Title: There is no proper way to know if a process is the main one
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msg354918 - (view) Author: Delgan (Delgan) * Date: 2019-10-18 20:48

I noticed that there exists the function "threading.main_thread()", but there is no equivalent for the "multiprocessing" module.

Is there a reason for this absence?

These StackOverflow questions are related to this problem:

Current proposed solutions have flaws.
It's suggested to check if "current_process().name == 'MainProcess'" but anyone can re-write the name of a process with "current_process().name = 'foobar'" so this does not seem to be a reliable solution.
Another alternative is to check for the type of the process, which is different for main and child, respectively "mulitprocessing.process._MainProcess" and "multiprocessing.process.Process". This is obviously hacky as it relies on implementation detail.

What are you thoughts on adding a new "multiprocessing.main_process()" function?
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