ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
22213 3 days ago Make pyvenv style virtual environments easier to configure when embedding Python open grahamd   enhancement 8
22260 3 days ago Rearrange tkinter tests, use test discovery has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 5
20994 3 days ago Disable TLS Compression has patch open dstufft     10
22203 3 days ago inspect.getargspec() returns wrong spec for builtins open suor   behavior 2
1102 3 days ago Add support for _msi.Record.GetString() and _msi.Record.GetInteger() open atuining loewis behavior 9
22232 3 days ago str.splitlines splitting on non-\r\n characters open scharron docs@python behavior 15
22098 3 days ago Behavior of Structure inconsistent with BigEndianStructure when using __slots__ has patch open Florian.Dold   behavior 6
21740 3 days ago doctest doesn't allow duck-typing callables has patch open pitrou   enhancement 8
9731 3 days ago Add ABCMeta.has_methods and tests that use it has patch open stutzbach stutzbach enhancement 12
1764286 3 days ago inspect.getsource does not work with decorated functions has patch open michele_s yselivanov behavior 7
20752 3 days ago Difflib should provide the option of overriding the SequenceMatcher has patch open offby1 tim.peters enhancement 11
21986 3 days ago Pickleability of code objects is inconsistent has patch open ppperry   behavior 10
1483545 3 days ago support for ulaw and alaw audio has patch open ewoudenberg   enhancement 5
22264 3 days ago Add wsgiref.util helpers for dealing with "WSGI strings" open ncoghlan   enhancement 11
22271 3 days ago Deprecate PyUnicode_AsUnicode(): emit a DeprecationWarning open haypo     1
22207 4 days ago Test for integer overflow on Py_ssize_t: explicitly cast to size_t has patch open haypo     6
22258 4 days ago set_inheritable(): ioctl(FIOCLEX) is available but fails with ENOTTY on Illumos has patch open igor.pashev   behavior 5
22270 4 days ago cache version selection for documentation open thejj docs@python enhancement 4
22268 4 days ago mrohasattr and mrogetattr has patch open Gregory.Salvan   enhancement 1
22234 4 days ago urllib.parse.urlparse accepts any falsy value as an url open Ztane   behavior 2
17896 4 days ago Move Windows external libs from <src>\..\ to <src>\externals has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 4
22133 4 days ago IDLE: Set correct WM_CLASS on X11 has patch open sahutd     9
20912 4 days ago []: Make zip directory attributes more friendly for MS-Windows has patch open vmurashev serhiy.storchaka behavior 3
17180 4 days ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits has patch open milko.krachounov   security 14
22261 4 days ago Document how to use Concurrent Build when using MsBuild has patch open sbspider docs@python enhancement 8
6721 4 days ago Locks in the standard library should be sanitized on fork has patch open gregory.p.smith   enhancement 102
22064 5 days ago Misleading message from 2to3 when skipping optional fixers has patch open ncoghlan   behavior 2
22168 5 days ago Turtle Graphics RawTurtle problem has patch open Kent.D..Lee ned.deily   4
21585 5 days ago Run Tkinter tests with wantobjects=False has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 11
21391 5 days ago shutil uses both os.path.abspath and an 'import from' of abspath has patch open Yinon berker.peksag behavior 10
22255 5 days ago Multiprocessing freeze_support raises RuntimeError open Michael.McAuliffe   crash 1
18554 5 days ago os.__all__ is incomplete has patch open ronaldoussoren ronaldoussoren behavior 4
22233 5 days ago http.client splits headers on none-\r\n characters open scharron   behavior 2
15125 5 days ago argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well has patch open nstiurca docs@python behavior 20
22252 5 days ago ssl blocking IO errors open h.venev     4
22256 5 days ago pyvenv should display a progress indicator while creating an environment open ncoghlan   enhancement 3
22221 5 days ago ast.literal_eval confused by coding declarations has patch open jorgenschaefer serhiy.storchaka behavior 6
20421 5 days ago expose SSL socket protocol version has patch open pitrou   enhancement 7
21536 5 days ago extension built with a shared python cannot be loaded with a static python open pitrou   enhancement 6
22253 6 days ago ConfigParser does not handle files without sections open kernc lukasz.langa enhancement 3
22248 6 days ago urllib.request.urlopen raises exception when 30X-redirect url contains non-ascii chars open tomasgroth   behavior 2
20152 6 days ago Derby #15: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 9 files has patch open brett.cannon brett.cannon enhancement 25
22246 6 days ago add strptime(s, '%s') has patch open akira   enhancement 1
22251 6 days ago Various markup errors in documentation has patch open berker.peksag berker.peksag   1
22197 6 days ago Allow better verbosity / output control in test cases open pitrou   enhancement 4
21338 6 days ago Silent mode for compileall has patch open takluyver berker.peksag enhancement 8
22247 6 days ago More incomplete module.__all__ lists open vadmium     2
21817 6 days ago `concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor` swallows tracebacks has patch open cool-RR   behavior 4
22249 6 days ago Possibly incorrect example is given for socket.getaddrinfo() open Alexander.Patrakov docs@python behavior 1
18374 6 days ago ast.parse gives wrong position (col_offset) for some BinOp-s has patch open Aivar.Annamaa   behavior 2
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