Title: csv doesn't handle escaped characters properly
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msg95441 - (view) Author: Eric Torstenson (est_python_tracker) Date: 2009-11-18 19:11
When I use CSV with a separator, if there is an escaped separator in the
field, it causes the next field to become part of the current one:

file = csv.reader(open(filename), delimiter='\t', quotechar="'")
for words in file:
    print words[0-8]

If, say line 3 contains: '1709'	'PF01322'	'Cytochrom_C_2'
'Cytochrome_C_2; '	'Cytochrome C\''	'Finn RD, Bateman A'	'anon'	'Sarah

Column 4 will be printed as:
Cytochrome C\'\tFinn RD, Bateman A'

I've checked this with a spreadsheet application, and it opened this
line just fine, but when I used csv to parse, I had to remove that
escaped single quote to get my columns to work out properly for that line.
msg95549 - (view) Author: Virgil Dupras (vdupras) (Python triager) Date: 2009-11-20 14:37
You have to tell the reader how to handle escaping. In your case, you 
should send escapechar="\\" in reader()'s kwargs.
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