ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
29857 2 days ago Provide `sys.executable_argv` for host application's command line arguments open ncoghlan   enhancement 13
29868 2 days ago multiprocessing.dummy missing cpu_count open johnwiseman   behavior 1
29504 2 days ago blake2: compile error with -march=bdver2 open floppymaster christian.heimes compile error 5
28767 2 days ago Readd __index__ support on ipaddress objects open josh.r     3
27593 2 days ago Deprecate sys._mercurial and create sys._git has patch has PR open brett.cannon ned.deily   26
29863 2 days ago Add a COMPACT constant to the json module has PR open brett.cannon bob.ippolito enhancement 7
29593 2 days ago Improve UnboundLocalError message for deleted names has PR open mbussonn   enhancement 7
17792 2 days ago Unhelpful UnboundLocalError due to del'ing of exception target has patch open barry   enhancement 16
29736 3 days ago Optimize builtin types constructor has PR open haypo   performance 9
29867 3 days ago Add asserts in PyXXX_GET_SIZE macros has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
29860 3 days ago doesn't capitalize EHLO. open Lord Anton Hvornum     6
29851 3 days ago Have importlib.reload() raise ImportError when a spec can't be found open Richard Cooper   enhancement 2
29846 3 days ago ImportError: Symbol not found: __PyCodecInfo_GetIncrementalDecoder when building 2.7.x on macOS open ajstewart   compile error 9
29861 3 days ago multiprocessing Pool keeps objects (tasks, args, results) alive too long has PR open pitrou   resource usage 2
22708 3 days ago httplib/http.client in method _tunnel used HTTP/1.0 CONNECT method has patch has PR open vova   behavior 6
14003 3 days ago __self__ on built-in functions is not as documented open SpecLad docs@python behavior 6
29734 3 days ago nt._getfinalpathname handle leak has PR open eryksun   behavior 1
29844 4 days ago Windows Python installers not installing DLL to System32/SysWOW64 open TBBle docs@python behavior 7
15590 4 days ago --libs is inconsistent for python-config --libs and pkgconfig python --libs has patch has PR open doko   behavior 11
29858 4 days ago inspect.signature includes bound argument for wrappers around decorated bound methods has PR open anton-ryzhov   behavior 2
29116 4 days ago Make str and bytes error messages on concatenation conform with other sequences has PR open Jim Fasarakis-Hilliard   enhancement 13
15988 4 days ago Inconsistency in overflow error messages of integer argument has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 26
29842 4 days ago Make work with infinite/large inputs correctly has PR open josh.r     2
29852 4 days ago Argument Clinic: add common converter to Py_ssize_t that accepts None has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
29819 4 days ago Avoid raising OverflowError in truncate() if possible open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
29830 4 days ago pyexpat.errors doesn't have __spec__ and __loader__ set open mjacob     5
20087 5 days ago Mismatch between glibc and X11 locale.alias has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 23
5053 5 days ago http.client.HTTPMessage.getallmatchingheaders() always returns [] has patch open mwatkins   behavior 12
29700 5 days ago readline memory corruption when sys.stdin fd >= FD_SETSIZE for select() has PR open gregory.p.smith   crash 8
29833 5 days ago Avoid raising OverflowError if possible open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 5
29843 5 days ago errors raised by ctypes.Array for invalid _length_ attribute has patch open Oren Milman   behavior 9
29822 5 days ago inspect.isabstract does not work on abstract base classes during __init_subclass__ has PR open So8res   behavior 5
29694 5 days ago race condition in pathlib mkdir with flags parents=True has patch open whitespacer   behavior 2
21253 5 days ago unittest assertSequenceEqual can lead to crashing on mostly different sequences open nnja   crash 6
28980 5 days ago ResourceWarning when imorting antigravity in 3.6 open levkivskyi   resource usage 3
29834 6 days ago Raise ValueError rather of OverflowError in PyLong_AsUnsignedLong() open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 5
29572 6 days ago Upgrade installers to OpenSSL 1.0.2k has PR open zach.ware ned.deily security 4
29619 6 days ago st_ino (unsigned long long) is casted to long long in posixmodule.c:_pystat_fromstructstat has PR open mba   behavior 5
28692 6 days ago gettext: deprecate selecting plural form by fractional numbers has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 10
29139 6 days ago operator.concat/iconcat could only work if left operand is a sequence open xiang.zhang   behavior 6
29841 6 days ago errors raised by bytes and bytearray constructors for invalid size argument open Oren Milman   enhancement 2
29832 6 days ago Don't refer to getsockaddrarg in error messages has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
29352 6 days ago provide the authorative source for s[i:j] negative slice indices (<-len(s)) behavior for standard sequences has patch has PR open akira docs@python   3
29840 6 days ago Avoid raising OverflowError in bool() has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
29839 6 days ago Avoid raising OverflowError in len() when __len__() returns negative large value has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
29838 6 days ago Check that sq_length and mq_length return non-negative result has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
29545 6 days ago Python behavioral difference between Linux and AIX open gireeshpunathil     2
29835 6 days ago py_blake2*_new_impl produces inconsistent error messages, and raises OverflowError where ValueError might be better open Oren Milman   behavior 2
28699 6 days ago Imap from ThreadPool behaves unexpectedly has patch has PR open lev-veshnyakov davin behavior 14
7283 6 days ago test_site failure when .local/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages hasn't been created yet open pitrou   behavior 10
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