ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
29533 yesterday urllib2 works slowly with proxy on windows has patch open juliadolgova   performance 10
29601 yesterday Need reST markup for enum types open barry docs@python   3
29540 2 days ago Add compact=True flag to json.dump/dumps has PR open Alex Gordon bob.ippolito enhancement 15
23655 2 days ago Memory corruption using pickle over pipe to subprocess pending nagle   behavior 8
29442 2 days ago Replace optparse with argparse in has PR open Chi Hsuan Yen   enhancement 14
13566 2 days ago Increase pickle compatibility has patch open sbt serhiy.storchaka enhancement 15
24159 2 days ago Misleading TypeError when pickling bytes to a file opened as text open jason.coombs   enhancement 2
29573 2 days ago NamedTemporaryFile with delete=True should not fail if file already deleted has PR open richardxia   behavior 3
9267 2 days ago Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open belopolsky docs@python enhancement 4
21401 2 days ago python2 -3 does not warn about str/unicode to bytes conversions and comparisons has patch pending Joshua.J.Cogliati     12
26959 2 days ago pickle: respect dispatch for functions again has patch open torkve   enhancement 5
14336 2 days ago Difference between pickle implementations for function objects pending sbt   behavior 3
14124 2 days ago _pickle.c comment/documentation improvement has patch pending valhallasw docs@python enhancement 3
18400 2 days ago Minor increase to Pickle test coverage has patch pending davidsackett   enhancement 2
29594 2 days ago implementation of __or__ in open magu   enhancement 4
28754 2 days ago Argument Clinic for bisect.bisect_left has patch has PR open mdk rhettinger   50
24339 2 days ago iso6937 encoding missing open John Helour serhiy.storchaka enhancement 24
29559 2 days ago Detect mouse over lines on canvas while mouse button is down open Ted Shaneyfelt2   enhancement 1
28886 2 days ago Move deprecated abc module decorators to separate section in docs has patch has PR open John Hagen docs@python enhancement 3
29574 2 days ago python-3.6.0.tgz permissions borked open Dave_Anderson     3
29553 2 days ago Argparser does not display closing parentheses in nested mutex groups has PR open christofsteel bethard behavior 8
12680 2 days ago cPickle.loads is not thread safe due to non-thread-safe imports open Sagiv.Malihi   behavior 5
29600 2 days ago Returning an exception object from a coroutine triggers implicit exception chaining?!? open njs     1
7438 2 days ago Allow to use a part of subprocess module during building Python has patch open Arfrever   behavior 2
15317 2 days ago Source installation sets incorrect permissions for pending tpievila   behavior 4
16285 2 days ago Update urllib quoting to RFC 3986 has patch has PR open Matteo.Parrucci   enhancement 5
13691 2 days ago pydoc help (or help('help')) should show the doc for help has patch has PR open Devin Jeanpierre merwok behavior 24
29514 2 days ago Add a test case that prevents magic number changes in minor releases has PR open ncoghlan     36
26128 2 days ago Let the subprocess.STARTUPINFO constructor take arguments has PR open cool-RR   enhancement 3
29537 2 days ago Alternative fix for BUILD_MAP_UNPACK_WITH_CALL opcode in 3.5 has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka     3
29526 2 days ago Documenting format() function has PR open   enhancement 8
29521 2 days ago Minor warning messages when compiling documentation has PR open JDLH docs@python compile error 14
29110 3 days ago [patch] Fix file object leak in `` when given invalid AIFF file. has patch has PR open azhang serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
28624 3 days ago Make the `cwd` argument to `subprocess.Popen` accept a `PathLike` has PR open cool-RR   enhancement 1
11924 3 days ago Pickle and copyreg modules don't document the interface open jcea docs@python   2
20823 3 days ago Clarify copyreg.pickle() documentation has patch open peter.otten docs@python behavior 2
27635 3 days ago pickle documentation says that unpickling may not call __new__ open july docs@python behavior 1
18423 3 days ago Document limitations on -m has PR open acooke docs@python enhancement 2
24241 3 days ago webbrowser default browser detection and/or public API for _trylist. has patch has PR open daves   enhancement 7
23384 3 days ago urllib.proxy_bypass_registry slow down under Windows if website has no reverse DNS and Fiddler is runing open aristotel     1
25452 3 days ago Add __bool__() method to subprocess.CompletedProcess has patch open conqp   enhancement 10
29506 3 days ago Incorrect documentation for the copy module has PR open pgacv2 docs@python   9
22702 3 days ago to improve documentation for join() (str method) has PR open vy0123 rhettinger enhancement 6
28866 3 days ago Type cache is not correctly invalidated on a class defining mro() has patch open sjpalt   crash 12
16011 3 days ago "in" should be consistent with return value of __contains__ has PR open nparikh docs@python behavior 15
28087 3 days ago macOS 12 poll syscall returns prematurely has patch open MicroTransactionsMatterToo     12
27470 3 days ago -3 commandline option documented differently via man has PR open mgilson docs@python behavior 1
19180 3 days ago some RFC references could be updated has PR open georg.brandl docs@python enhancement 3
21056 3 days ago csv documentation is incorrect has PR open NRGunby docs@python behavior 3
29556 3 days ago Remove unused #include <langinfo.h> has PR open Chi Hsuan Yen   enhancement 3
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