ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
25744 2 days ago Reference leaks in test_collections open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage 1
25743 2 days ago Clarify exactly what \w matches in UNICODE mode open zwol docs@python   3
25660 2 days ago tabs don't work correctly in python repl has patch open yselivanov   behavior 19
25740 2 days ago multiple issues in http.client open spaceone   behavior 3
25738 3 days ago http.server doesn't handle RESET CONTENT status correctly open spaceone   behavior 2
25739 3 days ago Add PAYLOAD_TOO_LARGE / URI_TOO_LONG (new name in RFC 7231) open spaceone   enhancement 3
25723 3 days ago ConfigParser should never write broken configurations open spaceone   behavior 12
25464 3 days ago Tix HList header_exists should be "exist" has patch open rtw serhiy.storchaka behavior 6
24960 3 days ago Can't use pip or easy_install with embeddable zip file. open Oleg N   resource usage 3
4712 3 days ago Document pickle behavior for subclasses of dicts/lists open georg.brandl docs@python behavior 4
25677 3 days ago Syntax error caret confused by indentation has patch open mystor   behavior 10
18911 3 days ago minidom does not encode correctly when calling Document.writexml open brianvanderburg2 docs@python behavior 2
25194 3 days ago Opt-in motivations & affiliations page for core contributors has patch open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 33
25730 3 days ago invisible sidebar content with code snippets open xwhhsprings docs@python behavior 8
25528 3 days ago Attempt to further increase test coverage of calendar module has patch open Rohit Mediratta   enhancement 6
13330 3 days ago Attempt full test coverage of LocaleTextCalendar.formatweekday has patch open Sean.Fleming   enhancement 4
12568 3 days ago Add functions to get the width in columns of a character has patch open haypo   enhancement 31
21668 3 days ago The select and time modules uses libm functions without linking against it has patch open fornwall   crash 7
25707 3 days ago Add the close method for ElementTree.iterparse() object open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka resource usage 4
21224 4 days ago BaseHTTPRequestHandler, update the protocol version to http 1.1 by default? open matrixise   enhancement 16
22100 4 days ago Use $HOSTPYTHON when determining candidate interpreter for $PYTHON_FOR_BUILD. has patch open shiz   enhancement 4
25638 4 days ago Verify the etree_parse and etree_iterparse benchmarks are working appropriately has patch open brett.cannon brett.cannon performance 12
25715 4 days ago Python 3.5.1 installer shows wrong upgrade path has patch open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 4
25300 4 days ago Enable Intel MPX (Memory protection Extensions) feature has patch open florin.papa   security 40
25251 4 days ago Unknown MS Compiler version 1900 has patch open Matt.Hickford   behavior 8
25698 4 days ago test regressions introduced with the fix for #22995 open doko     6
25729 4 days ago update pure python datetime.timedelta creation has patch open bdkearns   enhancement 7
25731 4 days ago Assigning and deleting __new__ attr on the class does not allow to create instances of this class open Stanisław Skonieczny (Uosiu)   behavior 2
6953 4 days ago readline documentation needs work has patch open ronaldoussoren docs@python enhancement 8
20923 4 days ago Explain ConfigParser 'valid section name' and .SECTCRE open miloskomarcevic terry.reedy enhancement 15
25572 4 days ago _ssl doesn't build on OSX 10.11 open matrixise ned.deily   6
16353 4 days ago add function to os module for getting path to default shell has patch open chris.jerdonek christian.heimes enhancement 45
16255 4 days ago subrocess.Popen needs /bin/sh but Android only has /system/bin/sh has patch open brousch   behavior 16
23496 4 days ago Steps for Android Native Build of Python 3.4.2 has patch open chaselton   enhancement 175
25728 4 days ago email parser ignores inner multipart boundary when outer message duplicates it open forest   behavior 6
25643 4 days ago Python tokenizer rewriting has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 3
25683 4 days ago __context__ for yields inside except clause open yselivanov   behavior 3
21475 4 days ago Support the Sitemap extension in robotparser has patch open rhettinger   enhancement 8
25571 4 days ago Improve the lltrace feature with the Py_Debug mode has patch open matrixise     3
25718 4 days ago itertools.accumulate __reduce__/__setstate__ bug has patch open arigo kristjan.jonsson behavior 4
25701 4 days ago Document that tp_setattro and tp_setattr are used for deleting attributes has patch open serhiy.storchaka docs@python crash 5
25664 4 days ago Unexpected UnicodeDecodeError in logging module open zephor   behavior 5
10796 5 days ago Improve doc for readline.set_completer_delims() open rheise docs@python behavior 5
16198 5 days ago IDLE - tabbing in a string always brings up file completion window has patch open roger.serwy   behavior 6
25726 5 days ago sys.setprofile / sys.getprofile asymetry open stefan   behavior 1
25724 5 days ago SSLv3 test failure on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has patch open mdeslaur     1
25709 5 days ago Problem with string concatenation and utf-8 cache. has patch open Árpád Kósa serhiy.storchaka behavior 25
25714 5 days ago Consider isinstance(..., numbers.Integral) instead of isinstance(..., int) or isinstance(..., (int, long)) in open posita   behavior 2
25720 5 days ago Fix curses module compilation with ncurses6 has patch open donmez   compile error 1
25716 6 days ago typeobject.c call_method & call_maybe can leak references on 'func' has patch open Myron Walker   resource usage 2
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