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22329 1/4 hour ago Windows installer can't recover partially installed state open LlelanD   behavior 2
22327 1 1/2 hours ago test_gdb failures on Ubuntu 14.10 open barry     1
9694 2 hours ago argparse required arguments displayed under "optional arguments" has patch open benschmaus docs@python enhancement 26
7918 3 hours ago distutils always ignores byte compilation errors open Oliver.Jeeves eric.araujo behavior 9
22043 5 hours ago Use a monotonic clock to compute timeouts has patch open haypo   enhancement 15
22253 7 hours ago ConfigParser does not handle files without sections open kernc lukasz.langa enhancement 3
22326 11 hours ago tempfile.TemporaryFile fails on NFS v4 filesystems open drosera     5
18766 12 hours ago IDLE: Autocomplete in editor doesn't work for un-imported modules has patch open philwebster   behavior 3
10312 yesterday intcatcher() can deadlock has patch open hfuru   behavior 4
6331 yesterday Add unicode script info to the unicode database has patch open doerwalter   enhancement 13
22323 yesterday Rewrite PyUnicode_AsWideChar() and PyUnicode_AsWideCharString() has patch open haypo   enhancement 3
22166 yesterday test_codecs leaks references has patch open zach.ware   behavior 9
22038 yesterday Implement atomic operations on non-x86 platforms has patch open Vitor.de.Lima   enhancement 3
1508475 yesterday transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open antialize orsenthil enhancement 20
22290 yesterday "AMD64 OpenIndiana 3.x" buildbot: assertion failed in PyObject_Call() in test_subprocess.test_preexec() open haypo     3
22324 yesterday Use PyUnicode_AsWideCharString() instead of PyUnicode_AsUnicode() has patch open haypo   enhancement 3
22278 yesterday urljoin duplicate slashes has patch open demian.brecht   behavior 5
22154 yesterday ZipFile.open context manager support has patch open Ralph.Broenink docs@python behavior 5
22271 yesterday Deprecate PyUnicode_AsUnicode(): emit a DeprecationWarning open haypo     2
22302 yesterday Windows os.path.isabs UNC path bug open akima   behavior 5
22301 yesterday smtplib.SMTP.starttls' documentation is just confusing has patch open maker docs@python   5
22293 yesterday unittest.mock: use slots in MagicMock to reduce memory footprint open james-w   resource usage 3
21965 yesterday Add support for Memory BIO to _ssl has patch open geertj   enhancement 23
19494 yesterday urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler (or urllib.request.HTTPBasicAuthHandler) doesn't work with GitHub API v3 and similar has patch open mcepl   enhancement 31
5950 yesterday Make zipimport work with zipfile containing comments has patch open dsamersoff   enhancement 20
22319 yesterday mailbox.MH chokes on directories without .mh_sequences has patch open gumnos   behavior 2
20215 yesterday Python2.7 socketserver can not listen IPv6 address has patch open dazhaoyu   enhancement 4
20020 yesterday "modernize" the modulefinder module open eric.snow   enhancement 2
17396 yesterday modulefinder fails if module contains syntax error has patch open jgosmann   behavior 7
20567 yesterday test_idle causes test_ttk_guionly 'can't invoke "event" command: application has been destroyed' messages from Tk has patch open ned.deily terry.reedy behavior 14
21400 yesterday Code coverage documentation is out-of-date. has patch open matrixise     5
18615 yesterday sndhdr.whathdr could return a namedtuple has patch open Claudiu.Popa rhettinger enhancement 15
4733 2 days ago Add a "decode to declared encoding" version of urlopen to urllib has patch open ajaksu2 orsenthil enhancement 11
12707 2 days ago Deprecate addinfourl getters open ezio.melotti orsenthil enhancement 10
22257 2 days ago PEP 432: Redesign the interpreter startup sequence open ncoghlan ncoghlan   10
22317 2 days ago action argument is not documented in argparse add_subparser() docs open Ubik docs@python   1
22309 2 days ago distutils/spawn.py handle fork() not implemented. open John.Malmberg   enhancement 4
22310 2 days ago Report actual EOF character instead of assuming Ctrl-D open John.Malmberg   enhancement 4
22314 2 days ago pydoc.py: TypeError with a $LINES defined to anything open arigo     1
22194 2 days ago access to cdecimal / libmpdec API has patch open pitrou   enhancement 16
22117 2 days ago Rewrite pytime.h to work on nanoseconds has patch open haypo   enhancement 13
22313 2 days ago Make PYLONG_BITS_IN_DIGIT always available to non-core extensions open scoder   enhancement 1
22285 2 days ago The Modules/ directory should not be added to sys.path has patch open haypo     8
17095 2 days ago Modules/Setup *shared* support broken has patch open twouters     5
20035 2 days ago Clean up Tcl library discovery in Tkinter on Windows has patch open zach.ware   behavior 18
22305 2 days ago Documentation on deepcopy's problems is misleading open shlsh docs@python   3
20421 3 days ago expose SSL socket protocol version has patch open pitrou   enhancement 8
22215 3 days ago "embedded NUL character" exceptions has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 2
22297 3 days ago 2.7 json encoding broken for enums open eddygeek   behavior 6
22308 3 days ago add {implementation} to sysconfig.py has patch open mattip   behavior 2
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