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22351 yesterday NNTP constructor exception leaves socket for garbage collector has patch open vadmium serhiy.storchaka resource usage 7
23542 yesterday Update PEP 476 for using urllib2.build_opener() open Shakeel Mohamed docs@python   1
18382 yesterday multiprocessing's overlapped PipeConnection issues on Windows 8 has patch open wprins steve.dower behavior 12
17140 yesterday Document multiprocessing.pool.ThreadPool open ncoghlan   enhancement 11
20305 yesterday Android's incomplete locale.h implementation prevents cross-compilation has patch open shiz   compile error 10
23545 yesterday Turn on extra warnings on GCC open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
23391 yesterday Documentation of EnvironmentError (OSError) arguments disappeared has patch open vadmium docs@python   2
23231 yesterday Fix codecs.iterencode/decode() by allowing data parameter to be omitted has patch open vadmium serhiy.storchaka behavior 3
13966 yesterday Add disable_interspersed_args() to argparse.ArgumentParser has patch open Laszlo.Attila.Toth bethard enhancement 11
23247 yesterday Multibyte codec StreamWriter.reset() crashes open vadmium serhiy.storchaka crash 1
22350 yesterday nntplib file write failure causes exception from QUIT command has patch open vadmium serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
23200 yesterday Clarify max_length and flush() for zlib decompression has patch open vadmium docs@python   2
22341 yesterday Python 3 crc32 documentation clarifications has patch open vadmium docs@python   3
17576 yesterday PyNumber_Index() is not int-subclass friendly (or operator.index() docos lie) has patch open barry ethan.furman behavior 38
23088 yesterday Document that PyUnicode_AsUTF8() returns a null-terminated string has patch open vadmium docs@python behavior 3
23528 yesterday Limit decompressed data when reading from GzipFile has patch open vadmium   resource usage 3
23458 yesterday [2.7] random: make the file descriptor non-inheritable (on POSIX) has patch open haypo haypo   11
23546 yesterday windows, IDLE and pep 397 open Liam.Marsh   enhancement 1
23382 yesterday Maybe can not shutdown ThreadPoolExecutor when call the method of shutdown has patch open miles   behavior 5
23512 yesterday The list of built-in functions is not alphabetical on open edsouza docs@python behavior 6
23138 yesterday cookiejar parses cookie value as int with empty name-value pair and Expires has patch open chfoo   behavior 3
23530 yesterday os and multiprocessing.cpu_count do not respect cpuset/affinity open jtaylor     8
23525 yesterday isbuiltin, isroutine, etc. open abarnert docs@python   1
23254 yesterday Document how to close the TCPServer listening socket has patch open vadmium docs@python enhancement 6
22853 yesterday Multiprocessing.Queue._feed deadlocks on import has patch open ffinkernagel   behavior 4
23543 2 days ago encoding error trying to save string to file open Gravitania   crash 3
23538 2 days ago New Windows installer in 3.5.0a1 breaks compatibility with Wine open Link Mauve   behavior 8
23520 2 days ago test_os failed (python-3.4.3, Linux SuSE) open avoevodkin   behavior 1
23541 2 days ago Re module's match() fails to halt on a particular input open ceridwen   behavior 3
23488 2 days ago Random objects twice as big as necessary on 64-bit builds has patch open rhettinger rhettinger resource usage 10
23262 2 days ago webbrowser module broken with Firefox 36+ open ssokolow   behavior 15
22079 2 days ago Ensure in PyType_Ready() that base class of static type is static has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 10
19075 2 days ago Add sorting algorithm visualization to turtledemo has patch open Jason.Yeo   enhancement 8
23532 2 days ago add example of 'first match wins' to regex "|" documentation? open Rick Otten docs@python behavior 6
23524 2 days ago Use _set_thread_local_invalid_parameter_handler in posixmodule has patch open steve.dower steve.dower compile error 17
23540 2 days ago Proposal for asyncio: SubprocessTransport.detach() to detach a process from a transport has patch open martius   enhancement 1
22890 2 days ago StringIO.StringIO pickled in 2.7 is not unpickleable on 3.x open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
23526 2 days ago Silence resource warnings in test_httplib has patch open ashkop   behavior 7
1322 2 days ago Deprecate platform.dist() and platform.linux_distribution() functions has patch open sapetnioc lemburg enhancement 52
22832 2 days ago Tweak parameter names for fcntl module has patch open brett.cannon docs@python enhancement 6
23534 2 days ago `test_longdouble` fails on Mac when using system libffi (version 3.1) open Maxime Belanger   crash 3
23332 2 days ago datetime.isoformat() -> explicitly mark UTC string as such open mirkovogt   behavior 22
21944 2 days ago Allow copying of CodecInfo objects has patch open lehmannro   behavior 2
21919 2 days ago Changing cls.__bases__ must ensure proper metaclass inheritance open abusalimov   behavior 2
23491 2 days ago PEP 441 - Improving Python Zip Application Support has patch open pmoore steve.dower enhancement 32
23536 2 days ago Add explicit information on config file format not supporting filters open piotr.dobrogost docs@python enhancement 1
22524 2 days ago PEP 471 implementation: os.scandir() directory scanning function has patch open benhoyt   enhancement 42
20703 2 days ago RuntimeError caused by lazy imports in pdb open xdegaye   behavior 7
19884 2 days ago Importing readline produces erroneous output has patch open bkabrda     25
23314 2 days ago Disabling CRT asserts in debug build has patch open steve.dower steve.dower crash 14
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