ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
22298 3 days ago Lib/ _show_warning does not protect against being called with a file like object which is closed open Julius.Lehmann-Richter   behavior 7
21072 3 days ago Python docs and downloads not available for Egypt open Leo.Butcher docs@python resource usage 8
10598 3 days ago Add test for curses haskey replacement has patch open rtarnell   enhancement 4
18454 3 days ago distutils crashes when uploading to PyPI having only the username (no pw) defined open jgehrcke eric.araujo crash 3
1812 3 days ago doctest _load_testfile function -- newline handling seems incorrect has patch open pdonis   behavior 29
2943 3 days ago Distutils should generate a better error message when the SDK is not installed has patch open cdavid tarek behavior 11
10225 3 days ago Fix doctest runable examples in python manual has patch open belopolsky belopolsky   21
10536 3 days ago Enhancements to gettext docs has patch open eric.araujo eric.araujo   4
14566 3 days ago run_cgi reverts to using unnormalized path open v+python   security 2
21910 3 days ago File protocol should document if writelines must handle generators sensibly open JanKanis docs@python   3
2445 3 days ago Use The CygwinCCompiler Under Cygwin has patch open dstanek tarek compile error 12
8304 3 days ago strftime and Unicode characters open AndiDog   behavior 8
16037 3 days ago httplib: header parsing is unlimited has patch open christian.heimes christian.heimes resource usage 30
5879 3 days ago multiprocessing example "pool of http servers " fails on windows open ghum   behavior 4
22276 3 days ago pathlib glob ignores trailing slash in pattern open   behavior 6
1481032 3 days ago patch smtplib:when SMTPDataError, rset crashes with sslerror has patch open kxroberto   behavior 9
22163 3 days ago max_wbits set incorrectly to -zlib.MAX_WBITS in tarfile, shouldn't be negative has patch open edulix   performance 1
18983 3 days ago Specify time unit for timeit CLI has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 23
22303 3 days ago Write better test for SSLContext.load_verify_locations open pitrou   enhancement 1
12319 3 days ago [http.client] HTTPConnection.putrequest not support "chunked" Transfer-Encodings to send data open harobed orsenthil enhancement 10
4277 3 days ago asynchat's handle_error inconsistency has patch open giampaolo.rodola giampaolo.rodola behavior 4
17286 3 days ago Make subprocess handling text output with universal_newlines more obious open Baptiste.Lepilleur docs@python enhancement 2
20468 3 days ago resource module documentation is incorrect has patch open Kurt.Rose     2
6639 3 days ago turtle: _tkinter.TclError: invalid command name ".10170160" has patch open srid   behavior 9
19062 3 days ago Idle: problem confighandler getting userdir open weizhao   behavior 3
22299 3 days ago resolve() on Windows makes some pathological paths unusable open Kevin.Norris   behavior 8
22141 3 days ago rlcompleter.Completer matches too much has patch open donlorenzo   behavior 2
22269 3 days ago Resolve distutils option conflicts with priorities has patch open minrk     3
22294 3 days ago 2to3 consuming_calls: len, min, max, zip, map, reduce, filter, dict, xrange has patch open eddygeek   enhancement 1
22300 4 days ago PEP 446 What's New Updates for 2.7.9 has patch open ncoghlan benjamin.peterson enhancement 1
21720 4 days ago "TypeError: Item in ``from list'' not a string" message has patch open davidszotten   enhancement 8
1102 4 days ago Add support for _msi.Record.GetString() and _msi.Record.GetInteger() open atuining loewis behavior 10
22295 4 days ago Clarify available commands for package installation open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 3
17535 4 days ago IDLE: Add an option to show line numbers along the left side of the editor window, and have it enabled by default. has patch open Todd.Rovito terry.reedy enhancement 26
21611 4 days ago int() docstring - unclear what number is open and docs@python enhancement 4
22189 4 days ago collections.UserString missing some str methods open ncoghlan rhettinger enhancement 2
22282 4 days ago ipaddress module accepts octal formatted IPv4 addresses in IPv6 addresses has patch open xZise   behavior 2
22273 4 days ago abort when passing certain structs by value using ctypes open weeble   crash 2
22292 4 days ago pickle whichmodule RuntimeError has patch open attilio.dinisio   behavior 4
22277 4 days ago add parameters to suppress output on stdout and stderr has patch open CristianCantoro   enhancement 10
22274 5 days ago subprocess.Popen(stderr=STDOUT) fails to redirect subprocess stderr to stdout has patch open akira   behavior 3
22231 5 days ago httplib: unicode url will cause an ascii codec error when combined with a utf-8 string header has patch open Bob.Chen   crash 3
16662 5 days ago load_tests not invoked in package/ has patch open rbcollins michael.foord enhancement 16
22279 5 days ago read() vs read1() in asyncio.StreamReader documentation open oconnor663   behavior 8
22289 6 days ago support.transient_internet() doesn't catch timeout on FTP tests of test_urllib2net has patch open haypo     1
21998 6 days ago asyncio: a new self-pipe should be created in the child process after fork open haypo     3
18814 6 days ago Add tools for "cleaning" surrogate escaped strings open ncoghlan   enhancement 22
22286 6 days ago Allow backslashreplace error handler to be used on input open ncoghlan   enhancement 1
22222 6 days ago dtoa.c: remove custom memory allocator has patch open haypo     4
22284 6 days ago decimal module contains less symbols when the _decimal module is missing open haypo     2
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