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28253 13 minutes ago calendar.prcal(9999) output has a problem has patch open jiangping.li serhiy.storchaka behavior 26
28290 1/4 hour ago BETA report: Python-3.6 build messages to stderr: AIX and "not GCC" open Michael.Felt     1
28289 1/4 hour ago ImportError.__init__ doesn't reset not specified exception attributes open serhiy.storchaka     2
27777 1/2 an hour ago cgi.FieldStorage can't parse simple body with Content-Length and no Content-Disposition open rr-   behavior 6
27873 1/2 an hour ago multiprocessing.pool.Pool.map should take more than one iterable open Jason Yu davin enhancement 5
28283 1 1/2 hours ago test_sock_connect_sock_write_race() of test.test_asyncio.test_selector_events fails randomly on FreeBSD open haypo   behavior 4
28281 1 1/2 hours ago Remove year limits from calendar open belopolsky belopolsky enhancement 3
28247 1 3/4 hours ago Add an option to zipapp to produce a Windows executable open paul.moore paul.moore enhancement 6
28288 2 hours ago Expose environment variable for Py_Py3kWarningFlag open Roy Williams   behavior 1
28115 3 hours ago Use argparse for the zipfile module has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 8
28287 4 hours ago Refactor subprocess.Popen to let a subclass handle IO asynchronously has patch open martius   enhancement 1
28286 4 hours ago gzip guessing of mode is ambiguilous has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
27100 6 hours ago Attempting to use class with both __enter__ & __exit__ undefined yields __exit__ attribute error has patch open ellingtonjp rhettinger behavior 5
27683 6 hours ago ipaddress subnet slicing iterator malfunction has patch open tklausmann   behavior 11
27275 7 hours ago KeyError thrown by optimised collections.OrderedDict.popitem() has patch open kaniini   behavior 11
27572 8 hours ago Support bytes-like objects when base is given to int() has patch open xiang.zhang   enhancement 10
27411 8 hours ago Possible different behaviour of explicit and implicit __dict__ accessing when involving builtin types' __dict__ descriptors open xiang.zhang   behavior 2
27577 10 hours ago Make implementation and doc of tuple and list more compliant has patch open xiang.zhang rhettinger enhancement 8
24098 10 hours ago Multiple use after frees in obj2ast_* methods has patch open pkt   crash 8
28183 11 hours ago Clean up and speed up dict iteration has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka performance 17
27322 11 hours ago test_compile_path fails when python has been installed has patch open xdegaye   behavior 12
27838 11 hours ago test_os.test_chown() random failure on "AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT Debug 3.x" buildbot open haypo     7
28207 11 hours ago Use pkg-config to find dependencies open Santiago Castro   enhancement 15
26439 yesterday ctypes.util.find_library fails when ldconfig/glibc not available (e.g., AIX) has patch open Michael.Felt   behavior 69
28276 yesterday test_loading.py - false positive result for "def test_find" when find_library() is not functional or the (shared) library does not exist open Michael.Felt     3
28282 yesterday find_library("c") defers to find_msvcrt() open martin.panter docs@python   1
28147 yesterday Unbounded memory growth resizing split-table dicts has patch open minrk   crash 20
26650 yesterday calendar: OverflowErrors for year == 1 and firstweekday > 0 has patch open mjpieters belopolsky behavior 3
8957 yesterday strptime(.., '%c') fails to parse output of strftime('%c', ..) in some locales has patch open belopolsky   behavior 18
28279 yesterday setuptools failing to read from setup.cfg only in Python 3.6 open Roy Williams   behavior 1
27386 yesterday Asyncio server hang when clients connect and immediately disconnect open j1m yselivanov security 26
28222 yesterday test_distutils fails open xiang.zhang   behavior 2
27850 yesterday Remove 3DES from cipher list (sweet32 CVE-2016-2183) has patch open christian.heimes   security 40
28255 yesterday TextCalendar.prweek/month/year outputs an extra whitespace character has patch open xiang.zhang   behavior 5
28182 yesterday Expose OpenSSL verification results in SSLError has patch open Chi Hsuan Yen christian.heimes enhancement 12
27141 yesterday Fix collections.UserList shallow copy has patch open bar.harel rhettinger behavior 10
28280 yesterday Always return a list from PyMapping_Keys/PyMapping_Values/PyMapping_Items open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
28278 yesterday Make `weakref.WeakKeyDictionary.__repr__` meaningful open cool-RR   enhancement 2
23591 yesterday enum: Add Flags and IntFlags has patch open serhiy.storchaka ethan.furman enhancement 79
28190 yesterday Detect curses headers correctly for cross-compiling has patch open Chi Hsuan Yen   compile error 3
24933 yesterday socket.recv(size, MSG_TRUNC) returns more than size bytes open Andrey Wagin   behavior 7
18880 yesterday ssl.SSLSocket shutdown doesn't behave like socket.shutdown has patch open zielmicha   behavior 3
17305 yesterday IDNA2008 encoding missing open marten   enhancement 13
28272 yesterday a redundant check in maybe_small_long has patch open Oren Milman mark.dickinson enhancement 5
28277 yesterday ./Modules/_io/_iomodule.c build failure on AIX (beta1) while (a2) was fine. open Michael.Felt   compile error 3
28248 yesterday Upgrade installers to OpenSSL 1.0.2j open alex   security 3
25300 yesterday Enable Intel MPX (Memory protection Extensions) feature has patch open florin.papa   security 46
11957 yesterday re.sub confusion between count and flags args has patch open mindauga ezio.melotti enhancement 24
27998 yesterday Remove support of bytes paths in os.scandir() has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 10
23407 2 days ago os.walk always follows Windows junctions has patch open craigh   behavior 5
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