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3786 2 days ago _curses, _curses_panel & _multiprocessing can't be build in 2.6b3 w/ SunStudio 12 has patch open mschmarck   compile error 15
3539 2 days ago Problem with testembed make dependencies in certain circumstances open skip.montanaro   compile error 10
2824 2 days ago zipfile to handle duplicate files in archive has patch open techtonik   enhancement 10
23670 2 days ago Modifications to support iOS as a cross-compilation target has patch open freakboy3742 ned.deily enhancement 17
23857 3 days ago Make default HTTPS certificate verification setting configurable via global ini file has patch open rkuska   enhancement 45
2943 3 days ago Distutils should generate a better error message when the SDK is not installed has patch open cdavid   behavior 12
10435 3 days ago Document unicode C-API in reST has patch open belopolsky belopolsky   20
20182 3 days ago Derby #13: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 5 files has patch open larry   enhancement 23
24082 3 days ago Obsolete note in argument parsing (c-api/arg.rst) has patch open encukou docs@python   4
10965 3 days ago dev task of documenting undocumented APIs open brett.cannon docs@python enhancement 4
1182143 3 days ago making builtin exceptions more informative has patch open sdementen   enhancement 8
20180 3 days ago Derby #11: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 9 files has patch open larry   enhancement 28
20175 3 days ago Derby #6: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 8 files has patch open larry   enhancement 12
22881 3 days ago show median in benchmark results has patch open scoder   enhancement 15
24115 3 days ago PyObject_IsInstance() and PyObject_IsSubclass() can fail open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 1
24056 3 days ago Expose closure & generator status in function repr() has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 7
24104 3 days ago Use after free in xmlparser_setevents (2) open pkt   crash 1
24103 3 days ago Use after free in xmlparser_setevents (1) open pkt   crash 1
20749 3 days ago shutil.unpack_archive(): security concerns not documented open jwilk docs@python behavior 2
24098 3 days ago Multiple use after frees in obj2ast_* methods open pkt   crash 1
24097 3 days ago Use after free in PyObject_GetState open pkt   crash 1
24091 3 days ago Use after free in Element.extend (1) has patch open pkt serhiy.storchaka crash 2
20357 3 days ago Mention buildbots in the core dev section of the devguide open ncoghlan ncoghlan   2
24068 3 days ago statistics module - incorrect results with boolean input has patch open wolma steven.daprano behavior 5
24052 3 days ago sys.exit(code) returns "success" to the OS for some nonzero values of code open belopolsky   behavior 13
24045 3 days ago Behavior of large returncodes (sys.exit(nn)) open ethan.furman docs@python   1
14376 3 days ago sys.exit documents argument as "integer" but actually requires "subtype of int" has patch open Gareth.Rees   behavior 18
21327 4 days ago socket.type value changes after using settimeout() has patch open giampaolo.rodola     18
23088 4 days ago Document that PyUnicode_AsUTF8() returns a null-terminated string has patch open vadmium docs@python behavior 11
24109 4 days ago Documentation for difflib uses optparse has patch open idahogray docs@python enhancement 5
24110 4 days ago zipfile.ZipFile.write() does not accept bytes arcname open july docs@python behavior 5
23572 4 days ago functools.singledispatch fails when "not BaseClass" is True open Sergio Pascual lukasz.langa   3
24090 5 days ago Add a "copy value to clipboard" option to the debugger open irdb   enhancement 2
24069 5 days ago Option to delete obsolete bytecode files open Sworddragon   enhancement 2
24076 5 days ago sum() several times slower on Python 3 has patch open lukasz.langa   performance 13
13044 5 days ago pdb throws AttributeError at end of debugging session open akl   behavior 7
24107 5 days ago Add support for retrieving the certificate chain open Lukasa   enhancement 2
24078 5 days ago inspect.getsourcelines ignores context and returns wrong line # open siyuan   behavior 4
24064 5 days ago Make the property doctstring writeable has patch open rhettinger   enhancement 3
1442493 5 days ago IDLE shell window gets very slow when displaying long lines has patch open drhok   performance 16
6143 5 days ago IDLE - an extension to clear the shell window has patch open roger.serwy roger.serwy enhancement 19
19042 5 days ago Idle: add option to autosave 'Untitled' edit window open terry.reedy   enhancement 2
2651 6 days ago Strings passed to KeyError do not round trip has patch open rharris lukasz.langa behavior 21
24084 6 days ago pstats: sub-millisecond display has patch open Romuald   enhancement 1
24080 6 days ago asyncio.Event.wait() Task was destroyed but it is pending open matt     2
24087 6 days ago Documentation doesn't explain the term "coroutine" (PEP 342) has patch open paul.moore docs@python enhancement 1
23495 6 days ago The writer.writerows method should be documented as accepting any iterable (not only a list) open Steven.Barker docs@python enhancement 4
24079 6 days ago xml.etree.ElementTree.Element.text does not conform to the documentation open jlaurens docs@python behavior 7
23441 6 days ago rlcompleter: tab on empty prefix => insert spaces has patch open arigo   behavior 15
10544 6 days ago yield expression inside generator expression does nothing open Inyeol.Lee   behavior 12
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