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Title: Enclosing Scope missing from namespace in Tutorial
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Components: Documentation Versions: Python 2.6
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msg60540 - (view) Author: Brian vdB (brianvanden) Date: 2004-07-26 09:39
In the docs to Python 2.3.4 (#53, May 25 2004,
21:17:02), Section 4.6 of the Python Tutorial says:

The execution of a function introduces a new symbol
table used for the local variables of the function.
More precisely, all variable assignments in a function
store the value in the local symbol table; whereas
references first look in the local symbol table, then
in the global symbol table, and then in the table of
built-in names. Thus, global variables cannot be
directly assigned a value within a function (unless
named in a
 global statement), although they may be referenced. 

This doesn't make it clear that in the following sort
of case, the nested def can 'see' the varriables in the
topmost function:

>>> spam = 1
>>> def foo():
	spam = 2
	ham = 3
	def bar():
		print spam, ham

>>> foo()
2 3

I suggest the following ammendment:

. . . whereas variable references first look in the
local symbol table, then in the local scope of the
enclosing function defs (if any), then in the global
symbol table, . . .


Brian vdB
msg60541 - (view) Author: Brian vdB (brianvanden) Date: 2004-07-26 18:15
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I'm new to SF. I meant the e.g. to read like:

>>> spam = 1
>>> def foo():
....spam = 2
....ham = 3
....def bar():
........print spam, ham

>>> foo()
2 3

(where '.' are spaces.)


msg61411 - (view) Author: Georg Brandl (georg.brandl) * (Python committer) Date: 2008-01-21 16:52
Fixed in r60158.
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