ID Activity Title Status
2466 9 months ago os.path.ismount doesn't work for mounts the user doesn't have permission to see open
5062 9 months ago Rlcompleter.Completer does not use __dir__ magic method has patch open
1465646 11 months ago test_grp & test_pwd fail open
5626 13 months ago misleading comment in socket.gethostname() documentation has patch open
2263 15 months ago struct.pack() + numpy int raises SystemError open
3760 32 months ago PEP 3121 --- PyType_Copy is missing open
5906 47 months ago Risk of confusion in multiprocessing module - daemonic processes open
4260 54 months ago ctypes.xFUNCTYPE are decorators. open
4573 55 months ago zsh-style subpattern matching for fnmatch/glob has patch open
5252 42 months ago 2to3 should detect and delete import of removed statvfs module open
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