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release blocker
21109 yesterday tarfile: Traversal attack vulnerability open
21088 1 week ago curses addch() argument position reverses in Python3.4.0 open
6623 1 week ago Lib/ Netrc class should be removed. open
19279 3 weeks ago UTF-7 to UTF-8 decoding crash open
18709 4 weeks ago SSL module fails to handle NULL bytes inside subjectAltNames general names (CVE-2013-4238) open
16042 1 month ago smtplib: unlimited readline() from connection open
16038 1 month ago ftplib: unlimited readline() from connection open
16043 1 month ago xmlrpc: gzip_decode has unlimited read() open
18747 1 month ago Re-seed OpenSSL's PRNG after fork open
16037 1 month ago httplib: header parsing is unlimited open
17997 2 months ago ssl.match_hostname(): sub string wildcard should not match IDNA prefix open
16041 5 months ago poplib: unlimited readline() from connection open
16040 5 months ago nntplib: unlimited readline() from connection open
deferred blocker
18864 3 weeks ago Implementation for PEP 451 (importlib.machinery.ModuleSpec) open
16123 1 month ago IDLE - deprecate running without a subprocess open
18257 1 month ago Two copies of python-config open
7511 2 days ago ValueError when trying to compile with VC Express open
2175 2 months ago Expat sax parser silently ignores the InputSource protocol open
20191 3 months ago resource.prlimit(int, int, str) crashs open
19698 4 months ago Implement _imp.exec_builtin and exec_dynamic open
14499 6 months ago Extension module builds fail with Xcode 4.3 on OS X 10.7 due to SDK move open
17180 10 months ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits open
17239 13 months ago XML vulnerabilities in Python open
14799 18 months ago Tkinter ttk tests hang on linux open
12623 20 months ago "universal newlines" subprocess support broken with select- and poll-based communicate() open
20560 2 days ago tkFileFilter.c: ostypeCount not initialized? open
20585 4 days ago urllib2 unrelease KQUEUE on Mac OSX 10.9+ open
21121 5 days ago -Werror=declaration-after-statement is added even for extension modules through open
19217 1 week ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long open
21069 1 week ago test_fileno of test_urllibnet intermittently fails when using open
20939 1 week ago test_geturl of test_urllibnet fails with '' != '' open
20128 1 week ago Re-enable test_modules_search_builtin() in test_pydoc open
1100942 2 weeks ago Add datetime.time.strptime and open
20767 3 weeks ago Some python extensions can't be compiled with clang 3.4 open
17128 1 month ago OS X system openssl deprecated - installer should build local libssl open
11352 1 month ago Update cgi module doc open
1508475 1 month ago transparent gzip compression in urllib open
20440 1 month ago Use Py_REPLACE/Py_XREPLACE macros open
13212 1 month ago json library is decoding/encoding when it should not open
20746 1 month ago test_pdb fails in refleak mode open
20154 1 month ago Deadlock in asyncio.StreamReader.readexactly() (fix applied, need unit test) open
19292 1 month ago Make SSLContext.set_default_verify_paths() work on Windows open
14302 1 month ago Rename Scripts directory to bin and move python.exe to bin open
20167 1 month ago Exception on IDLE closing open
20745 1 month ago test_statistics fails in refleak mode open
20753 1 month ago disable test_robotparser test that uses an invalid URL open
19081 2 months ago zipimport behaves badly when the zip file changes while the process is running open
13153 2 months ago IDLE crashes when pasting non-BMP unicode char on Py3 open
20476 2 months ago If new email policies are used, default message factory should be EmailMessage open
20386 2 months ago socket.SocketType enum overwrites import of _socket.SocketType open
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