Title: does not work import in Python 3.6.2
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msg301727 - (view) Author: Бобёр Сатанист (Бобёр Сатанист) Date: 2017-09-08 20:37
How to import modules/files in Python 3.6.2? I started to study python, in the section about importing modules, here is an example: I created a text file with the text "print('Hello module world!')" and saved it with the name "". I put the file in a folder with a python. As stated in the book, simply entering 
"import module1" python imports the contents of the file, wherever it is on the computer, or it can be executed with the command "python module1".

In short, the method does not work on version 3.6.2,when i tried to import file, python did not find the file, neither through calling the Python interpreter from the command line, nor through IDLE. Error module not found error, and with the command 
"python  module1" - syntax error.

PATH on my computer is configured.Windows 10 ver.1703 x64,Python 3.6.2 x64
msg301780 - (view) Author: R. David Murray (r.david.murray) * (Python committer) Date: 2017-09-09 17:17
Presumably the book didn't tell you everything you need to know to make this work, or you missed something in the instructions, since this certainly does work if the module is in a directory on sys.path.  (The 'python' will only work at the windows command prompt, by the way.)

This is a bug tracker, so it's not a good place to get help on installing and using Python.  I suggest trying the pythhon-list mailing list (see or the #python irc channel.
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