ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
22721 3 days ago pprint output for sets and dicts is not stable has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 7
22752 3 days ago incorrect time.timezone value pending errx belopolsky behavior 3
22753 3 days ago urllib2 localnet Changed test to lookup IP-address of localhost has patch open hakan   behavior 3
22681 3 days ago Add support of KOI8-T encoding has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
19459 3 days ago Python does not support the GEORGIAN-PS charset open Caol├ín.McNamara   crash 3
22232 3 days ago str.splitlines splitting on non-\r\n characters open scharron docs@python behavior 19
22242 3 days ago Doc fix in the Import section in language reference. has patch open jon.poler brett.cannon enhancement 1
22594 3 days ago Add a link to the regex module in re documentation has patch open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement 5
22750 3 days ago display bug when validate XML by DTD open Spider06   behavior 1
21877 3 days ago External.bat and pcbuild of tkinter do not match. open terry.reedy   behavior 4
22233 3 days ago http.client splits headers on none-\r\n characters open scharron   behavior 2
22725 3 days ago improve documentation for enumerate() (built-in function) open vy0123 docs@python enhancement 16
17846 3 days ago Building Python on Windows - Supplementary info has patch open michael.kearney   enhancement 31
22738 3 days ago improve 'python -h' documentation for '-c' open vy0123 docs@python enhancement 6
22747 3 days ago Interpreter fails in initialize on systems where HAVE_LANGINFO_H is undefined has patch open WanderingLogic   crash 2
22732 3 days ago ctypes tests don't set correct restype for intptr_t functions has patch open steve.dower steve.dower   5
10548 3 days ago Error in setUp not reported as expectedFailure (unittest) open michael.foord michael.foord behavior 23
22744 3 days ago os.mkdir on Windows silently strips trailing blanks from directory names open tegavu   behavior 5
14304 3 days ago Implement utf-8-bmp codec has patch open asvetlov asvetlov behavior 28
9351 3 days ago argparse set_defaults on subcommands should override top level set_defaults has patch open bethard   behavior 13
21668 4 days ago The select and time modules uses libm functions without linking against it has patch open fornwall   crash 5
22743 4 days ago Specify supported XML version open Friedrich.Spee.von.Langenfeld docs@python enhancement 1
22742 4 days ago IDLE shows traceback when printing non-BMP character open belopolsky   behavior 1
20306 4 days ago Lack of pw_gecos field in Android's struct passwd causes cross-compilation for the pwd module to fail has patch open shiz   compile error 4
22722 4 days ago inheritable pipes are unwieldy without os.pipe2 open bukzor     6
22737 4 days ago Provide a rejected execution model and implementations for futures. open Joshua.Harlow   enhancement 1
22256 4 days ago pyvenv should display a progress indicator while creating an environment open ncoghlan   enhancement 5
22739 4 days ago "There is no disk in the drive" error open Lachlan.Kingsford     2
21650 4 days ago add json.tool option to avoid alphabetic sort of fields has patch open Pavel.Kazlou   enhancement 10
17909 4 days ago Autodetecting JSON encoding has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 6
22734 4 days ago marshal needs a lower stack depth for debug builds on Windows has patch open steve.dower steve.dower   2
22735 4 days ago Fix various crashes exposed through mro() customization has patch open abusalimov   crash 3
22733 4 days ago MSVC ffi_prep_args doesn't handle 64-bit arguments properly has patch open steve.dower     1
20069 4 days ago Add unit test for os.chown has patch open vajrasky   enhancement 12
19980 5 days ago Improve help('non-topic') response has patch open terry.reedy docs@python enhancement 15
22674 5 days ago strsignal() missing from signal module has patch open Dolda2000   enhancement 8
22724 5 days ago byte-compile fails for cross-builds open Benedikt.Morbach   compile error 2
13319 5 days ago IDLE: Menu accelerator conflict between Format and Options has patch open roger.serwy   enhancement 8
22650 5 days ago set up and use VM for net access in the test suite open georg.brandl   enhancement 3
22729 5 days ago `wait` and `as_completed` depend on private api has patch open bwhmather   behavior 1
12885 5 days ago distutils.filelist.findall() fails on broken symlink in Py2.x open Alexander.Dutton   behavior 5
22630 5 days ago `concurrent.futures.Future.set_running_or_notify_cancel` does not notify cancel has patch open bwhmather docs@python   2
22716 6 days ago Add reference to the object missing an attribute to AttributeError has patch open flying sheep   enhancement 4
20584 6 days ago On FreeBSD, signal.NSIG is smaller than biggest signal value has patch open jgehrcke   behavior 10
12916 6 days ago Add inspect.splitdoc has patch open eric.araujo   enhancement 32
22705 6 days ago Idle extension configuration: add option-help option has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 4
3068 6 days ago IDLE - Add an extension configuration dialog has patch open taleinat terry.reedy enhancement 37
22726 6 days ago Idle: add help to config dialogs has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
10116 6 days ago Sporadic failures in test_urllibnet has patch open ixokai orsenthil behavior 13
10976 6 days ago json.loads() raises TypeError on bytes object has patch open hhas   enhancement 27
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