ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
24256 3 days ago threading.Timer is not a class open jrunyon docs@python   3
24115 3 days ago Unhandled error results of C API functions has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
24252 3 days ago IDLE removes elements from tracebacks. open ppperry   behavior 2
24253 3 days ago pydoc for namespace packages indicates FILE as built-in open Antony.Lee     1
24243 3 days ago behavior for finding an empty string is inconsistent with documentation open swanson docs@python behavior 8
24249 3 days ago unittest API for detecting test failure in cleanup/teardown open r.david.murray   enhancement 4
24251 4 days ago Different behavior for argparse between 2.7.8 and 2.7.9 when adding the same arguments to the root and the sub commands open hhuang   behavior 2
24247 4 days ago "unittest discover" does modify sys.path open redixin     1
24215 4 days ago test_trace uses test_pprint has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 9
17797 4 days ago Visual C++ 11.0 reports fileno(stdin) == 0 for non-console program has patch open mloskot     36
24068 4 days ago statistics module - incorrect results with boolean input has patch open wolma steven.daprano behavior 5
4709 4 days ago Mingw-w64 and python on windows x64 has patch open cdavid loewis compile error 38
20344 4 days ago subprocess.check_output() docs misrepresent what shell=True does has patch open klausman docs@python behavior 11
24225 4 days ago Idlelib: changing file names has patch open Al.Sweigart   enhancement 10
6445 5 days ago Add check parameter to subprocess.Popen.communicate open OG7   enhancement 4
12020 5 days ago Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open Jimbofbx docs@python behavior 6
22442 5 days ago subprocess.check_call hangs on large PIPEd data. has patch open juj   enhancement 10
24228 5 days ago Interpreter triggers segmentation fault at the starting open mdootb   crash 6
24241 5 days ago webbrowser default browser detection and/or public API for _trylist. open daves   enhancement 3
16995 5 days ago Add Base32 support for RFC4648 "Extended Hex" alphabet (patch attached) has patch open matthaeus.wander   enhancement 4
24239 5 days ago Allow to configure which gpg to use in distutils upload open ced   enhancement 1
6598 5 days ago calling email.utils.make_msgid frequently has a non-trivial probability of generating colliding ids has patch open mwh serhiy.storchaka behavior 15
24229 5 days ago pathlib.Path should have a copy() method open jshholland   enhancement 6
24238 5 days ago Avoid entity expansion attacks in Element Tree has patch open vadmium   security 1
7267 5 days ago format method: c presentation type broken in 2.7 has patch open doerwalter eric.smith behavior 16
24212 5 days ago Idle, 2.7, backport idlelib.__main__, enable py -m idlelib open terry.reedy   behavior 4
16864 5 days ago sqlite3.Cursor.lastrowid isn't populated when executing a SQL REPLACE statement has patch open jim_minter   enhancement 12
18391 5 days ago socket.fromfd()'s API is difficult or impossible to use correctly in general open cks   enhancement 5
24117 5 days ago Wrong range checking in GB18030 decoder. has patch open Ma Lin   behavior 10
22970 5 days ago asyncio: Cancelling wait() after notification leaves Condition in an inconsistent state has patch open dcoles   behavior 6
1602 5 days ago windows console doesn't print or input Unicode has patch open mark   behavior 122
19737 6 days ago Documentation of globals() and locals() should be improved has patch open Zahari.Dim docs@python   8
22893 6 days ago Idle: __future__ does not work in startup code. open terry.reedy   behavior 2
5233 6 days ago IDLE: exec IDLESTARTUP/PYTHONSTARTUP on restart has patch open MLModel   behavior 6
24235 6 days ago ABCs don't fail metaclass instantiation open Devin Jeanpierre     1
15376 6 days ago Refactor the test_runpy walk_package support code into a common location open chris.jerdonek ncoghlan enhancement 8
18576 6 days ago Document has patch open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 16
24231 6 days ago os.makedirs('/', exist_ok=True) fails on Darwin open mew   behavior 5
10685 6 days ago trace does not ignore --ignore-module has patch open RusiMody   behavior 6
16544 6 days ago Add external link to ast docs has patch open asvetlov docs@python enhancement 8
19176 6 days ago DeprecationWarning for doctype() method when subclassing _elementtree.XMLParser has patch open vadmium serhiy.storchaka behavior 16
24224 6 days ago test_msilib is inadequate open zach.ware   behavior 1
15112 6 days ago argparse: nargs='*' positional argument doesn't accept any items if preceded by an option and another positional has patch open waltermundt   behavior 12
21337 6 days ago Add tests for Tix open zach.ware   enhancement 4
10598 6 days ago Add test for curses haskey replacement has patch open rtarnell   enhancement 6
12485 7 days ago textwrap.wrap: new argument for more pleasing output has patch open parent5446   enhancement 7
20769 7 days ago Reload() description is unclear has patch open roysmith docs@python   4
20362 7 days ago longMessage attribute is ignored in unittest.TestCase.assertRegexpMatches etc has patch open Dhara   behavior 8
19678 7 days ago channel should be passed to process_message open lpolzer   enhancement 3
24217 7 days ago O_RDWR undefined in mmapmodule.c has patch open Jeffrey.Armstrong   compile error 3
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