Title: for-each on list aborts earlier than expected
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msg204653 - (view) Author: cost6 (cost6) Date: 2013-11-28 14:03
for-each does not iterate over all entries of collection, if one removes elements during the iteration.

Example (misbehaving) code:

def keepByValue(self, key=None, value=[]):
    for row in self.flows:
        if not row[key] in value:
msg204669 - (view) Author: Matthew Barnett (mrabarnett) * (Python triager) Date: 2013-11-28 15:05
This issue is best posted to python-list and only posted here if it's agreed that it's a bug.


1. You have "self.flows" and "flows", but haven't said what they are.

2. It's recommended that you don't modify a collection while iterating over it, but, instead, build a new collection and then the old one with the new one.
msg204670 - (view) Author: cost6 (cost6) Date: 2013-11-28 15:21
Sorry for that, i will move it to python-list.
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