Title: RPM build error with python-2.6.spec
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Components: Demos and Tools Versions: Python 2.6
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Created on 2009-04-17 07:49 by yasusii, last changed 2010-08-01 18:38 by georg.brandl. This issue is now closed.

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python-2.6.spec.patch yasusii, 2009-04-17 07:49
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msg86056 - (view) Author: Yasushi Iwata (yasusii) Date: 2009-04-17 07:49
I found some typo and mistakes in python-2.6.spec.
msg112166 - (view) Author: Mark Lawrence (BreamoreBoy) * Date: 2010-07-31 17:01
Could someone comment on the patch as I don't understand the purpose of this file.
msg112364 - (view) Author: Georg Brandl (georg.brandl) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-08-01 18:38
Fixed in r83417. Thanks!
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