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27405 an hour ago Ability to trace Tcl commands executed by Tkinter has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 7
17128 2 hours ago OS X system openssl deprecated - installer should build local libssl open ned.deily ned.deily   33
26885 2 hours ago Add parsing support for more types in xmlrpc has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
27427 2 hours ago Add new math module tests has patch open franciscouzo     1
27173 2 hours ago Modern Unix key bindings for IDLE has patch open serhiy.storchaka terry.reedy enhancement 21
27213 3 hours ago Rework CALL_FUNCTION* opcodes has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 13
27436 4 hours ago Strange code in selectors.KqueueSelector open dabeaz   enhancement 8
27437 4 hours ago IDLE tests must be able to set user configuration values. open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 3
27434 6 hours ago cross-building python 3.6 with an older interpreter fails has patch open xdegaye   behavior 3
27285 7 hours ago Document the deprecation of pyvenv in favor of `python3 -m venv` has patch open stevepiercy brett.cannon enhancement 14
22724 9 hours ago byte-compile fails for cross-builds has patch open Benedikt.Morbach   compile error 6
26765 9 hours ago Factor out common bytes and bytearray implementation has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 11
27435 9 hours ago ctypes and AIX - also for 2.7.X (and later) open aixtools@gmail.com     1
27424 10 hours ago Failures in test.test_logging open ebarry   behavior 3
27432 10 hours ago Unittest truncating of error message not works open Camilla Ke   enhancement 2
27413 10 hours ago Add an option to json.tool to bypass non-ASCII characters. has patch open Wei-Cheng.Pan   enhancement 7
26137 11 hours ago [idea] use the Microsoft Antimalware Scan Interface open Alexander Riccio steve.dower enhancement 16
27417 11 hours ago Call CoInitializeEx on startup open steve.dower steve.dower enhancement 19
26110 11 hours ago Speedup method calls 1.2x has patch open yselivanov yselivanov performance 11
27425 11 hours ago Tests fail because of git's newline preferences on Windows open ebarry   behavior 4
26984 11 hours ago int() can return not exact int instance has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
22928 12 hours ago HTTP header injection in urrlib2/urllib/httplib/http.client (CVE-2016-5699) has patch open Guido georg.brandl security 22
27429 yesterday xml.sax.saxutils.escape doesn't escape multiple characters safely open tylerjohnhughes   behavior 1
27423 yesterday Failed assertions when running test.test_os on Windows has patch open ebarry   crash 5
26665 yesterday pip is not bootstrapped by default on 2.7 open Axel docs@python enhancement 2
27428 yesterday Document WindowsRegistryFinder inherits from MetaPathFinder open brett.cannon docs@python   1
24379 yesterday Add operator.subscript as a convenience for creating slices has patch open llllllllll   enhancement 41
26075 yesterday typing.Union unifies types too broadly open alex.gronholm   behavior 2
25830 yesterday _TypeAlias: Discrepancy between docstring and behavior open flying sheep   behavior 3
26477 yesterday typing forward references and module attributes open mjpieters     6
26696 yesterday Document collections.abc.ByteString has patch open brett.cannon brett.cannon   2
26141 yesterday typing module documentation incomplete open Ben.Darnell docs@python enhancement 2
25958 yesterday Implicit ABCs have no means of "anti-registration" has patch open abarnert   enhancement 37
23951 yesterday Update devguide style to use a similar theme as Docs has patch open willingc   enhancement 7
27415 yesterday BaseEventLoop.create_server does not accept port=None open mcobden   behavior 2
16142 yesterday ArgumentParser inconsistent with parse_known_args has patch open idank   behavior 9
27422 yesterday Deadlock when mixing threading and multiprocessing open Martin Ritter   crash 4
26226 yesterday Test failures with non-ascii character in hostname on Windows open ebarry   behavior 15
27426 yesterday Encoding mismatch causes some tests to fail on Windows open ebarry   behavior 1
26894 yesterday Readline not aborting line edition on sigint open memeplex   behavior 3
23794 yesterday http package should support HTTP/2 open alex   enhancement 11
27420 yesterday Docs for os.link - say what happens if link already exists open python-bugs-uit docs@python enhancement 1
27419 yesterday Bugs in PyImport_ImportModuleLevelObject has patch open serhiy.storchaka   crash 2
1732367 yesterday Document the constants in the socket module has patch open sonderblade georg.brandl enhancement 11
27392 2 days ago Add a server_side keyword parameter to create_connection open j1m   enhancement 16
27386 2 days ago Asyncio server hang when clients connect and immediately disconnect open j1m   behavior 18
27363 2 days ago Complex numbers with negative zero imaginary parts do not roundtrip properly open Vedran.Čačić   behavior 14
27410 2 days ago DLL hijacking vulnerability in Python 3.5.2 installer open anandbhat   security 3
26988 2 days ago Add AutoNumberedEnum to stdlib open John Hagen   enhancement 7
27391 2 days ago server_hostname should only be required when checking host names open j1m   behavior 11
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