ID Activity Title Status
release blocker
16041 1 month ago poplib: unlimited readline() from connection has patch open
22634 1 month ago importing _ctypes failed: undefined symbol: ffi_call_win32 open
15993 1 month ago Windows: 3.3.0-rc2.msi: test_buffer fails has patch open
16042 1 month ago smtplib: unlimited readline() from connection has patch open
21354 2 months ago PyCFunction_New no longer exposed by python DLL breaking bdist_wininst installers has patch open
16043 8 months ago xmlrpc: gzip_decode has unlimited read() has patch open
deferred blocker
18864 4 months ago Implementation for PEP 451 (importlib.machinery.ModuleSpec) has patch open
18257 8 months ago Two copies of python-config open
2175 3 days ago Expat sax parser silently ignores the InputSource protocol has patch open
7511 1 month ago ValueError when trying to compile with VC Express has patch open
17180 3 months ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits has patch open
12623 5 months ago "universal newlines" subprocess support broken with select- and poll-based communicate() has patch open
20191 10 months ago resource.prlimit(int, int, str) crashs open
19698 11 months ago Implement _imp.exec_builtin and exec_dynamic open
14499 13 months ago Extension module builds fail with Xcode 4.3 on OS X 10.7 due to SDK move open
17239 20 months ago XML vulnerabilities in Python has patch open
14799 25 months ago Tkinter ttk tests hang on linux open
20204 12 hours ago pydocs fails for some C implemented classes has patch open
19693 6 days ago "make altinstall && make install" behaviour differs from "make install" open
18473 1 week ago some objects pickled by Python 3.x are not unpicklable in Python 2.x because of incorrect REVERSE_IMPORT_MAPPING has patch open
20160 2 weeks ago broken ctypes calling convention on MSVC / 64-bit Windows (large structs) has patch open
19884 3 weeks ago Importing readline produces erroneous output has patch open
22609 3 weeks ago Constructors of some mapping classes don't accept `self` keyword argument has patch open
20440 3 weeks ago Use Py_REPLACE/Py_XREPLACE macros has patch open
19217 1 month ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch open
3132 1 month ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open
6083 1 month ago Reference counting bug in PyArg_ParseTuple and PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords has patch open
3367 1 month ago Uninitialized value read in parsetok.c has patch open
9246 1 month ago os.getcwd() hardcodes max path len has patch open
7676 1 month ago IDLE shell shouldn't use TABs has patch open
1602 1 month ago windows console doesn't print or input Unicode has patch open
15661 2 months ago OS X installer packages should be signed for OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper feature open
15216 2 months ago Support setting the encoding on a text stream after creation has patch open
1508475 2 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open
2445 2 months ago Use The CygwinCCompiler Under Cygwin has patch open
1102 2 months ago Add support for _msi.Record.GetString() and _msi.Record.GetInteger() open
17797 3 months ago Visual C++ 11.0 reports fileno(stdin) == 0 for non-console program open
21827 3 months ago textwrap.dedent() fails when largest common whitespace is a substring of smallest leading whitespace has patch open
21084 4 months ago IDLE can't deal with characters above the range (U+0000-U+FFFF) has patch open
2091 4 months ago file accepts 'rU+' as a mode has patch open
20585 4 months ago urllib2 unrelease KQUEUE on Mac OSX 10.9+ open
2437 4 months ago Distutils runtime_library_dirs broken on Windows open
6377 4 months ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open
19681 5 months ago test_repr (test.test_functools.TestPartialC) failures has patch open
20562 5 months ago sqlite3 returns result set with doubled first entry open
12613 5 months ago itertools fixer fails has patch open
11352 5 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open
6926 5 months ago socket module missing IPPROTO_IPV6, IPPROTO_IPV4 open
20128 5 months ago Re-enable test_modules_search_builtin() in test_pydoc open
20154 5 months ago Deadlock in asyncio.StreamReader.readexactly() (fix applied, need unit test) open
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