Title: Support linking unnamed temp files into filesystem on Linux
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msg401676 - (view) Author: WGH (WGH) Date: 2021-09-12 23:45
In Linux, it's possible to create an unnamed temporary file in a specified directory by using open with O_TMPFILE flag (as if it was created with random name and immediately unlinked, but atomically). Unless O_EXCL is specified, the file can be then linked into filesystem using linkat syscall.

It would be neat if it was possible in Python.

There're a couple of things missing:

1) tempfile.TemporaryFile creates a file with O_EXCL flag, which prevents linking it into filesystem.

2) linkat must be called with AT_SYMLINK_FOLLOW flag (otherwise EXDEV is returned), which is broken right now (#37612)
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