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17909 1/4 hour ago Autodetecting JSON encoding has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 7
21085 3/4 hours ago compile error Python3.3 on Cygwin has patch open dellair.jie erik.bray compile error 32
27891 2 hours ago Consistently group and sort imports within idlelib modules. has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 5
27890 4 hours ago platform.release() incorrect in Python 3.5.2 on Windows 2008ServerR2 open James Domingo   behavior 2
11734 6 hours ago Add half-float (16-bit) support to struct module has patch open Eli.Stevens mark.dickinson enhancement 34
27879 7 hours ago add os.syncfs() open mmarkk   enhancement 3
21541 7 hours ago Provide configure option --with-ssl for compilation with custom openssl has patch open machyniak   enhancement 6
24254 7 hours ago Make class definition namespace ordered by default has patch open eric.snow eric.snow behavior 20
27892 8 hours ago Idlelib: document or move delayed imports open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 2
27889 8 hours ago ctypes interfers with signal handling open Andre Merzky   behavior 3
27350 9 hours ago Compact and ordered dict has patch open methane   resource usage 16
1602 yesterday windows console doesn't print or input Unicode has patch open mark steve.dower behavior 132
27888 yesterday Hide pip install/uninstall windows in setup has patch open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 2
26470 yesterday Make OpenSSL module compatible with OpenSSL 1.1.0 has patch open christian.heimes   security 18
27427 yesterday Add new math module tests has patch open franciscouzo mark.dickinson   2
26040 yesterday Improve coverage and rigour of test.test_math has patch open jeff.allen mark.dickinson behavior 15
27803 yesterday ctypes automatic byref failing on custom classes attributes open lepaperwan   enhancement 4
27877 yesterday Add recipe for "valueless" Enums to docs has patch open John Hagen ethan.furman enhancement 6
24045 yesterday Behavior of large returncodes (sys.exit(nn)) open ethan.furman docs@python   3
23831 yesterday tkinter canvas lacks of moveto method. open mps   enhancement 2
27761 yesterday Private _nth_root function loses accuracy open steven.daprano steven.daprano behavior 36
24052 yesterday sys.exit(code) returns "success" to the OS for some nonzero values of code open belopolsky   behavior 14
25969 yesterday Update lib2to3 grammar to include missing unpacking generalizations. open ezio.melotti   behavior 1
27886 yesterday Docs: the difference between rename and replace is not obvious open asvetlov docs@python behavior 5
27744 yesterday Add AF_ALG (Linux Kernel crypto) to socket module has patch open christian.heimes   enhancement 5
27051 yesterday Create PIP gui open upendra-k14   enhancement 55
27884 yesterday during 'make install', pre-existing site-packages residents are recompiled. Twice. open MattDMo     2
27883 yesterday sqlite-3.14.1 for Python_3.6.0b1 ? open Big Stone   enhancement 2
27881 2 days ago Fix possible bugs when setting sqlite3.Connection.isolation_level has patch open xiang.zhang serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
27413 2 days ago Add an option to json.tool to bypass non-ASCII characters. has patch open Wei-Cheng.Pan   enhancement 11
27078 2 days ago Make f'' strings faster than .format: BUILD_STRING opcode? has patch open ztane eric.smith performance 25
27867 2 days ago various issues due to misuse of PySlice_GetIndicesEx open tehybel   crash 7
26081 2 days ago Implement asyncio Future in C to improve performance has patch open yselivanov yselivanov performance 22
14376 2 days ago sys.exit documents argument as "integer" but actually requires "subtype of int" has patch open Gareth.Rees   behavior 19
27740 2 days ago Fix doc of Py_CompileStringExFlags has patch open xiang.zhang docs@python behavior 5
27414 2 days ago http.server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler inconsistence with Content-Length value has patch open m.xhonneux   enhancement 10
27880 2 days ago cPickle fails on large objects (still - 2011 and counting) open robert@smithpierce.net   behavior 1
12178 2 days ago csv writer doesn't escape escapechar has patch open ebreck   behavior 6
27875 2 days ago Syslogs /usr/sbin/foo as /foo instead of as foo open canvon   behavior 1
25847 2 days ago CPython not using Visual Studio code analysis! has patch open Alexander Riccio   enhancement 21
27425 2 days ago Tests fail because of git's newline preferences on Windows has patch open ebarry   behavior 9
27874 2 days ago inconsistent sys.path behavior when using PythonXX.zip open Joseph.Shen steve.dower behavior 7
27863 3 days ago multiple issues in _elementtree module open tehybel serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
27876 3 days ago Add SSLContext.set_version_range(minver, maxver=None) open christian.heimes   enhancement 1
25825 3 days ago AIX shared library extension modules installation broken open David.Edelsohn   behavior 17
26439 3 days ago ctypes.util.find_library fails when ldconfig/glibc not available (e.g., AIX) has patch open Michael.Felt   behavior 63
27827 3 days ago pathlib is_reserved fails for some reserved paths on Windows open eryksun   behavior 2
26638 3 days ago Avoid warnings about missing CLI options when building documentation has patch open martin.panter docs@python   14
27830 3 days ago Add _PyObject_FastCallKeywords(): avoid the creation of a temporary dictionary for keyword arguments has patch open haypo   performance 8
27873 3 days ago multiprocessing.pool.Pool.map should take more than one iterable open Jason Yu davin enhancement 3
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