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32604 5 months ago [subinterpreters] PEP 554 implementation: add interpreters module has PR open eric.snow
34172 13 months ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open tzickel
33729 26 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open Juuso Lehtivarjo
release blocker
42042 2 weeks ago sphinx3 renders diffrently for 3.10 has PR open corona10
28022 1 month ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open christian.heimes
28124 21 months ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open christian.heimes
11352 21 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open quentel
36675 8 hours ago Doctest directives and comments missing from code samples has patch has PR open steven.daprano
42523 yesterday using windows doc incorrectly states version support has PR open Numerlor
42528 yesterday Improve the docs of most Py*_Check{,Exact} API calls has PR open antocuni
42238 yesterday Deprecate has PR open mdk
39096 2 days ago "Format Specification Mini-Language" doc mistake for Decimal has PR open mamrhein
8264 7 days ago [doc] hasattr doesn't show private (double underscore) attributes exist has patch has PR open ncw
9538 2 weeks ago Replace confusing pseudoname 'object' in special methods section. has patch open terry.reedy
39584 2 weeks ago multiprocessing.shared_memory: MacOS crashes by running attached Python code has PR open vinay0410
42316 2 weeks ago Walrus Operator in list index has PR open Brando753
12594 2 weeks ago Docs for "Using Python on a Macintosh" needs to be updated has patch open hop
42357 2 weeks ago Wrong Availability for signal.SIGCHLD has PR open myzhang1029
42340 2 weeks ago KeyboardInterrupt should come with a warning has patch has PR open benfogle
40932 3 weeks ago subprocess docs should warn of shlex use on Windows has PR open Stephen Farris
42179 3 weeks ago Clarify chaining exceptions in tutorial/errors.rst has PR open Vladimir Ryabtsev
1397474 3 weeks ago [doc] timeit execution enviroment has patch open rurpy
25821 3 weeks ago Documentation for threading.enumerate / threading.Thread.is_alive is contradictory. has PR open anthonygreen
41028 3 weeks ago Move language and version switcher out of cpython has PR open mdk
11176 3 weeks ago [doc] give more meaningful argument names in argparse documentation has patch open bethard
29086 3 weeks ago Document C API that is not part of the limited API has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
12436 3 weeks ago [doc] Missing items in installation/setup instructions has patch open ncoghlan
16399 3 weeks ago argparse: append action with default list adds to list instead of overriding has patch has PR open Markus.Amalthea.Magnuson
1576313 3 weeks ago [doc] os.execvp[e] on win32 fails for current directory has patch open snaury
42272 3 weeks ago Warning filter message/module documentation is misleading has PR open kevinoid
38413 4 weeks ago Remove or change "Multithreading" section has PR open Vladimir Ryabtsev
26205 4 weeks ago Better specify number of nested scopes has PR open Roscoe R. Higgins
23915 4 weeks ago [doc] traceback set with BaseException.with_traceback() pushed back on raise has patch open abathur
5038 4 weeks ago urrlib2/httplib doesn't reset file position between requests has patch has PR open matejcik
42037 1 month ago Documentation confusion in CookieJar functions has PR open markus
42194 1 month ago Docs for argparse.BooleanOptionalAction missing "New in version 3.9" has PR open shangxiao
15125 1 month ago argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well has patch open nstiurca
12832 1 month ago The documentation for the print function should explain/point to how to control the sys.stdout encoding has patch open r.david.murray
35181 1 month ago Doc: Namespace Packages: Inconsistent documentation of __loader__ being None has PR open mdk
26515 1 month ago Update extending/embedding docs to new way to build modules in C has PR open brett.cannon
40640 1 month ago Tutorial for Continue missing ... line has PR open Chas Belov
37741 1 month ago importlib.metadata docs not showing up in the module index has PR open brett.cannon
19270 1 month ago Document that sched.cancel() doesn't distinguish equal events and can break order has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
42018 1 month ago winreg SetValue(Ex) should mention integer as an acceptable value has PR open kwojniak_box
40064 1 month ago py38: document xml.etree.cElementTree will be removed in 3.9 has PR open fdrake
24653 1 month ago Mock.assert_has_calls([]) is surprising for users has PR open rbcollins
35790 1 month ago Correct the description of sys.exc_info() and add a code example has PR open maggyero
41933 1 month ago Wording of s * n in Common Sequence Operations is not optimal has PR open mdk
29394 1 month ago Cannot tunnel TLS connection through TLS connection has PR open Maximilian Blochberger
39710 2 months ago "will be returned as unicode" reminiscent from Python 2 has PR open mdk
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