ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
25228 yesterday Regression in cookie parsing with brackets and quotes has patch open Tim.Graham   behavior 28
26333 yesterday Multiprocessing imap hangs when generator input errors open Aaron Halfaker   behavior 1
26332 yesterday OSError: exception: access violation writing <...> (Windows 10 x64, Python 3.5.1) open jk     1
26329 yesterday os.path.normpath("//") returns // open Fred Rolland   behavior 2
23078 yesterday unittest.mock patch autospec doesn't work on staticmethods has patch open kevinbenton   behavior 6
26330 yesterday shutil.disk_usage() on Windows can't properly handle unicode open giampaolo.rodola docs@python   6
24015 yesterday timeit should start with 1 loop, not 10 has patch open nomeata     5
26326 yesterday Named entity "vertical line" missed in 2.7 open andreas.roehler     2
26327 yesterday File > Save in IDLE shell window not working open xflr6   behavior 1
21955 yesterday ceval.c: implement fast path for integers with a single digit has patch open haypo yselivanov performance 103
25496 2 days ago tarfile: Default value for compresslevel is not documented has patch open Sworddragon docs@python enhancement 5
14307 2 days ago Make subclassing SocketServer simpler for non-blocking frameworks has patch open kristjan.jonsson   enhancement 6
25924 2 days ago investigate if getaddrinfo(3) on OSX is thread-safe has patch open ronaldoussoren ronaldoussoren enhancement 16
5824 2 days ago SocketServer.DatagramRequestHandler Broken under Linux open jimd docs@python behavior 4
23453 2 days ago Opening a stream with triggers a TypeError: can't concat bytes to str error open chaica_ docs@python behavior 2
21996 2 days ago gettarinfo method does not handle files without text string names open martin.panter docs@python   3
1767511 2 days ago SocketServer.DatagramRequestHandler with empty response open alzheimer   behavior 5
26322 2 days ago Missing docs for typing.Set open gvanrossum docs@python enhancement 1
26309 2 days ago socketserver.BaseServer._handle_request_noblock() don't shutdwon request if verify_request is False has patch open palaviv   resource usage 4
21152 2 days ago Idle: timed autosave for shell (and maybe editor) window open terry.reedy   enhancement 4
19042 2 days ago Idle: add option to autosave 'Untitled' edit window open terry.reedy   enhancement 3
26282 2 days ago Add support for partial keyword arguments in extension functions has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
21042 2 days ago ctypes.util.find_library() should return full pathname instead of filename in linux has patch open Hernan.Grecco   enhancement 6
26319 2 days ago Check recData size before unpack in zipfile open j w   behavior 1
25901 2 days ago make test crash in test_httpservers open fluyy   crash 1
2528 2 days ago Change os.access to check ACLs under Windows has patch open tim.golden tim.golden enhancement 11
25179 3 days ago PEP 498 f-strings need to be documented has patch open eric.smith docs@python enhancement 10
24294 3 days ago DeprecationWarnings should be visible by default in the interactive REPL has patch open njs   enhancement 32
25300 3 days ago Enable Intel MPX (Memory protection Extensions) feature has patch open florin.papa   security 44
26110 3 days ago Speedup method calls 1.2x has patch open yselivanov yselivanov performance 8
26307 3 days ago no PGO for built-in modules with `make profile-opt` open tzot   performance 2
26313 3 days ago _load_windows_store_certs fails if windows cert store is empty open Jonathan Kamens     1
25776 3 days ago More compact pickle of iterators etc has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
26306 3 days ago Can't create abstract tuple open Jack Hargreaves   behavior 1
26285 3 days ago Garbage collection of unused input sections from CPython binaries has patch open alecsandru.patrascu   performance 11
26167 3 days ago Improve copy.copy speed for built-in types (list/set/dict) has patch open josh.r serhiy.storchaka performance 5
26168 3 days ago Py_BuildValue may leak 'N' arguments on PyTuple_New failure has patch open squidevil serhiy.storchaka crash 9
26305 3 days ago Make Argument Clinic to generate PEP 7 conforming code has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
25195 3 days ago mock.ANY doesn't match mock.MagicMock() object has patch open felixonmars   behavior 5
26039 3 days ago More flexibility in zipfile interface has patch open takluyver serhiy.storchaka enhancement 18
20109 4 days ago TestProgram is mentioned in the unittest docs but is not documented open r.david.murray docs@python enhancement 3
17340 4 days ago http.cookies: Handle malformed cookie open keakon   enhancement 13
19869 4 days ago BaseCookie does not complain if a non RFC compliant cookie header was given open florianpilz   behavior 3
26302 4 days ago cookies module allows commas in keys has patch open jason.coombs   behavior 15
17394 4 days ago Add slicing support to collections.deque has patch open rhettinger rhettinger enhancement 11
25007 4 days ago Add support of copy protocol to zlib compressors and decompressors has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
25156 4 days ago shutil.copyfile should internally use os.sendfile when possible has patch open desbma   enhancement 19
25913 4 days ago base64.a85decode adobe flag incorrectly utilizes <~ as a marker causing error has patch open Soren Solari   behavior 6
25459 4 days ago EAGAIN errors in Python logging module pending Henrique Andrade     4
21536 4 days ago extension built with a shared python cannot be loaded with a static python open pitrou   enhancement 6
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