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1100942 3 days ago Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch open josh-sf
release blocker
28088 1/4 hour ago Document Transport.set_protocol and get_protocol has patch open yselivanov
28089 3 weeks ago Document TCP_NODELAY by default open yselivanov
20767 2 months ago Some python extensions can't be compiled with clang 3.4 has patch open Antoine.Brodin.FreeBSD
19217 6 months ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch open Jacek.Bzdak
27779 4 days ago Sync-up docstrings in C version of the the decimal module has patch open rhettinger
28115 4 days ago Use argparse for the zipfile module has patch open serhiy.storchaka
28281 5 days ago Remove year limits from calendar has patch open belopolsky
28130 1 week ago Document that time.tzset updates time module globals has patch open belopolsky
26980 2 weeks ago The path argument of asyncio.BaseEventLoop.create_unix_connection is not documented open texttheater
24398 2 weeks ago Update test_capi to use has patch open bobcatfish
24459 2 weeks ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch open Antony.Lee
12706 3 weeks ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch open orsenthil
17188 3 weeks ago Document 'from None' in raise statement doc. has patch open terry.reedy
9850 3 weeks ago obsolete macpath module dangerously broken and should be removed has patch open ned.deily
11664 3 weeks ago Add patch method to unittest.TestCase has patch open eric.araujo
15393 3 weeks ago JSONDecoder.raw_decode breaks on leading whitespace has patch open aalien
26149 3 weeks ago Suggest PyCharm Community as an editor for Unix platforms has patch open John Hagen
8145 3 weeks ago Documentation about sqlite3 isolation_level has patch open nagylzs
22392 3 weeks ago Clarify documentation of __getinitargs__ open David.Gilman
23740 4 weeks ago http.client request and send method have some datatype issues open r.david.murray
21879 4 weeks ago str.format() gives poor diagnostic on placeholder mismatch has patch open roysmith
27873 1 month ago should take more than one iterable has patch open Jason Yu
27470 1 month ago -3 commandline option documented differently via man open mgilson
6087 1 month ago distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib gives surprising result when used with a Python build has patch open vinay.sajip
24363 1 month ago httplib fails to handle semivalid HTTP headers has patch open mgdelmonte
9004 1 month ago datetime.utctimetuple() should not set tm_isdst flag to 0 open belopolsky
24780 1 month ago difflib.ndiff produces unreadable output when input missing trailing newline has patch open chris.jerdonek
16700 1 month ago Document that bytes OS API can returns unusable results on Windows open serhiy.storchaka
16288 1 month ago TextTestResult uses TestCase.__str__() which isn't customisable (vs id() or shortDescription()) open rbcollins
20140 1 month ago UnicodeDecodeError in when home dir contains non-ascii signs open Jarek.ƚmiejczak
21254 1 month ago PropertyMock refuses to raise AttributeErrror as a side effect open michael.foord
24412 1 month ago setUpClass equivalent for addCleanup has patch open r.david.murray
10572 1 month ago Move test sub-packages to Lib/test has patch open michael.foord
27497 1 month ago csv module: Add return value to DictWriter.writeheader has patch open lsowen
1375011 2 months ago http.cookies, Improper handling of duplicate cookies has patch open valankar
14853 2 months ago depends on sys.stdin being unseekable has patch open gregory.p.smith
22021 2 months ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch open DemoHT
3244 2 months ago multipart/form-data encoding has patch open catlee
13691 2 months ago pydoc help (or help('help')) should show the doc for help has patch open Devin Jeanpierre
12276 2 months ago 3.x ignores sys.tracebacklimit=0 open ggenellina
21056 2 months ago csv documentation is incorrect open NRGunby
8243 2 months ago curses writing to window's bottom right position raises: `_curses.error: addstr() returned ERR' open theosp
26267 2 months ago UUID docs should say how to get "standard form" has patch open abarnert
24954 3 months ago No way to generate or parse timezone as produced by datetime.isoformat() has patch open gvanrossum
12750 3 months ago add cross-platform support for %s strftime-format code has patch open Daniel.O'Connor
16142 3 months ago ArgumentParser inconsistent with parse_known_args has patch open idank
24364 4 months ago Not all defects pass through email policy has patch open r.david.murray
15243 4 months ago Misleading documentation for __prepare__ has patch open William.Schwartz
21130 4 months ago equivalent functools.partial instances should compare equal has patch open theller
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