Title: Unable to install lxml using pip in Python 3.9
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msg378377 - (view) Author: Aruna Gopalan (agopalan) Date: 2020-10-10 10:33
Installed Python 3.9 from
Tried installing lxml package using the command
"pip install lxml"
It complains that it is unable to do so without libxml2 (which is not a python package). I do not have the same issue with 3.8.6.
msg378386 - (view) Author: J├╝rgen Gmach (jugmac00) * Date: 2020-10-10 12:07
There is no Python 3.9 compatible package on PyPI yet ( ).

I guess you have to wait a bit more until there will be a new release.

Also, this is the cpython issue tracker. When you have problems with a specific package, it is best to seek help at their issue tracker. For lxml this would be

Actually, there is already an issue on their tracker about support for Python 3.9

I suggest to close this issue here.
msg378389 - (view) Author: Eric V. Smith (eric.smith) * (Python committer) Date: 2020-10-10 12:39
Closing as third party.
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