ID Activity Title Status
5626 1 month ago misleading comment in socket.gethostname() documentation open
1465646 2 months ago test_grp & test_pwd fail open
3111 2 months ago multiprocessing ppc Debian/ ia64 Ubuntu compilation error open
2276 2 months ago distutils out-of-date for runtime_library_dirs flag on OS X open
2263 3 months ago struct.pack() + numpy int raises SystemError open
3760 19 months ago PEP 3121 --- PyType_Copy is missing open
5233 25 months ago Enhance 2.7 IDLE to exec IDLESTARTUP/PYTHONSTARTUP on restart open
3824 29 months ago test_tarfile fails on cygwin (unicode decode error) open
5906 34 months ago Risk of confusion in multiprocessing module - daemonic processes open
2466 35 months ago os.path.ismount doesn't work for mounts the user doesn't have permission to see open
4735 36 months ago An error occurred during the installation of assembly open
5062 42 months ago Rlcompleter.Completer does not use __dir__ magic method open
4260 42 months ago ctypes.xFUNCTYPE are decorators. open
4573 43 months ago zsh-style subpattern matching for fnmatch/glob open
5862 44 months ago multiprocessing 'using a remote manager' example errors and possible 'from_address' code leftover open
4896 47 months ago Faster why variable manipulation in ceval.c open
3170 15 months ago test_pydoc has no way to regenerate pristine data open
5252 30 months ago 2to3 should detect and delete import of removed statvfs module open
6006 31 months ago ffi.c compile failures on AIX 5.3 with xlc open
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