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9216 2 days ago FIPS support for hashlib has patch open dmalcolm   enhancement 28
9146 2 days ago Segfault in hashlib in OpenSSL FIPS mode using non-FIPS-compliant hashes, if "ssl" imported before "hashlib" has patch has PR open dmalcolm christian.heimes crash 15
12857 2 days ago Expose called function on frame object has patch open eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 19
26219 2 days ago implement per-opcode cache in ceval has patch open yselivanov yselivanov performance 23
25571 2 days ago Improve the lltrace feature with the Py_Debug mode has patch open matrixise haypo enhancement 16
15786 2 days ago IDLE code completion window can hang or misbehave with mouse has PR open suddha.sourav terry.reedy behavior 39
30451 2 days ago parse windows path error in webbrowser.get() and lead to webbrowser.Error: could not locate runnable browser has PR open chainly     2
30403 2 days ago Running extension modules using -m switch has PR open Dormouse759   enhancement 9
30464 2 days ago gammavariate has a wrong comment has PR open leodema mark.dickinson   2
30438 2 days ago tarfile would fail to extract tarballs with files under R/O directories (twice) has patch has PR open Yaroslav.Halchenko     7
25430 2 days ago speed up ipaddress __contain__ method has patch has PR open gescheit   performance 5
29988 2 days ago (async) with blocks and try/finally are not as KeyboardInterrupt-safe as one might like has PR open njs     8
30462 2 days ago urllib does not support NO_PROXY environment variable containing domain with asterisk has PR open Jiri Hnidek   enhancement 1
30469 2 days ago Inconsistent Execution of Generic Descriptor Attributes open Ryan Morshead   behavior 3
16806 2 days ago col_offset is -1 and lineno is wrong for multiline string expressions has patch has PR open   enhancement 9
30465 2 days ago FormattedValue expressions have wrong lineno and col_offset information has PR open lukasz.langa lukasz.langa behavior 2
30466 2 days ago Tutorial doesn't explain the use of classes has PR open trey rhettinger enhancement 2
24896 2 days ago It is undocumented that re.UNICODE and re.LOCALE affect re.IGNORECASE has PR open Leif Arne Storset docs@python enhancement 5
30404 2 days ago Make stdout and stderr truly unbuffered when using -u option has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
28647 3 days ago python --help: -u is misdocumented as binary mode has patch has PR open arigo   behavior 10
18859 3 days ago README.valgrind should mention --with-valgrind has patch open tim.peters lukasz.langa enhancement 6
20265 3 days ago Bring Windows docs up to date has patch open zach.ware docs@python enhancement 28
9938 3 days ago Documentation for argparse interactive use has patch open jayt docs@python enhancement 16
30436 3 days ago importlib.find_spec raises AttributeError when parent is not a package/module open tkhyn   behavior 4
30442 3 days ago Skip test_xml_etree under coverage has PR open kushal.das kushal.das behavior 2
30362 3 days ago Launcher add list and list with paths options has PR open Steve Barnes   enhancement 11
30395 3 days ago deadlocked child process after forking on pystate.c's head_mutex has PR open Louis Brandy   enhancement 9
29871 3 days ago Enable optimized locks on Windows has PR open josh.r   performance 5
30455 3 days ago Generate C code from and not vice versa open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 4
30458 3 days ago CRLF Injection in httplib open orange     1
30457 3 days ago Allow retrieve the number of waiters pending for most of the asyncio lock primitives has PR open pfreixes   enhancement 1
30456 3 days ago 2to3 docs: example of fix for duplicates in second argument of isinstance has superfluous parentheses has PR open Eli_B docs@python   1
25324 3 days ago Importing tokenize modifies token has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 11
30454 3 days ago Python module cx_Oracle ld installation issue on Solaris11U3 SPARC: fatal: file /oracle/database/lib/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 error open sameernatekar   compile error 1
30353 3 days ago ctypes: pass by value for structs broken on Cygwin/MinGW 64-bit has PR open erik.bray   behavior 9
30150 3 days ago raw debug allocators to not return malloc alignment open jtaylor     7
28087 3 days ago macOS 12 poll syscall returns prematurely has patch has PR open MicroTransactionsMatterToo     32
30440 3 days ago document peephole optimizer effects open dalke emilyemorehouse   3
30437 3 days ago SSL_shutdown can return meaningless SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL open njs christian.heimes   4
29334 3 days ago ssl.SSLObject method getpeercert() is buggy, do_handshake() is strange has PR open Greg Stark christian.heimes behavior 7
25612 3 days ago nested try..excepts don't work correctly for generators has patch has PR open yselivanov     23
13897 4 days ago Move fields relevant to sys.exc_info out of frame into generator/threadstate has patch open Mark.Shannon   enhancement 22
30273 4 days ago The coverage job is broken: distutils build_ext fails on None has PR open haypo haypo   19
25532 4 days ago infinite loop when running inspect.unwrap over has patch has PR open cjw296   behavior 22
28401 4 days ago Don't support the PEP384 stable ABI in pydebug builds has patch has PR open stefanor   behavior 6
30435 4 days ago Documentation either unclear or incorrect on comparisons between bytes and strings in Python 3 open ipatrol docs@python behavior 4
30405 4 days ago build.bat: register binaries for py launcher open terry.reedy   enhancement 12
21074 4 days ago Too aggressive constant folding open inada.naoki   resource usage 22
30416 4 days ago constant folding opens compiler to quadratic time hashing has patch open dalke   behavior 7
20825 4 days ago containment test for "ip_network in ip_network" has patch open exhuma pmoody enhancement 26
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