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25715 1/2 an hour ago Python 3.5.1 installer shows wrong upgrade path has patch open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 4
21224 1/2 an hour ago BaseHTTPRequestHandler, update the protocol version to http 1.1 by default? open matrixise   enhancement 15
25300 1 1/2 hours ago Enable Intel MPX (Memory protection Extensions) feature has patch open florin.papa   security 40
25723 2 hours ago ConfigParser should never write broken configurations open spaceone   behavior 9
25251 3 hours ago Unknown MS Compiler version 1900 has patch open Matt.Hickford   behavior 8
25730 3 hours ago invisible sidebar content with code snippets open xwhhsprings docs@python behavior 5
25735 3 hours ago math.factorial doc should mention integer return type open John.Yeung docs@python   1
25698 4 hours ago test regressions introduced with the fix for #22995 open doko     6
25729 4 hours ago update pure python datetime.timedelta creation has patch open bdkearns   enhancement 7
25677 5 hours ago Syntax error caret confused by indentation has patch open mystor   behavior 7
25731 5 hours ago Assigning and deleting __new__ attr on the class does not allow to create instances of this class open Stanisław Skonieczny (Uosiu)   behavior 2
6953 5 hours ago readline documentation needs work has patch open ronaldoussoren docs@python enhancement 8
20923 6 hours ago Explain ConfigParser 'valid section name' and .SECTCRE open miloskomarcevic terry.reedy enhancement 15
25719 7 hours ago Deprecate spitfire benchmark has patch open florin.papa   crash 3
25572 8 hours ago _ssl doesn't build on OSX 10.11 open matrixise ned.deily   6
22100 8 hours ago Use $HOSTPYTHON when determining candidate interpreter for $PYTHON_FOR_BUILD. has patch open shiz   enhancement 3
16353 8 hours ago add function to os module for getting path to default shell has patch open chris.jerdonek christian.heimes enhancement 45
16255 8 hours ago subrocess.Popen needs /bin/sh but Android only has /system/bin/sh has patch open brousch   behavior 16
23496 8 hours ago Steps for Android Native Build of Python 3.4.2 has patch open chaselton   enhancement 175
25732 8 hours ago functools.total_ordering does not correctly implement not equal behaviour open David Seddon   behavior 2
25696 9 hours ago "make -j9 install" fails because bininstall target requires the libainstall target has patch open haypo     4
25733 9 hours ago Idle does not handle non-standard compile errors open ppperry   behavior 1
25728 9 hours ago email parser ignores inner multipart boundary when outer message duplicates it open forest   behavior 6
25643 9 hours ago Python tokenizer rewriting has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 3
25717 9 hours ago tempfile.TemporaryFile fails when dir option set to directory residing on host OS mount has patch open Hans Lawrenz   behavior 14
25683 10 hours ago __context__ for yields inside except clause open yselivanov   behavior 3
21475 10 hours ago Support the Sitemap extension in robotparser has patch open rhettinger   enhancement 8
25571 10 hours ago Improve the lltrace feature with the Py_Debug mode has patch open matrixise     3
25718 12 hours ago itertools.accumulate __reduce__/__setstate__ bug has patch open arigo kristjan.jonsson behavior 4
25701 12 hours ago Document that tp_setattro and tp_setattr are used for deleting attributes has patch open serhiy.storchaka docs@python crash 5
25664 yesterday Unexpected UnicodeDecodeError in logging module open zephor   behavior 5
10796 yesterday Improve doc for readline.set_completer_delims() open rheise docs@python behavior 5
16198 yesterday IDLE - tabbing in a string always brings up file completion window has patch open roger.serwy   behavior 6
25726 yesterday sys.setprofile / sys.getprofile asymetry open stefan   behavior 1
25724 yesterday SSLv3 test failure on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has patch open mdeslaur     1
25709 yesterday Problem with string concatenation and utf-8 cache. has patch open Árpád Kósa serhiy.storchaka behavior 25
25660 yesterday tabs don't work correctly in python repl has patch open yselivanov   behavior 18
25714 yesterday Consider isinstance(..., numbers.Integral) instead of isinstance(..., int) or isinstance(..., (int, long)) in datetime.py open posita   behavior 2
25720 yesterday Fix curses module compilation with ncurses6 has patch open donmez   compile error 1
25716 yesterday typeobject.c call_method & call_maybe can leak references on 'func' has patch open Myron Walker   resource usage 2
25713 2 days ago Setuptools included with 64-bit Windows installer is outdated open James.Paget   performance 1
25711 2 days ago Rewrite zipimport from scratch open brett.cannon     4
25710 2 days ago zipimport is not PEP 3147 or PEP 488 compliant open byrnes   behavior 2
8256 2 days ago input() doesn't catch _PyUnicode_AsString() exception; io.StringIO().encoding is None has patch open dangyogi   behavior 29
5680 2 days ago Command-line arguments when running in IDLE has patch open mrabarnett terry.reedy enhancement 10
16123 2 days ago IDLE - deprecate running without a subprocess has patch open roger.serwy   enhancement 25
25704 2 days ago Update the devguide to 3.5 has patch open matrixise     4
25694 2 days ago test.libregrtest not installed open Arfrever haypo   7
25320 2 days ago unittest loader.py TypeError when code directory contains a socket has patch open Victor van den Elzen     5
25699 2 days ago Easier way to specify reduced globals for doctest open John.Mark.Vandenberg   enhancement 2
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