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Author zooko
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Date 2009-07-12.01:41:10
I have a similar problem with pywin32.  I've described this over on (if pywin32 has been manually
installed, setuptools still doesn't detect it), but here is the minimal test case:

Put the following into a file named {{{}}} in a new empty directory:

import pkg_resources
if pkg_resources.require("pywin32"):
    print "Yes, pkg_resources says that pywin32 is already installed."
from setuptools import setup
setup(name='mindeponpywin32', install_requires=['pywin32'])

Make sure pywin32 is installed (by executing the installer for it and clickety
clickety clicking).

Then run the following command:

$ python ./ develop

It will say something like:

Yes, pkg_resources says that pywin32 is already installed.
running develop
Processing dependencies for mindeponpywin32==0.0.0
Searching for pywin32
No local packages or download links found for pywin32
error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('pywin32')
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