ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
22704 2 days ago Review extension enable options open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
22703 2 days ago Idle Code Context: separate changing current and future editors open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 1
21449 2 days ago Replace _PyUnicode_CompareWithId with _PyUnicode_CompareWithIdEqual has patch open josh.r     4
22607 2 days ago find by dichotomy the failing test has patch open xdegaye   enhancement 13
11260 2 days ago smtpd-as-a-script feature should be documented and should use argparse has patch open xmorel   enhancement 16
22701 2 days ago Write unescaped unicode characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc) in JSON module when "ensure_ascii=False" open Michael.Kuss   enhancement 2
22700 2 days ago email's header_value_parser missing defect report for 'abc@xyz.c:om' open r.david.murray     1
22699 2 days ago cross-compilation of Python3.4 open bill9889   resource usage 1
22696 2 days ago Add a function to know about interpreter shutdown has patch open pitrou   enhancement 5
22599 2 days ago traceback: errors in the linecache module at exit has patch open haypo     16
22636 3 days ago avoid using a shell in ctypes.util: replace os.popen with subprocess has patch open haypo   enhancement 2
22678 3 days ago An OSError subclass for "no space left on device" would be nice has patch open bochecha   enhancement 1
22685 3 days ago memory leak: no transport for pipes by create_subprocess_exec/shell has patch open wabu     13
22689 3 days ago Posix getenv makes no guarantee of lifetime of returned string open aidanhs   crash 2
22687 3 days ago horrible performance of textwrap.wrap() with a long word open inkerman serhiy.storchaka performance 2
22684 3 days ago message.as_bytes() produces recursion depth exceeded open pas   behavior 2
17401 4 days ago io.FileIO closefd parameter is not documented nor shown in repr has patch open rbcollins docs@python enhancement 10
22679 4 days ago Add encodings of supported in glibc locales open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
22682 4 days ago Add support of KZ1048 (RK1048) encoding has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
22681 4 days ago Add support of KOI8-T encoding has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
22680 4 days ago unittest discovery is fragile open pitrou   behavior 6
22674 4 days ago strsignal() missing from signal module open Dolda2000   enhancement 7
21081 4 days ago missing vietnamese codec TCVN 5712:1993 in Python open progfou   enhancement 7
22445 4 days ago Memoryviews require more strict contiguous checks then necessary has patch open seberg   enhancement 22
15989 4 days ago Possible integer overflow of PyLong_AsLong() results has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 23
22673 4 days ago document the special features (eg: fdclose=False) of the standard streams open snaphat docs@python behavior 7
12067 5 days ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open terry.reedy   enhancement 39
13504 5 days ago Meta-issue for "Invent with Python" IDLE feedback open ncoghlan     11
16893 5 days ago Generate Idle help from Doc/library/idle.rst has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 26
17535 5 days ago IDLE: Add an option to show line numbers along the left side of the editor window, and have it enabled by default. has patch open Todd.Rovito terry.reedy enhancement 28
22457 5 days ago load_tests not invoked in root when start=package root has patch open rbcollins     4
11820 5 days ago idle3 shell os.system swallows shell command output has patch open Thekent   behavior 18
21949 5 days ago Document the Py_SIZE() macro. open gregory.p.smith docs@python enhancement 1
22642 5 days ago trace module: unclear error message has patch open giampaolo.rodola   behavior 2
16041 5 days ago poplib: unlimited readline() from connection has patch open christian.heimes christian.heimes resource usage 17
22490 5 days ago Using realpath for __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ makes Homebrew installs fragile has patch open tdsmith ronaldoussoren behavior 12
22671 6 days ago Typo in class io.BufferedIOBase docs open gigaplastik docs@python enhancement 1
22669 6 days ago Test_venv fails when _ctypes is not available. open terry.reedy vinay.sajip behavior 7
20155 6 days ago Regression test test_httpservers fails, hangs on Windows has patch open jeff.allen   behavior 25
22668 6 days ago memoryview.format is corrupted due to dangling shared pointer has patch open Knio   crash 2
22524 6 days ago PEP 471 implementation: os.scandir() directory scanning function has patch open benhoyt   enhancement 18
22638 6 days ago ssl module: the SSLv3 protocol is vulnerable ("POODLE" attack) has patch open haypo   security 33
22645 6 days ago Unable to install Python 3.4.2 amd64 on Windows 8.1 Update 1 open Zac.Greve   behavior 6
12020 6 days ago Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open Jimbofbx   behavior 5
22666 6 days ago email.Header no encoding of unicode strings containing newlines has patch open flavio   behavior 1
17095 7 days ago Shared modules built with Modules/Setup are not found when run from build directory has patch open twouters ned.deily   12
21228 7 days ago Missing enumeration of HTTPResponse Objects methods of urllib.request.urlopen's http.client.HTTPResponse? has patch open EvensF docs@python enhancement 18
21436 7 days ago Consider leaving open srittau brett.cannon enhancement 3
15944 7 days ago memoryviews and ctypes open dabeaz   behavior 17
18216 7 days ago gettext doesn't check MO versions has patch open jwilk   behavior 9
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