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ID Activity Title Status
47163 26 months ago "unterminated subpattern" in valid regex if re.VERBOSE is used closed
47162 26 months ago Add call trampoline to work around bad fpcasts on Emscripten has PR closed
47161 26 months ago pathlib method relative_to doesnt work with // in paths has PR open
47160 26 months ago round function is not working as expected closed
47159 26 months ago multiprocessing.pool.Pool.apply block infinitely when stressed while using maxtasksperchild open
47158 26 months ago logging.handlers.SysLogHandler doesn't get cleaned up properly on exit if it throws an exception open
47157 26 months ago bijective invertible map closed
47156 26 months ago IDLE: make use of extended SyntaxError info. open
47155 26 months ago Strange behavior on the tuple that includes list closed
47154 26 months ago -arch <arch> detection in _osx_support generates false positives has PR open
47153 26 months ago __doc__ should generally be writable open
47152 26 months ago Reorganize the re module sources has PR open
47151 26 months ago subprocess fails when used as init, vfork() returns EINVAL if PID=1 has PR closed
47150 26 months ago HTTPRedirectHandler fails on POST for 307 and 308 open
47149 26 months ago DatagramHandler doing DNS lookup on every log message open
47148 26 months ago sys.path.append before import the module causing module don't have doc-string? closed
47147 26 months ago Allow `return yield from` closed
47146 26 months ago PR check "Check if generated files are up to date" failing intermittently has PR closed
47145 26 months ago Improve graphlib.TopologicalSort by removing the prepare step open
47144 26 months ago Allow setting __classcell__ open
47143 26 months ago Add types.copy_class() which updates closures open
47142 26 months ago Document open
47141 26 months ago EmailMessage may lack Mime-Version open
47140 26 months ago configure --enable-optimizations with clang *12* fails to detect llvm-profdata open
47139 26 months ago pthread_sigmask needs SIG_BLOCK behaviour explaination open
47138 26 months ago Pin Jinja2 to fix docs build has PR open
47137 26 months ago MemoryError in codeop.compile_command closed
47136 26 months ago The variable __module__ in the class body getting an undesirable value from __prepare__ of the metaclass open
47135 26 months ago Allow decimal.localcontext to accept keyword arguments to set context attributes has patch has PR open
47134 26 months ago Document the meaning of the number in OverflowError open
47133 26 months ago enhance unittest to show test name and docstring on one line open
47132 26 months ago Move tests from setobject.c to _testcapimodule has PR open
47131 26 months ago Speedup test_unparse has PR closed
47130 26 months ago mro and super don't feel so pythonic closed
47129 26 months ago Improve errors messages in f-string syntax errors has PR closed
47128 26 months ago Enhance Argument Clinic's NoneType return converter to give `void` has PR closed
47127 26 months ago Specialize call for c functions with METH_FASTCALL|METH_KEYWORDS has PR closed
47126 26 months ago Update to canonical PEP URLs has PR closed
47125 26 months ago Explore hashlib use of the Windows Crypto API NG open
47124 26 months ago explore hashlib use of the Apple CryptoKit macOS open
47123 26 months ago ZipFile.writestr should respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH has patch open
47122 26 months ago Fix the table of methods in the documentation has PR open
47121 26 months ago math.isfinite() can raise exception when called on a number open
47120 26 months ago Make all jump opcodes relative has PR open
47119 26 months ago test_freeze_simple_script in test_tools fails open
47118 26 months ago test_run_keeps_context in test_asyncio fails has PR closed
47117 26 months ago repl segfaults on non utf-8 input has PR closed
47116 26 months ago Use _PyLong_FromUnsignedChar in bytearrayobject.c has PR closed
47115 26 months ago Documentation inconsistency with the stable ABI has PR open
47114 26 months ago random.choice and random.choices have different distributions closed
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