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Title [PATCH] native_libs.txt created in .egg-info/; should only be in EGG-INFO/
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Created on 2008-05-09.22:09:14 by pjenvey, last changed 2008-08-21.19:19:55 by pje.

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native_libs-fix-r60849.diff pjenvey, 2008-05-09.22:10:45 text/plain
native_libs-fix2-r65223.diff pjenvey, 2008-08-06.06:36:48 text/plain
msg103 (view) Author: pje Date: 2008-08-21.19:19:54
Fixed in trunk and branch
msg78 (view) Author: pjenvey Date: 2008-08-06.06:36:48
Here's the native_libs fix patch sans failing tests
msg71 (view) Author: pje Date: 2008-08-05.14:55:58
Can you please create a separate issue/patch for the failing tests vs. the
native-libs issue?  Thanks.
msg11 (view) Author: pjenvey Date: 2008-05-09.22:09:12
native_libs.txt shouldn't be created in projects' .egg-info/ dirs.

When one is created there, it will be listed in SOURCES.txt. Depending on the 
environment the egg is built on, native lib extensions may be disabled at egg 
build time (such as due to the lack of a C compiler; in particular, simplejson 
and Genshi do this) -- which can cause native_libs.txt to be empty. When its 
empty its pruned from the .egg-info dir.

Then when the entries in SOURCES.txt are copied to the final egg directory, 
setuptools breaks when attempting to copy a non existent native_libs.txt from 
the .egg-info/ dir. The solution is to only generate native_libs.txt in the 
finished egg's EGG-INFO directory.

Attached is a patch to only generate native_libs.txt in the final EGG-INFO/ dir 
and have the egg_info command correct the problem by always pruning 
native_libs.txt from the .egg-info/ dir.

It also disables the failing tests on Jython (which are for experimental functionality that isn't actually used anyway)

For the orig. discussion see:
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