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ID GH Activity Title Status Creator
21861 66060 4 months ago io class name are hardcoded in reprs has PR open serhiy.storchaka
21761 65960 4 months ago [doc] language reference describes the role of module.__file__ inaccurately has PR open eric.snow
21760 65959 4 months ago inspect documentation describes module type inaccurately has PR open eric.snow
21254 65453 4 months ago doc: PropertyMock refuses to raise AttributeErrror as a side effect open michael.foord
21150 65349 4 months ago Add quick links table to argparse docs has patch has PR open rhettinger
21130 65329 4 months ago equivalent functools.partial instances should compare equal has patch open theller
20970 65169 4 months ago [doc] contradictory documentation for prog option of argparse has patch has PR open Aaron.Meurer
20823 65022 4 months ago [doc] Clarify copyreg.pickle() documentation has patch has PR open peter.otten
20803 65002 4 months ago doc: clarify that struct.pack_into writes 0x00 for pad bytes has PR open bsder
20749 64948 4 months ago shutil.unpack_archive(): security concerns not documented has PR open jwilk
20741 64940 4 months ago Documentation archives should be available also in tar.xz format open Arfrever
20459 64658 4 months ago [doc] No Argument Clinic documentation on how to specify a return converter open brett.cannon
20389 64588 4 months ago clarify meaning of xbar and mu in pvariance/variance of statistics module has patch open jtaylor
20352 64551 4 months ago Add support for AUTH command to poplib has patch open dveeden
20109 64308 4 months ago TestProgram is mentioned in the unittest docs but is not documented open r.david.murray
19871 64070 4 months ago json module won't parse a float that starts with a decimal point has patch open picomancer
19864 64063 4 months ago [doc] multiprocessing Proxy docs need locking semantics explained open maxpolk
19683 63882 4 months ago test_minidom has many empty tests has patch has PR open zach.ware
19280 63479 4 months ago Add a datatype to represent mime types to the email module open r.david.murray
19154 63353 4 months ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' in http/ when using select when file descriptor is closed. open fviard
18862 63062 4 months ago Implement __subclasshook__() for Finders and Loaders in has patch open eric.snow
18816 63016 4 months ago "mmap.flush()" is always synchronous, hurting performance open jcea
18767 62967 4 months ago csv documentation does not note default quote constant has patch open bemclaugh
18765 62965 4 months ago unittest needs a way to launch pdb.post_mortem or other debug hooks open gregory.p.smith
18744 62944 4 months ago doc: pathological performance using tarfile open teamnoir
18697 62897 4 months ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation has PR open serhiy.storchaka
18624 62824 4 months ago Add alias for iso-8859-8-i which is the same as iso-8859-8 has patch has PR open r.david.murray
18534 62734 4 months ago [doc] State clearly that open() 'file' param is "name" attr of the result open ncoghlan
18376 62576 4 months ago show the effective count of process when running the testsuite open flox
18299 62499 4 months ago Change script_helper to use universal_newlines=True in _assert_python has PR open r.david.murray
18280 62480 4 months ago Documentation is too personalized has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
18108 62308 4 months ago shutil.chown should support dir_fd and follow_symlinks keyword arguments has patch has PR open cjwatson
17972 62172 4 months ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open
17545 61745 4 months ago [doc] os.listdir and os.path.join inconsistent on empty path open babou
17505 61707 4 months ago [doc] email.header.Header.__unicode__ does not decode header has PR open hniksic
17301 61503 4 months ago An in-place version of many bytearray methods is needed has patch open gregory.p.smith
17246 61448 4 months ago inspect.getargvalues fails if arg name is not bound to a value open Andrew.Lutomirski
17108 61310 4 months ago [doc] import silently prefers package over module when both available open shai
16845 61049 4 months ago warnings.simplefilter should validate input has patch has PR open seberg
16288 60492 4 months ago TextTestResult uses TestCase.__str__() which isn't customisable (vs id() or shortDescription()) open rbcollins
16232 60436 4 months ago curses.textpad.Textbox backtrace support open emeaudroid.emeaudroid
16142 60346 4 months ago ArgumentParser inconsistent with parse_known_args has patch open idank
16079 60283 4 months ago list duplicate test names with patchcheck has patch has PR open xdegaye
15457 59662 4 months ago consistent treatment of generator terminology has patch open chris.jerdonek
15393 59598 4 months ago JSONDecoder.raw_decode breaks on leading whitespace has patch open aalien
15376 59581 4 months ago Refactor the test_runpy walk_package support code into a common location open chris.jerdonek
15305 59510 4 months ago Test harness unnecessarily disambiguating twice has patch open chris.jerdonek
14995 59200 4 months ago PyLong_FromString documentation should state that the string must be null-terminated has patch has PR open rfk
14817 59022 4 months ago pkgutil.extend_path has no tests has PR open eric.smith
14534 58739 4 months ago Add means to mark unittest.TestCases as "do not load". has patch open r.david.murray
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