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22411 1/2 an hour ago Embedding Python on Windows open Joakim.Karlsson   compile error 1
22408 1/2 an hour ago Tkinter doesn't handle Unicode key events on Windows open Drekin     2
21998 1/2 an hour ago asyncio: a new self-pipe should be created in the child process after fork open haypo     6
18844 1 1/2 hours ago allow weights in random.choice has patch open aisaac rhettinger enhancement 36
11437 2 hours ago IDLE crash on startup with typo in config-keys.cfg has patch open George.Dhoore asvetlov behavior 16
22412 2 hours ago Towards an asyncio-enabled command line open Martin.Teichmann   enhancement 2
22410 9 hours ago Locale dependent regexps on different locales open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
22406 9 hours ago uu-codec trailing garbage workaround is Python 2 code open vadmium serhiy.storchaka behavior 2
22407 10 hours ago re.LOCALE is nonsensical for Unicode has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
22401 yesterday argparse: 'resolve' conflict handler damages the actions of the parent parser open paul.j3 docs@python behavior 1
20631 yesterday python readline module crashing on NULL access has patch open tfiala   crash 4
12916 yesterday Add inspect.splitdoc has patch open eric.araujo   enhancement 29
22377 yesterday %Z in strptime doesn't match EST and others open cool-RR   behavior 4
22400 yesterday Stable API broken on Windows for PyUnicode_* open jkloth     1
22388 yesterday Unify style of "Contributed by" notes has patch open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement 4
22395 yesterday test_pathlib error for complex symlinks on Windows has patch open jfoo   enhancement 4
22351 2 days ago NNTP constructor exception leaves socket for garbage collector open vadmium   resource usage 1
22394 2 days ago Update documentation building to use venv and pip open brett.cannon docs@python enhancement 1
17120 2 days ago Mishandled _POSIX_C_SOURCE and _XOPEN_SOURCE in pyconfig.h open RAW   compile error 4
22378 2 days ago SO_MARK support for Linux has patch open jpv   enhancement 1
22376 2 days ago urllib2.urlopen().read().splitlines() opening a directory in a FTP server randomly returns incorrect result open alanoe   behavior 3
22364 2 days ago Unify error messages of re and regex open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 7
22355 2 days ago inconsistent results with inspect.getsource / .getsourcelines open isedev   behavior 2
22354 2 days ago Idle: highlite tabs open Christian.Kleineidam   enhancement 2
22399 2 days ago Doc: missing anchor for dict in library/functions.html open pdessauw docs@python enhancement 1
22343 2 days ago Install bash activate script on Windows when using venv open marfire   enhancement 3
22397 2 days ago test_socket failure on AIX has patch open David.Edelsohn   behavior 1
22396 2 days ago AIX posix_fadvise and posix_fallocate has patch open David.Edelsohn   behavior 3
22253 2 days ago ConfigParser does not handle files without sections open kernc lukasz.langa enhancement 8
21356 2 days ago Support LibreSSL (instead of OpenSSL): make RAND_egd optional open Edd.Barrett     6
22379 2 days ago Empty exception message of str.join has patch open fossilet   behavior 5
22393 2 days ago multiprocessing.Pool shouldn't hang forever if a worker process dies unexpectedly has patch open dan.oreilly   enhancement 1
22356 2 days ago mention explicitly that stdlib assumes gmtime(0) epoch is 1970 has patch open akira docs@python behavior 1
22362 2 days ago Warn about octal escapes > 0o377 in re has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 5
22389 2 days ago Generalize contextlib.redirect_stdout has patch open barry ncoghlan   7
22348 2 days ago Documentation of asyncio.StreamWriter.drain() has patch open martius   behavior 3
21270 3 days ago unittest.mock.call object has inherited count method has patch open michael.foord michael.foord behavior 5
16662 3 days ago load_tests not invoked in package/__init__.py has patch open rbcollins barry enhancement 27
22382 3 days ago sqlite3 connection built from apsw connection should raise IntegrityError, not DatabaseError open wtonkin   behavior 4
22391 3 days ago MSILIB truncates last character in summary information stream open Kevin.Phillips   behavior 2
22299 3 days ago resolve() on Windows makes some pathological paths unusable has patch open Kevin.Norris   behavior 27
22359 3 days ago Remove incorrect uses of recursive make has patch open Sjlver   behavior 2
22392 3 days ago Clarify documentation of __getinitargs__ open David.Gilman docs@python enhancement 1
22390 3 days ago test.regrtest should complain if a test doesn't remove temporary files has patch open haypo   enhancement 6
22387 3 days ago Making tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile a class open Antony.Lee   enhancement 5
21199 3 days ago Python on 64-bit Windows uses signed 32-bit type for read length has patch open Matt.Mackall larry behavior 19
21228 3 days ago Missing enumeration of HTTPResponse Objects methods of urllib.request.urlopen's http.client.HTTPResponse? has patch open EvensF docs@python enhancement 17
22385 3 days ago Allow 'x' and 'X' to accept bytes-like objects in string formatting open ncoghlan     4
9951 3 days ago introduce bytes.hex method has patch open wiggin15   enhancement 23
2943 3 days ago Distutils should generate a better error message when the SDK is not installed has patch open cdavid tarek behavior 11
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