ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
17546 3 days ago Document the circumstances where the locals() dict get updated has patch open techtonik docs@python enhancement 42
26363 3 days ago __builtins__ propagation is misleading described in exec and eval documentation has patch open xcombelle docs@python   9
22057 3 days ago The doc say all globals are copied on eval(), but only __builtins__ is copied has patch open amishne rhettinger   7
28859 3 days ago os.path.ismount sometimes raises FileNotFoundError on Windows open lazka     1
21818 3 days ago cookielib documentation references Cookie module, not cookielib.Cookie class has patch open Ajtag docs@python behavior 8
23224 3 days ago LZMADecompressor object is only initialized in __init__ has patch open martin.panter   crash 5
26876 3 days ago Extend MSVCCompiler class to respect environment variables has patch open rohitjamuar   enhancement 9
28781 3 days ago On Installation of 3.5 Python get error message open Marcopolo   crash 24
28794 3 days ago inspect.isasyncgen and inspect.isasyncgenfunction aren't documented has patch open njs docs@python   3
26861 3 days ago shutil.copyfile() doesn't close the opened files open vocdetnojz   behavior 6
28856 3 days ago %b format for bytes does not support objects that follow the buffer protocol open belopolsky   behavior 1
27435 3 days ago ctypes library loading and AIX - also for 2.7.X (and later) has patch open   behavior 14
28850 3 days ago Regression in Python 3: Subclassing PrettyPrinter.format doesn't work anymore open mic_e   behavior 1
23507 4 days ago Tuple creation is too slow has patch open serhiy.storchaka   performance 24
5322 4 days ago Python 2.6 object.__new__ argument calling autodetection faulty has patch open aronacher serhiy.storchaka behavior 10
27779 4 days ago Sync-up docstrings in C version of the the decimal module has patch open rhettinger skrah   15
28840 4 days ago IDLE: Document tk's long line display limitation open terry.reedy behavior 4
28851 4 days ago namedtuples field_names sequence preferred open peentoon rhettinger enhancement 2
18971 4 days ago Use argparse in the profile/cProfile modules has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
28839 4 days ago _PyFunction_FastCallDict(): replace PyTuple_New() with PyMem_Malloc() has patch open haypo   performance 13
28699 4 days ago Imap from ThreadPool behaves unexpectedly has patch open lev-veshnyakov davin behavior 13
17490 4 days ago Improve ast.literal_eval test suite coverage has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 12
28755 4 days ago Rework syntax highlighing in howto/clinic.rst has patch open mdk docs@python   4
28833 4 days ago cross compilation of third-party extension modules has patch open xdegaye xdegaye behavior 11
26483 4 days ago docs unclear on difference between str.isdigit() and str.isdecimal() has patch open ethan.furman docs@python enhancement 11
28728 5 days ago test_host_resolution in test_socket fails has patch open SilentGhost   behavior 15
28848 5 days ago Add CopyingMock to has patch open wim.glenn     2
28841 5 days ago urlparse.urlparse() parses invalid URI without generating an error (examples provided) open amrith   behavior 8
28837 5 days ago 2to3 does not wrap zip correctly open cvk   behavior 1
28820 5 days ago Typo in section 6 of the Python 3.4 documentation has patch open Rares Aioanei docs@python enhancement 10
28815 5 days ago test_socket fails if /proc/modules is existent but not readable has patch open patrila   behavior 2
28771 5 days ago Update documented signatures of tp_get/setattr has patch open martin.panter docs@python   4
20185 5 days ago Derby #17: Convert 49 sites to Argument Clinic across 13 files has patch open larry   enhancement 41
28742 5 days ago argparse.ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter sometimes provides inaccurate documentation of defaults, so they should be overrideable open pde   enhancement 5
28791 5 days ago update sqlite to 3.15.2 open Big Stone     5
28842 5 days ago PyInstanceMethod_Type isn't hashable open wolever   behavior 2
22039 5 days ago PyObject_SetAttr doesn't mention value = NULL open pitrou docs@python behavior 3
28832 5 days ago Reduce memset in dict creation has patch open inada.naoki inada.naoki performance 7
27142 6 days ago Default int value with xmlrpclib / xmlrpc.client open julienc   enhancement 3
20215 6 days ago socketserver.TCPServer can not listen IPv6 address has patch open dazhaoyu   enhancement 13
15533 6 days ago subprocess.Popen(cwd) documentation has patch open chris.jerdonek chris.jerdonek behavior 34
28795 6 days ago Misleading stating, that SIGINT handler is installed by default has patch open Jan Veleck√Ĺ docs@python behavior 4
25750 6 days ago tp_descr_get(self, obj, type) is called without owning a reference to "self" has patch open jdemeyer serhiy.storchaka crash 5
20612 6 days ago cElementTree has problems with StringIO object containing unicode content pending amcone   behavior 3
28663 6 days ago Higher virtual memory usage on recent Linux versions open Valentin.Lorentz     8
28822 6 days ago Fix indices handling in PyUnicode_FindChar has patch open xiang.zhang   behavior 9
26273 6 days ago Expose TCP_CONGESTION and TCP_USER_TIMEOUT to the socket module has patch open Omar Sandoval   enhancement 13
14845 6 days ago list(<generator expression>) != [<list comprehension>] open Peter.Norvig   behavior 11
28441 6 days ago Change sys.executable to include executable suffix has patch open erik.bray   behavior 7
28818 7 days ago simplify lookdict functions has patch open inada.naoki   enhancement 4
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