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release blocker
23020 1 week ago New matmul operator crashes modules compiled with CPython3.4 open
22634 2 months ago importing _ctypes failed: undefined symbol: ffi_call_win32 open
15993 2 months ago Windows: 3.3.0-rc2.msi: test_buffer fails has patch open
21354 3 months ago PyCFunction_New no longer exposed by python DLL breaking bdist_wininst installers has patch open
deferred blocker
18864 5 months ago Implementation for PEP 451 (importlib.machinery.ModuleSpec) has patch open
18257 9 months ago Two copies of python-config open
19698 4 days ago Implement _imp.exec_builtin and exec_dynamic open
2175 3 weeks ago Expat sax parser silently ignores the InputSource protocol has patch open
7511 2 months ago ValueError when trying to compile with VC Express has patch open
17180 3 months ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits has patch open
12623 6 months ago "universal newlines" subprocess support broken with select- and poll-based communicate() has patch open
20191 11 months ago resource.prlimit(int, int, str) crashs open
14499 14 months ago Extension module builds fail with Xcode 4.3 on OS X 10.7 due to SDK move open
17239 21 months ago XML vulnerabilities in Python has patch open
14799 26 months ago Tkinter ttk tests hang on linux open
18473 5 days ago some objects pickled by Python 3.x are not unpicklable in Python 2.x because of incorrect REVERSE_IMPORT_MAPPING has patch open
17128 7 days ago OS X system openssl deprecated - installer should build local libssl open
22935 1 week ago Disabling SSLv3 support has patch open
13153 1 week ago IDLE crashes when pasting non-BMP unicode char on Py3 has patch open
20204 3 weeks ago pydocs fails for some C implemented classes has patch open
19693 1 month ago "make altinstall && make install" behaviour differs from "make install" open
20160 1 month ago broken ctypes calling convention on MSVC / 64-bit Windows (large structs) has patch open
19884 1 month ago Importing readline produces erroneous output has patch open
20440 1 month ago Use Py_REPLACE/Py_XREPLACE macros has patch open
19217 1 month ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch open
3132 2 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open
6083 2 months ago Reference counting bug in PyArg_ParseTuple and PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords has patch open
3367 2 months ago Uninitialized value read in parsetok.c has patch open
9246 2 months ago os.getcwd() hardcodes max path len has patch open
7676 2 months ago IDLE shell shouldn't use TABs has patch open
1602 2 months ago windows console doesn't print or input Unicode has patch open
15661 3 months ago OS X installer packages should be signed for OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper feature open
15216 3 months ago Support setting the encoding on a text stream after creation has patch open
1508475 3 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open
2445 3 months ago Use The CygwinCCompiler Under Cygwin has patch open
1102 3 months ago Add support for _msi.Record.GetString() and _msi.Record.GetInteger() open
17797 4 months ago Visual C++ 11.0 reports fileno(stdin) == 0 for non-console program open
21827 4 months ago textwrap.dedent() fails when largest common whitespace is a substring of smallest leading whitespace has patch open
21084 4 months ago IDLE can't deal with characters above the range (U+0000-U+FFFF) has patch open
2091 4 months ago file accepts 'rU+' as a mode has patch open
20585 5 months ago urllib2 unrelease KQUEUE on Mac OSX 10.9+ open
2437 5 months ago Distutils runtime_library_dirs broken on Windows open
6377 5 months ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open
19681 5 months ago test_repr (test.test_functools.TestPartialC) failures has patch open
20562 5 months ago sqlite3 returns result set with doubled first entry open
12613 5 months ago itertools fixer fails has patch open
11352 6 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open
6926 6 months ago socket module missing IPPROTO_IPV6, IPPROTO_IPV4 open
20128 6 months ago Re-enable test_modules_search_builtin() in test_pydoc open
20154 6 months ago Deadlock in asyncio.StreamReader.readexactly() (fix applied, need unit test) open
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