Title: test_socket PORT conflict with boa-constructor
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Created on 2004-10-19 07:57 by sdahlbac, last changed 2008-02-01 15:17 by draghuram. This issue is now closed.

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msg60588 - (view) Author: Simon Dahlbacka (sdahlbac) Date: 2004-10-19 07:57
trying to run the either through or directly when boa-constructor is running
(v. 0.3.1)
makes boa constructor complain about file "Michael
Gilfix was here\n" not found, and the test hangs

When boa is not running the test works fine.

msg61959 - (view) Author: Raghuram Devarakonda (draghuram) (Python triager) Date: 2008-02-01 15:17 now seems to use dynamically computed port number so
there should not be any port number conflicts.
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