Title: docs show optional args incorrectly
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msg231231 - (view) Author: Roy Smith (roysmith) Date: 2014-11-16 03:25
At, is shown as[, msg[, digestmod]])

This implies that digestmod can only be given if msg is given.  This is incorrect.  Either can be given without the other.
msg231236 - (view) Author: Berker Peksag (berker.peksag) * (Python committer) Date: 2014-11-16 08:22
Thanks for the report, but the signature is correct.


    "The signature should include the parameters, enclosing optional parameters in brackets."

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msg231252 - (view) Author: R. David Murray (r.david.murray) * (Python committer) Date: 2014-11-16 16:54
To be clear: this was/is the python2 documentation style.  In python3 we've switched to using keyword argument notation in functions that support specifying optional arguments via keyword (which is many more of the C functions than in python2).
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