Title: No equivalent of `inspect.getcoroutinestate` for PyAsyncGenASend instances
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msg349093 - (view) Author: George Zhang (GeeVye) * Date: 2019-08-06 01:20
In PEP 525, async generators were introduced. They use `.asend()` and `.athrow()` methods that return a "coroutine-like" object - specifically, a PyAsyncGenASend and PyAsyncGenAThrow respectively.

While these "coroutine-like" object implement `.send()`, `.throw()`, and `.close()`, they don't provide any attributes like normal coroutine objects do such as `cr_running` or `cr_await`.

When I use `inspect.getcoroutinestate()`, it raises an AttributeError on how there isn't a `cr_running` attribute / flag.

There is a workaround I use which is to wrap it with another coroutine as below:

>>> async def async_generator():
...     yield
>>> async def wrap_coro(coro):
...     return await coro
>>> agen = async_generator()
>>> asend = wrap_coro(agen.asend(None))

This seems like something that should be changed to make it more inline with normal coroutines / awaitables.
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