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Created on 2008-05-09.03:14:49 by pfein, last changed 2017-03-10.13:23:03 by pje.

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chmod.txt zklaus, 2008-05-12.14:47:19 text/plain
msg422 (view) Author: pje Date: 2009-10-19.19:31:15
setuptools 0.6c10 is released with a fix for this issue; specifically, .py files
are no longer marked executable, only .dll and .so files.
msg53 (view) Author: drewp Date: 2008-06-27.05:51:24
I hit this issue in a way that was hard to diagnose. The file "bin/tahoe", in
the tahoe project, somehow ended up -rwx--x--x. This meant that the file ran
fine for my user, but when my daemon system tried to run it as root, I got a
mysterious "can't find command" error. 

This took a long time to notice and correct, so I support whatever fix would
make perms work more normal fashion.
msg13 (view) Author: zklaus Date: 2008-05-12.14:47:19
I think the attached patch fixes the problem.
No tests are broken.
However it obviously hasn't had much exposure.
What do you think?
msg9 (view) Author: zooko Date: 2008-05-09.12:39:36
There was a bug in setuptools 0.6c3 or so in which the 'x' permission bit was
getting cleared when installing on cygwin.  Unless I misremember, it was to fix
that problem that this behavior was added.
msg7 (view) Author: pfein Date: 2008-05-09.03:14:49
Setuptools installs all files with mode +x (executable), overriding any 
permissions specified in the original archive.  The consensus on the distutils 
mailing list is that doing so is incorrect, and potentially dangerous. It also 
breaks nosetests. No final determination was received from PJE.

For extensive discussion, see:
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