ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
19949 4 days ago Explicitly skip or mask skipped/disabled tests in test_xpickle has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 3
22901 4 days ago test.test_uuid.test_find_mac fails because of `ifconfig` deprecation has patch open bru     6
22898 4 days ago segfault during shutdown attempting to log ResourceWarning has patch open emptysquare   crash 5
22902 4 days ago Use 'ip' for uuid.getnode() has patch open bru     3
20296 4 days ago PyArg_ParseTuple 2.X docs mention int for "t#", but "Py_ssize_t" for "w#", etc. open rlb docs@python behavior 1
20885 4 days ago Little Endian PowerPC64 Linux open David.Edelsohn   enhancement 3
20215 4 days ago Python2.7 socketserver can not listen IPv6 address has patch open dazhaoyu   enhancement 7
21114 4 days ago wsgiref.simple_server doesn't handle multi-line headers correctly has patch open Alan.Braithwaite serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
1294959 4 days ago Problems with /usr/lib64 builds. has patch open jafo   behavior 39
22696 4 days ago Add a function to know about interpreter shutdown has patch open pitrou   enhancement 7
20059 4 days ago Inconsistent urlparse/urllib.parse handling of invalid port values? open chad.birch   behavior 1
19867 4 days ago pickletools.OpcodeInfo.code is a string open pitrou   behavior 2
22899 4 days ago http.server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler.parse_request (TypeError: decoding str is not supported) pending recharti   crash 3
18731 4 days ago Increased test coverage for uu and telnet has patch open Alex.Volkov   enhancement 2
18905 4 days ago pydoc -p 0 says the server is available at localhost:0 has patch open Wieland.Hoffmann serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
22867 5 days ago document behavior of calling atexit.register() while atexit._run_exitfuncs is running open skip.montanaro docs@python   2
22897 5 days ago IDLE hangs on OS X with Cocoa Tk if encoding dialog is required during save open steipe   behavior 2
20948 5 days ago -Wformat=2 -Wformat-security findings open Jeffrey.Walton     5
20156 5 days ago does not treat growing input file properly open Joshua.Chia serhiy.storchaka behavior 1
21280 5 days ago shutil.make_archive() with default "root_dir" parameter raises FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '' has patch open vadmium serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
22113 5 days ago memoryview and struct.pack_into has patch open stangelandcl serhiy.storchaka behavior 5
15729 5 days ago PyStructSequence_NewType enhancement open Robin.Schreiber   enhancement 3
20066 5 days ago PyStructSequence_NewType() not setting proper heap allocation flag? open Wolf.Ihlenfeldt   crash 2
20082 5 days ago Misbehavior of BufferedRandom.write with raw file in append mode has patch open erik.bray   behavior 1
21032 5 days ago Socket leak if HTTPConnection.getresponse() fails has patch open vadmium serhiy.storchaka resource usage 2
17750 5 days ago allow the testsuite to run in the installed location open doko doko behavior 7
19670 5 days ago SimpleCookie Generates Non-RFC6265-Compliant Cookies open pdbogen   behavior 1
10599 5 days ago sgmllib.parse_endtag() is not respecting quoted text open Michael.Brooks   behavior 2
22608 5 days ago test_socket fails with sem_init: Too many open files has patch open Urs.Traber   resource usage 3
22896 5 days ago Don't use PyObject_As*Buffer() functions open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka resource usage 1
22367 5 days ago Please add F_OFD_SETLK, etc support to fcntl.lockf open Andrew.Lutomirski   enhancement 1
22652 5 days ago Add suggestion about keyword arguments to this error message: "builtins.TypeError: my_func() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given" open cool-RR   enhancement 2
22314 5 days ago TypeError with a $LINES defined to anything has patch open arigo   behavior 2
22891 5 days ago code removal from urllib.parse.urlsplit() has patch open Alexander.Todorov   enhancement 3
22095 5 days ago Use of set_tunnel with default port results in incorrect post value in host header has patch open demian.brecht   behavior 3
22140 5 days ago "python-config --includes" returns a wrong path (double prefix) open Michael.Dussere   behavior 2
19895 6 days ago Cryptic error when subclassing multiprocessing classes open Antony.Lee     3
22893 6 days ago Idle: __future__ does not work in startup code. open terry.reedy   behavior 1
22888 6 days ago ensurepip and distutils' build_scripts fails on Windows when path to Python contains accented characters open gmljosea   behavior 3
18688 6 days ago Document undocumented Unicode object API open serhiy.storchaka docs@python behavior 2
22067 6 days ago time_test fails after strptime() open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
22870 6 days ago urlopen timeout failed with SSL socket open daveti   behavior 5
18697 6 days ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement 4
19883 6 days ago Integer overflow in zipimport.c has patch open christian.heimes   compile error 8
19687 6 days ago Fixes for elementtree integer overflow has patch open christian.heimes   compile error 4
18473 6 days ago some objects pickled by Python 3.x are not unpicklable in Python 2.x because of incorrect REVERSE_IMPORT_MAPPING has patch open kmike alexandre.vassalotti behavior 5
22890 6 days ago StringIO.StringIO pickled in 2.7 is not unpickleable on 3.x open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
22882 7 days ago Document Linux packages you need to compile Python with all dependencies has patch open Ludovic.Gasc docs@python enhancement 6
22885 7 days ago Arbitrary code execution vulnerability due to unchecked eval() call in dumbdbm module open stephen.farris   security 1
22886 7 days ago TestProgram leaves defaultTestLoader.errors dirty open rbcollins   behavior 1
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