ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
25286 2 days ago views are not sequences has patch open akira docs@python behavior 3
12238 2 days ago Readline module loading in interactive mode open Niels.Heinen   security 16
10487 2 days ago http.server doesn't process Status header from CGI scripts open v+python orsenthil enhancement 3
25256 2 days ago Add sys.debug_build public variable to check if Python was compiled in debug mode has patch open haypo   enhancement 10
25274 2 days ago sys.setrecursionlimit() must fail if the current recursion depth is higher than the new low-water mark has patch open haypo   crash 16
14576 2 days ago IDLE: inconsistent use of HOMEDRIVE, HOMEPATH, and USERPROFILE on Windows open clikkeb   behavior 16
25291 2 days ago better Exception message for certain task termination scenario open ovex     2
25292 2 days ago ssl socket gets into broken state when client exits during handshake open ovex     1
23447 2 days ago Import fails when doing a circular import involving an `import *` has patch open antox brett.cannon behavior 14
25272 2 days ago asyncio tests are getting noisy open gvanrossum   resource usage 4
8231 2 days ago Unable to run IDLE without write-access to home directory open cane   behavior 11
25289 2 days ago test_strptime hangs sometimes on AMD64 Windows7 SP1 3.x buildbot open haypo     6
15663 2 days ago Investigate providing Tcl/Tk 8.6 with OS X installers open ned.deily ned.deily enhancement 27
23749 2 days ago asyncio missing wrap_socket (starttls) open gc   enhancement 18
25277 2 days ago test_eintr hangs on randomly on "AMD64 FreeBSD 9.x 3.x" open haypo     2
21995 2 days ago Idle: pseudofiles have no buffer attribute. open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 6
2466 2 days ago os.path.ismount doesn't work for mounts the user doesn't have permission to see has patch open rossburton   behavior 8
25270 2 days ago codecs.escape_encode systemerror on empty byte string has patch open reaperhulk   behavior 7
25275 3 days ago Documentation v/s behaviour mismatch wrt integer literals containing non-ASCII characters open shreevatsa docs@python behavior 8
24841 3 days ago Some test_ssl network tests fail if is not accessible. has patch open vlee   behavior 3
25184 3 days ago "python -m pydoc -w" fails in nondecodable directory has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 8
25254 3 days ago Idle: debugger source line highlighting fails again open terry.reedy   behavior 2
20580 3 days ago IDLE should support platform-specific default config defaults open ned.deily   enhancement 9
25251 3 days ago Unknown MS Compiler version 1900 has patch open Matt.Hickford   behavior 4
18967 3 days ago Find a less conflict prone approach to Misc/NEWS has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 88
18906 3 days ago Create a way to always run tests in subprocesses within regrtest open eli.bendersky eli.bendersky enhancement 9
25285 3 days ago regrtest: run tests in subprocesses with -j1 on buildbots has patch open haypo     1
24755 3 days ago asyncio.wrap_future undocumented open wodny docs@python enhancement 1
25283 3 days ago Make tm_gmtoff and tm_zone available on all platforms open belopolsky belopolsky enhancement 1
25282 3 days ago regex: Support for recursive patterns open Sworddragon   enhancement 2
25194 3 days ago Opt-in motivations & affiliations page for core contributors has patch open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 17
25001 4 days ago Make --nowindows argument to regrtest propagate when running with -j open brett.cannon   enhancement 10
16023 4 days ago IDLE freezes on ^5 or ^6 (Un-)Tabify Region with OS X Cocoa Tk 8.5 open szellmeyer ronaldoussoren crash 7
17050 4 days ago argparse.REMAINDER doesn't work as first argument open chris.jerdonek   behavior 3
22798 4 days ago time.mktime doesn't update time.tzname has patch open akira belopolsky behavior 15
25166 4 days ago Windows AllUsers installation places uninstaller in user profile open Christian.Ullrich steve.dower   6
10381 4 days ago Add timezone support to datetime C API open belopolsky belopolsky enhancement 2
24954 4 days ago No way to generate or parse timezone as produced by datetime.isoformat() open gvanrossum belopolsky enhancement 2
5288 4 days ago tzinfo objects with sub-minute offsets are not supported (e.g. UTC+05:53:28) open jamesh   enhancement 15
25268 4 days ago Support pointing frozen modules to the corresponding source files, if available. open eric.snow   enhancement 2
9334 4 days ago argparse does not accept options taking arguments beginning with dash (regression from optparse) has patch open andersk   enhancement 44
23403 4 days ago Use pickle protocol 4 by default? open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 7
24164 4 days ago Support pickling objects with __new__ with keyword arguments with protocol 2+ has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 3
25157 4 days ago Installing Python 3.5.0 32bit on Windows 8.1 64bit system gives Error 0x80240017 open lac   behavior 4
25269 4 days ago Add method to detect if a string contains surrogates open r.david.murray   enhancement 1
18814 4 days ago Add utilities to "clean" surrogate code points from strings has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 54
25264 4 days ago test_marshal always crashs on "AMD64 Windows10 2.7" buildbot open haypo   crash 1
25263 4 days ago test_tkinter fails randomly on the buildbots "AMD64 Windows10" (3.4, 3.5, 3.x) open haypo     1
23220 4 days ago Documents input/output effects of how IDLE runs user code open Al.Sweigart terry.reedy enhancement 15
21506 5 days ago Windows MSI installer should mklink (symlink) python.exe to python2.7.exe open edmorley   enhancement 13
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