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Title: getopt.gnu_getopt() loses dash argument
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Components: Library (Lib) Versions: Python 2.5
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Created on 2008-11-29 05:03 by muntyan, last changed 2022-04-11 14:56 by admin. This issue is now closed.

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msg76583 - (view) Author: Yevgen Muntyan (muntyan) Date: 2008-11-29 05:03
If you feed a dash as an argument to getopt.gnu_getopt() then it gets
lost, because the code only checks if the argument starts with a dash,
not if it's more than a dash (unlike getopt.getopt() which is correct).


>>> import getopt
>>> getopt.gnu_getopt('-', '')
([], [])
>>> getopt.getopt('-', '')
([], '-')
msg76989 - (view) Author: Georg Brandl (georg.brandl) * (Python committer) Date: 2008-12-05 09:23
Fixed in r67572. I won't backport this.
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