ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
17942 3 days ago IDLE Debugger: Improve GUI open terry.reedy   enhancement 4
9262 3 days ago IDLE: Use tabbed shell and edit windows has patch open terry.reedy   enhancement 10
24913 3 days ago deque.index() overruns deque boundary has patch open JohnLeitch larry security 9
24294 4 days ago DeprecationWarnings should be visible by default in the interactive REPL has patch open njs   enhancement 31
24940 4 days ago RotatingFileHandler uses tell in non-binary mode to determine size of the file in bytes open Ilya.Kulakov     1
24920 4 days ago shutil.get_terminal_size throws AttributeError open Isaac Levy   crash 4
18383 4 days ago test_warnings modifies warnings.filters when running with "-W default" has patch open flox berker.peksag behavior 21
24911 4 days ago Context manager of socket.socket is not documented open zodalahtathi docs@python enhancement 2
23183 4 days ago timeit CLI best of 3: undocumented output format has patch open hachat docs@python enhancement 2
23597 4 days ago Allow easy display of local variables in log messages? open ncoghlan     2
23144 4 days ago html.parser.HTMLParser: setting 'convert_charrefs = True' leads to dropped text has patch open xkjq ezio.melotti behavior 10
24937 4 days ago Multiple problems in getters & setters in capsulethunk.h has patch open encukou docs@python   4
24927 4 days ago multiprocessing.Pool hangs forever on segfault has patch open Jonas Obrist   behavior 3
24929 4 days ago _strptime.TimeRE should not enforce range in regex open Steve Yeung   behavior 3
24936 4 days ago Idle: handle 'raise' properly when running with subprocess (2.7) open terry.reedy   behavior 1
24935 4 days ago LDSHARED is not set according when CC is set. open yunlian   behavior 2
24932 4 days ago Migrate _testembed to a C unit testing library open ncoghlan   enhancement 2
10466 5 days ago resetlocale throws exception on Windows (getdefaultlocale returns value not usable in setlocale) open skoczian   behavior 15
24928 5 days ago mock.patch.dict spoils order of items in collections.OrderedDict open Alexander Oblovatniy   behavior 4
14534 5 days ago Add means to mark unittest.TestCases as "do not load". has patch open r.david.murray michael.foord enhancement 41
24902 5 days ago http.server: on startup, show host/port as URL has patch open fxkr   enhancement 5
10740 5 days ago sqlite3 module breaks transactions and potentially corrupts data has patch open scott.urban ghaering enhancement 50
24931 5 days ago _asdict breaks when inheriting from a namedtuple has patch open Samuel Isaacson rhettinger behavior 3
24930 5 days ago test_ssl broker was fixed has patch open marcosptf   crash 4
24844 5 days ago Python 3.5rc1 compilation error with Apple clang 4.2 included with Xcode 4 open dabeaz   compile error 6
16123 5 days ago IDLE - deprecate running without a subprocess has patch open roger.serwy   enhancement 24
19469 5 days ago Duplicate namespace package portions (but not on Windows) pending eric.snow   behavior 6
24925 5 days ago Allow doctest to find line number of __test__ strings if formatted as a triple quoted string. has patch open r.david.murray   behavior 1
24924 5 days ago _posixsubprocess.c: sysconf() might not be async-signal-safe open jwilk     1
24872 5 days ago Add /NODEFAULTLIB:MSVCRT to _msvccompiler open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 21
24923 5 days ago Append system paths in instead of prepending has patch open christopher.hogan   behavior 1
24907 5 days ago Module location load order is not respected if pkg_resources is imported and a namespace is declared open Vadim Kantorov     5
24922 5 days ago assertWarnsRegex doesn't allow multiple warning messages open sleepycal   behavior 1
16379 6 days ago SQLite error code not exposed to python has patch open torsten ghaering enhancement 9
24193 6 days ago Make LOGGING_FORMAT of assertLogs configurable open berker.peksag   enhancement 4
24055 6 days ago unittest package-level set up & tear down module open demian.brecht   enhancement 2
17908 6 days ago Unittest runner needs an option to call gc.collect() after each test open gvanrossum   enhancement 16
24168 6 days ago Unittest discover fails with namespace package if the path contains the string same as the module name open toshishige hagihara   behavior 4
24917 6 days ago time_strftime() Buffer Over-read has patch open JohnLeitch   security 1
20851 6 days ago Update devguide to cover testing from a tarball open brett.cannon   enhancement 7
24918 6 days ago Docs layout bug open reag docs@python behavior 2
19065 6 days ago sqlite3 timestamp adapter chokes on timezones has patch open acdha ghaering crash 8
8987 6 days ago Distutils doesn't quote Windows command lines properly has patch open mgiuca   behavior 18
22140 7 days ago "python-config --includes" returns a wrong path (double prefix) open Michael.Dussere   behavior 4
23972 7 days ago Asyncio reuseport has patch open Boris.FELD   behavior 6
4709 7 days ago Mingw-w64 and python on windows x64 has patch open cdavid loewis compile error 38
24916 7 days ago In sysconfig, don't rely on sys.version format has patch open takluyver     1
24848 1 week ago Warts in UTF-7 error handling has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
24909 1 week ago Windows: subprocess.Popen: race condition for leaking inheritable handles has patch open Adam Meily   behavior 8
24910 1 week ago Windows MSIs don't have unique display names open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 1
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