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31153 1 week ago Update docstrings of itertools functions has PR open serhiy.storchaka rhettinger enhancement 1
31155 1 week ago Encode set, frozenset, bytearray, and iterators as json arrays has PR open javenoneal bob.ippolito enhancement 1
31163 1 week ago Return destination path in Path.rename and Path.replace open albertogomcas docs@python enhancement 2
31162 1 week ago urllib.request.urlopen error open   behavior 2
31082 1 week ago reduce takes iterable, not just sequence open Stefan Pochmann docs@python enhancement 5
30491 1 week ago Add a lightweight mechanism for detecting un-awaited coroutine objects open njs     1
26656 1 week ago Documentation for re.compile is a bit outdated open Sworddragon docs@python enhancement 9
27869 1 week ago test failures under Bash on Windows / WSL open brett.cannon   behavior 7
20844 1 week ago SyntaxError: encoding problem: iso-8859-1 on Windows open miwa   behavior 13
26350 1 week ago Windows: signal doc should state certains signals can't be registered open giampaolo.rodola     4
31113 1 week ago Stack overflow with large program has PR open Wheerd   crash 19
31146 1 week ago Docs: On non-public translations, language picker fallback to "English" open mdk docs@python enhancement 1
31145 1 week ago PriorityQueue.put() fails with TypeError if priority_number in tuples of (priority_number, data) are the same. open MikoĊ‚aj Babiak rhettinger enhancement 2
31144 1 week ago add initializer to concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor open nvdv   enhancement 1
31123 1 week ago fnmatch does not follow Unix fnmatch functionality open Varun Agrawal   enhancement 5
31140 1 week ago Insufficient error message with incorrect formated string literal open chris.259263   behavior 4
25910 1 week ago Fixing links in documentation has patch has PR open SilentGhost docs@python   39
31137 1 week ago Add a path attribute to NamedTemporaryFile open wsanchez   enhancement 2
29910 1 week ago Ctrl-D eats a character on IDLE has PR open serhiy.storchaka terry.reedy behavior 12
31139 1 week ago Improve tracemalloc demo code in docs has PR open louielu docs@python enhancement 1
29400 1 week ago Add instruction level tracing via sys.settrace has patch open gwk   enhancement 19
30701 1 week ago Exception parsing certain invalid email address headers open timb07   behavior 3
30988 1 week ago Exception parsing invalid email address headers starting or ending with dot has PR open timb07   behavior 1
30681 1 week ago email.utils.parsedate_to_datetime() should return None when date cannot be parsed has PR open timb07   behavior 9
29432 1 week ago wait_for(gather(...)) logs weird error message has PR open Martin.Teichmann   behavior 4
27755 1 week ago Retire DynOptionMenu with a ttk Combobox has patch open jfoo terry.reedy enhancement 15
31132 1 week ago test_prlimit from test_resource fails when building python3 inside systemd-nspawn environment open cstratak     3
30717 1 week ago Add unicode grapheme cluster break algorithm has PR open Guillaume Sanchez   enhancement 20
28414 1 week ago SSL match_hostname fails for internationalized domain names has PR open abracadaber christian.heimes enhancement 14
31131 1 week ago asyncio.wait_for() TimeoutError doesn't provide full traceback open chris.jerdonek   behavior 1
31120 1 week ago [2.7] Python 64 bit _ssl compile fails due missing buildinf_amd64.h has patch open hirenvadalia zach.ware compile error 3
30082 1 week ago hide command prompt when using subprocess.Popen with shell=False on Windows has PR open iMath   enhancement 2
29555 1 week ago Update Python Software Foundation Copyright Year has patch open orsenthil docs@python   3
29427 1 week ago Option to skip padding for base64 urlsafe encoding/decoding open Thorney   behavior 3
31128 1 week ago Allow pydoc to run with an arbitrary hostname has PR open feanil docs@python enhancement 1
5996 1 week ago abstract class instantiable when subclassing dict has patch open thet   behavior 15
30450 1 week ago Pull Windows dependencies from GitHub rather than has PR open zach.ware steve.dower resource usage 44
31119 1 week ago Signal tripped flags need memory barriers open njs   behavior 7
31121 1 week ago Unable to exit pdb when script becomes invalid open jason.coombs     1
31122 1 week ago SSLContext.wrap_socket() throws OSError with errno == 0 open nikratio christian.heimes behavior 3
31103 1 week ago Windows Installer Product does not include micro version in display name open Markus Kramer   enhancement 11
31100 1 week ago unable to open python on Windows open Kenneth Griffin   crash 3
9674 1 week ago make install DESTDIR=/home/blah fails when the prefix specified is / has patch open mailtome merwok behavior 19
31114 1 week ago 'make install' fails when exec_prefix is '/' and DESTDIR not empty open xdegaye   behavior 2
31115 1 week ago Py3.6 threading/reference counting issues with `numexpr` open Robert McLeod   crash 3
31108 1 week ago add __contains__ for list_iterator (and others) for better performance has PR open sir-sigurd   enhancement 4
23702 2 weeks ago still refers to "unbound methods" open pfalcon rhettinger behavior 7
26618 2 weeks ago _overlapped extension module of asyncio uses deprecated WSAStringToAddressA() function open haypo     2
31118 2 weeks ago Make super() work with staticmethod by using __class__ for both arguments to super() open ashwch   enhancement 1
31012 2 weeks ago suggestion: allow termination argument in argparse to be specified as argument open Leon Avery   enhancement 5
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