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msg299475 - (view) Author: Damon Atkins (damon-atkins) Date: 2017-07-29 16:43
The Windows installer for example titles the software as
Display Name:Python 3.5.3 (64-bit)
Display Version: 3.5.3150.0
The default install folder is
C:\Program Files\Python35

There is no consistency

It looks like the 3150 been shorten to 3
If you look at Python 2.7.2 it has a display version of 2.7.13150

Display Name:Python 3.5 (64-bit)
Display Version: 3.5.3150.0
C:\Program Files\Python3.5 or C:\Program Files\Python3.5.3150
Display Name:Python 3.5.3150 (64-bit)
Display Version: 3.5.3150.0
C:\Program Files\Python3.5.3150
Display Name:Python 3.5.3 (64-bit)
Display Version:
C:\Program Files\Python3.5.3

Alse seems that Python 3 installer is placing one entery in the 'Users' registry for uninstall and the rest of the entries in 'System' registry for uninstall

I suggest if the files are installed in C:\Program Files then their should be no  'User' registry entries.
msg299486 - (view) Author: Steve Dower (steve.dower) * (Python committer) Date: 2017-07-29 21:06
Please file separate bugs for each of your concerns, and ensure Python 3.6/3.7 and 2.7 are separate as these are fundamentally different installers and will have different bugs.

Other versions will not be changed at this point.
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