ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
27126 yesterday Apple-supplied libsqlite3 on OS X is not fork safe; can cause crashes open   crash 7
12713 yesterday argparse: allow abbreviation of sub commands by users open pwil3058   enhancement 26
27683 yesterday ipaddress subnet slicing iterator malfunction has patch open tklausmann   behavior 10
27364 yesterday Deprecate invalid unicode escape sequences has patch open ebarry   behavior 30
27660 2 days ago Replace size_t with Py_ssize_t as the type of local variable in list_resize has patch open xiang.zhang rhettinger enhancement 15
27824 2 days ago update ConfigParser docs regarding in-line comments open jahschwa docs@python enhancement 4
27810 2 days ago Add METH_FASTCALL: new calling convention for C functions open haypo   enhancement 6
27820 2 days ago Possible bug in smtplib when initial_response_ok=False open Dario D'Amico   crash 3
27128 2 days ago Add _PyObject_FastCall() has patch open haypo   performance 31
27794 2 days ago setattr a read-only property; the AttributeError should show the attribute that failed open ztane   enhancement 8
26331 2 days ago PEP 515: Tokenizer: allow underscores for grouping in numeric literals has patch open georg.brandl   enhancement 34
27784 2 days ago Random failure of test_TCPServer() of test.test_socketserver.SocketServerTest and test_handle_accept() of test.test_asyncore.TestAPI_UseIPv6Select on FreeBSD buildbots open haypo   behavior 3
18139 2 days ago email module should have a way to prepend and insert headers has patch open kbandla   enhancement 10
27818 2 days ago Speed up number format spec parsing has patch open scoder serhiy.storchaka performance 5
27213 2 days ago Rework CALL_FUNCTION* opcodes has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 16
27674 2 days ago Quote mark breaks http.cookies, processing open Artur SmÄ™t   behavior 3
23930 2 days ago http.cookies.SimpleCookie doesn't parse comma-only separated cookies correctly open riklaunim   behavior 2
25228 2 days ago Regression in http.cookies parsing with brackets and quotes has patch open Tim.Graham   behavior 29
27829 2 days ago test.regrtest: changed environment variables are not logged open haypo     2
1375011 2 days ago http.cookies, Improper handling of duplicate cookies has patch open valankar   behavior 6
16113 2 days ago Add SHA-3 and SHAKE (Keccak) support has patch open christian.heimes   enhancement 72
27768 2 days ago ssl: add public API for IA-32 processor capabilities vector open christian.heimes   enhancement 5
27827 2 days ago pathlib is_reserved fails for some reserved paths on Windows open eryksun   behavior 1
27506 3 days ago make bytes/bytearray translate's delete a keyword argument has patch open xiang.zhang martin.panter enhancement 16
25532 3 days ago infinite loop when running inspect.unwrap over has patch open cjw296   behavior 16
26488 3 days ago hashlib command line interface has patch open palaviv gvanrossum enhancement 29
27823 3 days ago Change bare AttributeError messages to be more informative has patch open ebarry   enhancement 3
27746 3 days ago ResourceWarnings in test_asyncio has patch open martin.panter   behavior 8
24444 3 days ago In argparse empty choices cannot be printed in the help open py.user   behavior 3
27822 3 days ago Fail to create _SelectorTransport with unbound socket has patch open Paul McGuire   behavior 5
27817 3 days ago tkinter string variable misinterpreted as boolean open Andreas Bolsch   behavior 3
16968 3 days ago Fix test discovery for has patch open zach.ware   behavior 23
16764 3 days ago Make zlib accept keyword-arguments has patch open ebfe   enhancement 21
27805 3 days ago In Python 3, open('/dev/stdout', 'a') raises OSError with errno=ESPIPE open hathawsh     10
27780 4 days ago memory leaks in pgen build step abort build with address sanitizer enabled open geeknik     5
14853 4 days ago depends on sys.stdin being unseekable has patch open gregory.p.smith ezio.melotti behavior 8
20074 4 days ago open() of read-write non-seekable streams broken open Dolda2000   behavior 15
12594 4 days ago Docs for "Using Python on a Macintosh" needs to be updated has patch open hop ned.deily   6
9850 4 days ago obsolete macpath module dangerously broken and should be removed has patch open ned.deily ronaldoussoren enhancement 15
27816 4 days ago sock.proto does not reflect actual protocol open christian.heimes     2
26798 4 days ago add BLAKE2 to hashlib has patch open Zooko.Wilcox-O'Hearn   enhancement 15
27666 4 days ago "stack smashing detected" in PyCursesWindow_Box has patch open Steve Fink   crash 2
27691 4 days ago X509 cert with GEN_RID subject alt name causes SytemError has patch open christian.heimes   security 2
27776 4 days ago PEP 524: Make os.urandom() blocking on Linux has patch open haypo   security 9
27283 4 days ago Add a "What's New" entry for PEP 519 has patch open brett.cannon brett.cannon enhancement 4
25746 4 days ago test_unittest failure in leaks searching mode open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
27815 4 days ago Make SSL suppress_ragged_eofs default more secure open martin.panter   security 1
23231 4 days ago Fix codecs.iterencode/decode() by allowing data parameter to be omitted has patch open martin.panter martin.panter behavior 7
27812 4 days ago PyFrameObject.f_gen can be left pointing to a dangling generator has patch open arigo     1
27811 4 days ago _PyGen_Finalize() should not fail with an exception has patch open arigo     1
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