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24407 3/4 hours ago Use after free in PyDict_merge has patch open pkt   crash 10
18543 an hour ago urllib.parse.urlopen shouldn't ignore installed opener when called with any ca* argument has patch open moritzs   behavior 9
24256 1 1/4 hours ago threading.Timer is not a class has patch open jrunyon docs@python   5
23670 2 hours ago Modifications to support iOS as a cross-compilation target has patch open freakboy3742 ned.deily enhancement 19
24546 2 hours ago sequence index bug in random.choice open Serge Anuchin   behavior 20
24560 3 hours ago codecs.StreamReader doesn't work with nonblocking streams: TypeError: can't concat bytes to NoneType open yac     2
24553 5 hours ago improve test coverage for subinterpreters open eric.snow     10
24548 7 hours ago Broken link in the unittest documentation has patch open wau docs@python   3
24539 8 hours ago StreamReaderProtocol.eof_received() should return True to keep the transport open open gvanrossum     2
13456 8 hours ago Providing a custom HTTPResponse class to HTTPConnection has patch open r.david.murray docs@python enhancement 3
22980 9 hours ago C extension naming doesn't take bitness into account has patch open pitrou   enhancement 85
24502 10 hours ago OS X installer provides flat sub-packages with no version numbers open Jim Zajkowski ned.deily   4
8519 11 hours ago doc: termios and ioctl reference links has patch open techtonik docs@python   9
22810 yesterday tkinter: "alloc: invalid block:" after askopenfilename open lccat   crash 7
11245 yesterday Implementation of IMAP IDLE in imaplib? has patch open Shay.Rojansky   enhancement 22
24531 yesterday please document that no code preceding encoding declaration is allowed has patch open jwilk docs@python behavior 4
24563 yesterday Encoding declaration: doc supported encodings open terry.reedy docs@python enhancement 1
24520 yesterday Stop using deprecated floating-point environment functions on FreeBSD has patch open Andrew Turner   behavior 1
24518 yesterday json.dumps should accept key function for ``sort_keys`` has patch open catherinedevlin bob.ippolito enhancement 6
24555 yesterday Python logic error when deal with re and muti-threading open bee13oy   behavior 4
24557 yesterday Refactor LibreSSL / EGD detection open spil   enhancement 1
24334 yesterday SSLSocket extra level of indirection has patch open christian.heimes   behavior 3
24554 yesterday GC should happen when a subinterpreter is destroyed open eric.snow   behavior 10
24325 yesterday Speedup types.coroutine() has patch open yselivanov yselivanov enhancement 18
24098 yesterday Multiple use after frees in obj2ast_* methods open pkt   crash 5
24104 yesterday Use after free in xmlparser_setevents (2) open pkt   crash 4
24103 yesterday Use after free in xmlparser_setevents (1) open pkt   crash 3
23166 yesterday urllib2 ignores opener configuration under certain circumstances open crazyjurich   behavior 6
24097 yesterday Use after free in PyObject_GetState has patch open pkt pitrou crash 5
23517 yesterday datetime.utcfromtimestamp parses timestamps incorrectly open tbarbugli   behavior 18
24468 yesterday Expose C level compiler flag constants to Python code has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 8
24492 yesterday using custom objects as modules: AttributeErrors new in 3.5 open arigo   behavior 6
24483 yesterday Avoid repeated hash calculation in C implementation of functools.lru_cache() has patch open serhiy.storchaka rhettinger performance 18
4202 yesterday Multiple interpreters and readline module hook functions. has patch open grahamd   behavior 4
6531 yesterday atexit_callfuncs() crashing within Py_Finalize() when using multiple interpreters. has patch open grahamd   crash 13
15751 yesterday Support subinterpreters in the GIL state API open ncoghlan   enhancement 42
10915 yesterday Make the PyGILState API compatible with multiple interpreters has patch open pitrou   enhancement 17
24120 2 days ago pathlib.(r)glob stops on PermissionDenied exception has patch open Gregorio   behavior 10
24412 2 days ago setUpClass equivalent for addCleanup has patch open r.david.murray   enhancement 12
24550 2 days ago maxint on 64 bit platforms breaks os.read open Brian Mingus   enhancement 1
24540 2 days ago Documentation about skipkeys parameter for json.dumps is incorrect open Matthew Havard     2
24549 2 days ago string.format() should have a safe_substitute equivalent, to be run consecutively open azrdev   enhancement 4
18597 2 days ago On Windows sys.stdin.readline() doesn't handle Ctrl-C properly open Drekin tim.golden behavior 7
23992 2 days ago multiprocessing: MapResult shouldn't fail fast upon exception has patch open neologix   behavior 4
24545 3 days ago Issue with ssl package open kxl561   behavior 2
24508 3 days ago Backport 3.5's Windows build project files to 2.7 has patch open zach.ware zach.ware enhancement 8
24544 3 days ago Race condition and crash when embedding multi-thread script open Oleksiy Markovets   crash 2
24533 3 days ago Increased Test Coverage for Lib/random.py has patch open Charles Nodell rhettinger enhancement 3
24129 3 days ago Incorrect (misleading) statement in the execution model documentation has patch open levkivskyi docs@python behavior 14
24195 3 days ago Add `Executor.filter` to concurrent.futures has patch open cool-RR docs@python enhancement 31
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