ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
21964 yesterday inconsistency in list-generator comprehension with yield(-from) open hakril   behavior 5
6699 yesterday IDLE: Warn user about overwriting a file that has a newer version on filesystem open gpolo roger.serwy enhancement 4
21965 yesterday Add support for Memory BIO to _ssl open geertj   enhancement 3
1745108 yesterday 2.5.1 curses panel segfault in new_panel on aix 5.3 open maswan   crash 5
20064 yesterday PyObject_Malloc is not documented open r.david.murray docs@python behavior 5
22005 yesterday datetime.__setstate__ fails decoding python2 pickle open eddygeek   behavior 4
22013 yesterday Add at least minimal support for thread groups open rhettinger   enhancement 8
16748 yesterday Make CPython test package discoverable open zach.ware ezio.melotti behavior 49
8706 2 days ago accept keyword arguments on most base type methods and builtins open gregory.p.smith   enhancement 20
17695 2 days ago _sysconfigdata broken with universal builds on OSX open ronaldoussoren   behavior 3
22012 2 days ago struct.unpack('?', '\x02') returns (False,) on Mac OSX open wayedt   behavior 11
16778 2 days ago Logger.findCaller needs to be smarter open glynnc   enhancement 12
1152248 2 days ago Add support for reading records with arbitrary separators to the standard IO stack open ncoghlan   enhancement 34
22001 2 days ago containers "same" does not always mean "__eq__". open Jim.Jewett rhettinger enhancement 4
7676 2 days ago IDLE shell shouldn't use TABs open cben terry.reedy behavior 13
22011 2 days ago test_os extended attribute setxattr tests can fail with ENOSPC (Errno 28) open Hibou57     4
17131 2 days ago subprocess.Popen.terminate can raise exception on Posix open siona gregory.p.smith behavior 5
13540 2 days ago Document the Action API in argparse open jason.coombs docs@python behavior 12
15376 2 days ago Refactor the test_runpy walk_package support code into a common location open chris.jerdonek ncoghlan enhancement 7
22000 2 days ago cross type comparisons clarification open Jim.Jewett docs@python behavior 2
21999 2 days ago shlex: bug in posix mode handling of empty strings open isoschiz   behavior 2
1602 3 days ago windows console doesn't print or input Unicode open mark   behavior 85
22016 3 days ago Add a new 'surrogatereplace' output only error handler open ncoghlan     1
21997 3 days ago Pdb.set_trace debugging does not end correctly open ppperry   behavior 4
22014 3 days ago Add summary table for OS exception <-> errno mapping open ncoghlan docs@python   2
1047397 3 days ago cgitb failures open rgbecker   behavior 7
17896 3 days ago Move Windows external libs from <src>\..\ to <src>\externals open zach.ware   enhancement 3
1927 3 days ago raw_input behavior incorrect if readline not enabled open skip.montanaro   behavior 8
15305 3 days ago Test harness unnecessarily disambiguating twice open chris.jerdonek   enhancement 11
15106 3 days ago Potential Bug in errors.c open Ken.Cheung   behavior 2
9399 3 days ago Provide a 'print' action for argparse open travistouchdown bethard enhancement 14
16446 3 days ago pdb raises BdbQuit on 'quit' when started with set_trace open xdegaye   behavior 8
21996 3 days ago gettarinfo method does not handle files without text string names open vadmium docs@python   2
17667 3 days ago Windows: build with "build_pgo.bat -2" fails to optimize python.dll open anselm.kruis   compile error 2
21907 3 days ago Update Windows build batch scripts open zach.ware zach.ware enhancement 18
17528 3 days ago Implement dumps/loads for lru_cache open frafra rhettinger enhancement 4
19776 4 days ago Provide expanduser() on Path objects open pitrou   enhancement 17
6931 4 days ago dreadful performance in difflib: ndiff and HtmlDiff open heidar.rafn gregory.p.smith enhancement 14
11001 4 days ago Various obvious errors in cookies documentation open spookylukey docs@python   4
20585 4 days ago urllib2 unrelease KQUEUE on Mac OSX 10.9+ open Andrew.Gross ronaldoussoren crash 6
22010 4 days ago Idle: better management of Shell window output open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
21935 4 days ago Implement AUTH command in smtpd. open zvyn   enhancement 12
644744 4 days ago bdist_rpm fails when installing man pages open calvin eric.araujo behavior 14
818201 4 days ago distutils: clean does not use build_base option from build open nicholas.riley eric.araujo behavior 6
14373 4 days ago C implementation of functools.lru_cache open anacrolix rhettinger performance 35
21998 4 days ago asyncio: a new self-pipe should be created in the child process after fork open haypo     2
18395 4 days ago Make _Py_char2wchar() and _Py_wchar2char() public open haypo     4
17401 4 days ago io.FileIO closefd parameter is not documented nor shown in repr open rbcollins docs@python enhancement 2
18993 4 days ago There is an overshadowed and invalid test in open vajrasky michael.foord behavior 10
14414 4 days ago xmlrpclib leaves connection in broken state if server returns error without content-length open fancycode   behavior 4
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