ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
21518 2 days ago Expose RegUnloadKey in winreg open Claudiu.Popa   enhancement 10
22080 2 days ago Add windows_helper module helper open Claudiu.Popa   enhancement 1
19776 2 days ago Provide expanduser() on Path objects open pitrou   enhancement 21
12243 2 days ago getpass.getuser works on OSX open louiscipher docs@python   10
10964 2 days ago Mac installer need not add things to /usr/local open reowen ronaldoussoren enhancement 3
19325 2 days ago _osx_support imports many modules open christian.heimes ned.deily performance 5
15730 2 days ago Silence unused value warnings under Mac OS X 10.8/clang open Benno.Rice ronaldoussoren enhancement 3
22012 2 days ago struct.unpack('?', '\x02') returns (False,) on Mac OSX open wayedt   behavior 12
22077 2 days ago Improve the error message for various sequences open Claudiu.Popa   enhancement 1
21777 2 days ago Separate out documentation of binary sequence methods open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 8
20284 2 days ago patch to implement PEP 461 (%-interpolation for bytes) open nascheme ethan.furman enhancement 8
22047 2 days ago argparse improperly prints mutually exclusive options when they are in a group open Sam.Kerr   behavior 8
12319 2 days ago [http.client] HTTPConnection.putrequest not support "chunked" Transfer-Encodings to send data open harobed orsenthil enhancement 7
21987 2 days ago TarFile.getmember on directory requires trailing slash iff over 100 chars open moloney   behavior 6
15858 2 days ago tarfile missing entries due to omitted uid/gid fields open tlynn lars.gustaebel behavior 9
22063 2 days ago asyncio: sock_xxx() methods of event loops should check ath sockets are non-blocking open haypo     2
19884 2 days ago Importing readline produces erroneous output open bkabrda     14
22049 2 days ago argparse: type=<callable> doesn't honor nargs > 1 open Chris.Bruner docs@python behavior 5
21862 2 days ago cProfile command-line should accept "-m module_name" as an alternative to script path open pitrou   enhancement 4
21574 2 days ago Port image types detections from PIL to the imghdr module open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
22065 2 days ago Update turtledemo menu creation open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 3
21585 2 days ago Run Tkinter tests with wantobjects=False open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
21802 2 days ago Reader of BufferedRWPair is not closed if writer's close() fails open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
20188 2 days ago ALPN support for TLS open mnot   enhancement 2
17083 3 days ago can't specify newline string for readline for binary files open susurrus   enhancement 9
22045 3 days ago Python make issue open skerr   behavior 1
22070 3 days ago Use the _functools module to speed up functools.total_ordering open ncoghlan   performance 3
22071 3 days ago Remove long-time deprecated attributes from smtpd open zvyn     1
11271 3 days ago doesn't batch function arguments by chunks open tbrink   performance 10
14534 3 days ago Add method to mark unittest.TestCases as "do not run". open r.david.murray michael.foord enhancement 31
21591 3 days ago "exec(a, b, c)" not the same as "exec a in b, c" in nested functions open Robert.Jordens   behavior 6
22067 3 days ago time_test fails after strptime() open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
3566 3 days ago httplib persistent connections violate MUST in RFC2616 sec 8.1.4. open cananian orsenthil   6
1025395 3 days ago email.Utils.parseaddr fails to parse valid addresses open melicertes   behavior 8
22064 3 days ago Misleading message from 2to3 when skipping optional fixers open ncoghlan   behavior 1
21084 3 days ago IDLE can't deal with characters above the range (U+0000-U+FFFF) open wjssz serhiy.storchaka behavior 11
13533 3 days ago Would like Py_Initialize to play friendly with host app open dangermouseb   enhancement 4
22062 3 days ago Fix pathlib.Path.(r)glob doc glitches. open terry.reedy   behavior 2
9882 3 days ago abspath from directory open ipatrol   enhancement 5
18543 3 days ago urllib.parse.urlopen shouldn't ignore installed opener when called with any ca* argument open moritzs   behavior 2
21314 3 days ago Document '/' in signatures open Vedran.Čačić larry enhancement 7
22060 3 days ago Clean up ctypes.test, use unittest test discovery open zach.ware   enhancement 1
20611 3 days ago socket.create_connection() doesn't handle EINTR properly open flox gregory.p.smith behavior 17
18174 4 days ago Make regrtest with --huntrleaks check for fd leaks open sbt     10
21367 4 days ago multiprocessing.JoinableQueue requires new kwarg open lee.clemens   behavior 3
21725 4 days ago RFC 6531 (SMTPUTF8) support in smtpd open r.david.murray   enhancement 11
22059 4 days ago incorrect type conversion from str to bytes in asynchat module in open hoxily   behavior 3
8110 4 days ago doesn't correctly detect Windows machines open midnightdf   behavior 20
21623 4 days ago build ssl failed use vs2010 express pending Mo.Jia   compile error 11
22052 4 days ago Comparison operators called in reverse order for subclasses with no override. open mark.dickinson docs@python   4
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