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Title: PyEval_CallObject not in the index
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Created on 2001-11-24 20:08 by clemm, last changed 2022-04-10 16:04 by admin. This issue is now closed.

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msg7749 - (view) Author: Cl. Schmidt (clemm) Date: 2001-11-24 20:08
In the Python/C API Reference Manual, the function 
PyEval_CallObject is missing in the index.
msg7750 - (view) Author: Fred Drake (fdrake) (Python committer) Date: 2001-11-29 05:06
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There's no index entry because PyEval_CallObject() is not
documented (yet).  This falls into the category of the
general incompleteness of the document, which we are aware
of and are working on (albiet slowly).

I have added a index entry for this function in the
"Extending & Embedding" manual; see the section "Calling
Python Functions from C" for some general discussion of this
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