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28754 1 minute ago Argument Clinic for bisect.bisect_left has patch open mdk rhettinger   44
28933 2 minutes ago AC: Accept None as a Py_ssize_t default value has patch open mdk     4
16737 1/4 hour ago Different behaviours in script run directly and via runpy.run_module open vinay.sajip   behavior 11
25711 1/2 an hour ago Rewrite zipimport from scratch has patch open brett.cannon   enhancement 13
28931 3/4 hours ago urllib ignores FTP 226 response, breaking further FTP requests has patch open Ivan.Pozdeev   behavior 2
28424 3/4 hours ago pkgutil.get_data() doesn't work with namespace packages has patch open dgreiman docs@python behavior 6
28924 3/4 hours ago Inline PyEval_EvalFrameEx() in callers has patch open haypo   performance 2
28929 3/4 hours ago Provide a link from documentation back to its source file open brett.cannon docs@python enhancement 4
28935 1 1/2 hours ago distutils use ConfigParser in Python 3.x and fails to parse setup.cfg with percent sign has patch open noirbizarre   crash 1
28934 3 hours ago _mboxMMDF#get_message should delegate to get_bytes open bpoaugust   enhancement 1
28932 3 hours ago Fail compile Python 3.6.0rc1 on OpenBSD 6.0 open shadchin   compile error 1
28849 4 hours ago do not define sys.implementation._multiarch on Android has patch open xdegaye xdegaye behavior 6
28918 4 hours ago cross compiling xxlimited fails with "Py_LIMITED_API is incompatible with Py_DEBUG" has patch open xdegaye xdegaye behavior 4
5322 6 hours ago Python 2.6 object.__new__ argument calling autodetection faulty has patch open aronacher serhiy.storchaka behavior 15
14156 6 hours ago argparse.FileType for '-' doesn't work for a mode of 'rb' has patch open anacrolix   behavior 13
28815 7 hours ago test_socket fails if /proc/modules is existent but not readable has patch open patrila   behavior 3
28190 8 hours ago Cross-build _curses failed if host ncurses headers and target ncurses headers have different layouts has patch open Chi Hsuan Yen xdegaye compile error 16
28930 9 hours ago bytes_methods.c won't recompile if related stringlib/* changed has patch open xiang.zhang xiang.zhang   5
25677 10 hours ago Syntax error caret confused by indentation has patch open mystor serhiy.storchaka behavior 22
20211 10 hours ago setup.py: do not add system header locations when cross compiling has patch open thomas-petazzoni xdegaye compile error 9
26483 12 hours ago docs unclear on difference between str.isdigit() and str.isdecimal() has patch open ethan.furman martin.panter enhancement 12
28916 yesterday Not matched behavior of modulo operator % with the description of the documentation has patch open woo yoo martin.panter behavior 5
28928 yesterday IDLE crashes when opening .py file from Finder pending wkdewey   crash 2
1446619 yesterday extended slice behavior inconsistent with docs has patch open bethard docs@python behavior 10
28753 yesterday Clinic: Converting Your First Function is not up to date has patch open mdk docs@python enhancement 12
28091 yesterday Document PEP 525 has patch open yselivanov yselivanov enhancement 13
28912 yesterday collections.abc.OrderedMapping has patch open jab rhettinger enhancement 4
28927 yesterday bytes.fromhex should ignore all whitespace has patch open nneonneo   enhancement 3
28882 yesterday Slice confusing with negative stop and strides and the 0th element. open hardkrash docs@python   6
28926 yesterday subprocess.Popen + Sqlalchemy doesn't wait for process open s1113950   behavior 1
28925 yesterday Confusing exception from cPickle on reduce failure open raoul_gough_baml serhiy.storchaka behavior 1
28921 yesterday Make str.count one character for latin1 string faster has patch open xiang.zhang   enhancement 4
27584 yesterday New addition of vSockets to the python socket module has patch open Cathy Avery   enhancement 7
25458 yesterday ftplib: command response shift - mismatch open peterpan   behavior 9
28923 yesterday Nonexisting encoding specified in Tix.py has patch open Ivan.Pozdeev   compile error 1
20185 yesterday Derby #17: Convert 49 sites to Argument Clinic across 13 files has patch open larry   enhancement 42
27200 yesterday make doctest in CPython has failures has patch open Jelle Zijlstra   behavior 15
28920 yesterday Dangerous usage of "O" format string in _asynciomodule.c has patch open haypo     4
28919 yesterday Simplify `_copy_func_details` in unittest.mock has patch open Jiajun Huang   enhancement 0
28898 yesterday Can't compile gdb with Python 3.6 open cstratak ned.deily   8
28902 yesterday 3.6.0rc1 installer fails to install / uninstall. open Decorater   behavior 4
28914 yesterday selectmodule build fails has patch open sxsns243   compile error 3
23395 yesterday _thread.interrupt_main() errors if SIGINT handler in SIG_DFL, SIG_IGN has patch open takluyver   behavior 14
22294 yesterday 2to3 consuming_calls: len, min, max, zip, map, reduce, filter, dict, xrange has patch open eddygeek   enhancement 1
28874 yesterday test_logging fails and freezes open Whitequill Riclo   behavior 2
26267 yesterday UUID docs should say how to get "standard form" has patch open abarnert docs@python enhancement 13
28913 yesterday "Fatal Python error: Cannot recover from stack overflow." from RecursionError in Python 3.5 open Richard Eames   crash 1
28147 yesterday Unbounded memory growth resizing split-table dicts has patch open minrk   crash 32
28867 yesterday NamedTemporaryFile does not generate a ResourceWarning for unclosed files (unlike TemporaryFile) has patch open jdufresne   behavior 9
22343 yesterday Install bash activate script on Windows when using venv has patch open marfire   enhancement 5
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