ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
22926 2 days ago asyncio: raise an exception when called from the wrong thread has patch open haypo     14
16991 2 days ago Add OrderedDict written in C has patch open eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 37
20121 2 days ago quopri_codec newline handling open fredstober     6
23060 2 days ago Assert fails in multiprocessing.heap.Arena.__setstate__ on Windows open steve.dower     7
22706 2 days ago Idle extension configuration and key bindings open terry.reedy   enhancement 4
22980 2 days ago C extension naming doesn't take bitness into account has patch open pitrou   enhancement 43
23072 2 days ago 2.7.9 multiprocessing compile conflict open     2
14134 2 days ago xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy needs timeout parameter has patch open polymorphm   enhancement 20
18828 2 days ago urljoin behaves differently with custom and standard schemas has patch open mher.movsisyan   behavior 7
16893 2 days ago Generate Idle help from Doc/library/idle.rst has patch open zach.ware terry.reedy enhancement 29
20059 2 days ago Inconsistent urlparse/urllib.parse handling of invalid port values? open chad.birch   behavior 2
19737 2 days ago Documentation of globals() and locals() should be improved has patch open Zahari.Dim docs@python   6
634412 2 days ago RFC 2387 (multipart/related) in email package open barry   enhancement 17
23014 2 days ago Don't have be optional has patch open brett.cannon brett.cannon behavior 16
16776 3 days ago Document PyCFunction_New and PyCFunction_NewEx functions open asvetlov docs@python enhancement 4
23046 3 days ago asyncio.BaseEventLoop is documented, but only exported via asyncio.base_events has patch open vadmium     7
23054 3 days ago ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine(""''''")) open joecabrera docs@python behavior 7
23067 3 days ago Export readline forced_update_display has patch open dexteradeus   enhancement 1
19698 3 days ago Implement _imp.exec_builtin and exec_dynamic open brett.cannon     10
23055 3 days ago PyUnicode_FromFormatV crasher has patch open gvanrossum gvanrossum crash 7
23056 3 days ago tarfile raises an exception when reading an empty tar in streaming mode has patch open gregory.p.smith   behavior 3
22672 3 days ago float arguments in scientific notation not supported by argparse has patch open jnespolo   enhancement 8
22912 3 days ago urlretreive locks up in 2.7.8 open TaylorSMarks   behavior 3
23050 3 days ago Add Japanese legacy encodings has patch open t2y   enhancement 9
23004 3 days ago mock_open() should allow reading binary data has patch open jcea   behavior 10
21720 3 days ago "TypeError: Item in ``from list'' not a string" message has patch open davidszotten   enhancement 9
22928 3 days ago HTTP header injection in urrlib2/urllib/httplib/http.client has patch open Guido   security 2
22826 4 days ago Support context management protocol in bkfile has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 5
23058 4 days ago argparse silently ignores arguments open remram   behavior 2
23041 4 days ago csv needs more quoting rules has patch open samwyse skip.montanaro enhancement 9
18473 4 days ago some objects pickled by Python 3.x are not unpicklable in Python 2.x because of incorrect REVERSE_IMPORT_MAPPING has patch open kmike alexandre.vassalotti behavior 6
22818 4 days ago Deprecate splitting on possible zero-width re patterns has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
22955 5 days ago Pickling of methodcaller, attrgetter, and itemgetter has patch open Antony.Lee serhiy.storchaka enhancement 17
22735 5 days ago Fix various crashes exposed through mro() customization has patch open abusalimov benjamin.peterson crash 8
19949 6 days ago Explicitly skip or mask skipped/disabled tests in test_xpickle has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 4
9393 6 days ago exception with unicode paths has patch open wjm251   behavior 9
19527 6 days ago Test failures with COUNT_ALLOCS has patch open bkabrda serhiy.storchaka behavior 9
23017 6 days ago string.printable.isprintable() returns False has patch open planet36 docs@python behavior 4
23040 6 days ago Better documentation for the urlencode safe parameter has patch open wrwrwr docs@python enhancement 6
17128 6 days ago OS X system openssl deprecated - installer should build local libssl open ned.deily ned.deily   32
23043 6 days ago doctest ignores "from __future__ import print_function" open fva   behavior 1
21793 6 days ago httplib client/server status refactor has patch open demian.brecht serhiy.storchaka enhancement 12
23035 6 days ago python -c: Line causing exception not shown for exceptions other than SyntaxErrors open Arfrever     7
5166 6 days ago ElementTree and minidom don't prevent creation of not well-formed XML open ods   enhancement 7
18679 6 days ago include a codec to handle escaping only control characters but not any others open underrun   enhancement 9
18373 6 days ago implement sys.get/setbyteswarningflag() has patch open dholth   enhancement 14
9647 7 days ago os.confstr() does not handle value changing length between calls has patch open baikie   behavior 10
19711 7 days ago add test for changed portions after reloading a namespace package has patch pending brett.cannon eric.snow   7
21099 7 days ago Switch applicable importlib tests to use PEP 451 API has patch pending eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 6
21581 7 days ago Consider dropping open brett.cannon brett.cannon behavior 4
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