mismatch wrt integer literals containing non-ASCII characters open
10021 73 months ago Format parser is too permissive open
25238 73 months ago Version added of context parameter for xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy incorrect open
25294 73 months ago Absolute imports fail in some cases where relative imports would work open
25331 73 months ago Using Windows doc should list service packs needed to install open
25442 73 months ago Shelve consistency issues open
25482 72 months ago signal.set_wakeup_fd() doesn't work if the signal don't have handler open
25415 72 months ago I can create instances of io.IOBase has patch open
25559 72 months ago signal.siginterrupt description has typo open
25586 72 months ago socket.sendall broken when a socket has a timeout has patch open
25633 72 months ago The documentation for urllib.request should mention http.client.HTTPException open
4712 71 months ago Document pickle behavior for subclasses of dicts/lists open
25787 71 months ago Add an explanation what happens with subprocess parent and child processes when signals are sent open
25666 71 months ago Python unexpectedly ignores a signal after fork open
25865 71 months ago 7.2 Assignment statements documentation is vague and slightly misleading open
23556 71 months ago Scope for raise without argument is different in Python 2 and 3 has patch open
25743 70 months ago Clarify exactly what \w matches in UNICODE mode open
17006 70 months ago Add advice on best practices for hashing secrets has patch open
26019 70 months ago documentation incomplete has patch open
26052 70 months ago pydoc for __init__ with not docstring open
26120 70 months ago pydoc: move __future__ imports out of the DATA block open
26094 70 months ago ConfigParser.get() doc to be updated according to the header doc open
26160 69 months ago Tutorial incorrectly claims that (explicit) relative imports don't work in the main module open
26235 69 months ago argparse docs: Positional * argument in mutually exclusive group requires a default parameter open
26225 69 months ago New misleading wording in execution model documenation open
26346 69 months ago PySequenceMethods documentation missing sq_slice and sq_ass_slice open
25726 69 months ago sys.setprofile / sys.getprofile asymetry open
13354 69 months ago tcpserver should document non-threaded long-living connections open
26449 68 months ago Tutorial on Python Scopes and Namespaces uses confusing 'read-only' terminology open
26459 68 months ago Windows build instructions are very inaccurate open
26524 68 months ago document what config directory is used for open
21910 68 months ago File protocol should document if writelines must handle generators sensibly open
5901 67 months ago missing meta-info in documentation pdf open
26703 67 months ago Socket state corrupts when original socket object goes out of scope in a different thread open
16679 67 months ago Add advice about non-ASCII wsgiref PATH_INFO has patch open
23453 66 months ago Clarify bytes vs text with non-seeking tarfile stream open
26899 66 months ago struct.pack_into(), struct.unpack_from() don't document support for negative offsets open
26897 66 months ago Clarify Popen stdin, stdout, stderr open
26997 66 months ago Docs for pdb should note that __future__ magic doesn't work open
1705393 66 months ago Document select() failure with buffered file open
2675 66 months ago Curses terminal resize problems when Python is in interactive mode open
18531 66 months ago Undocumented different between METH_KEYWORDS and **kws has patch open
27036 66 months ago Mark up of references in different form has patch open
27150 65 months ago PEP446 (CLOEXEC by default) violation with fcntl.fcntl(..., fcntl.F_DUPFD) open
17383 65 months ago Possibly ambiguous phrasing in tutorial/modules#more-on-modules has patch open
27329 65 months ago Document behavior when CDLL is called with None as an argument on POSIX systems open
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