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Title [PATCH] replaces builtin type file with builtin function open
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Created on 2009-02-14.01:10:15 by pjenvey, last changed 2009-10-19.19:13:31 by pje.

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builtin_file-r66750.diff pjenvey, 2009-02-14.01:10:14 text/plain
msg413 (view) Author: pje Date: 2009-10-19.19:13:31
setuptools 0.6c10 is released with a fix for this issue.
msg366 (view) Author: pje Date: 2009-10-10.19:19:13
This patch introduces a new hole: the file() builtin will be allowed to bypass
the sandbox.  I'm implementing a replacement that will work prevent this.
msg236 (view) Author: pjenvey Date: 2009-02-14.01:10:14
builtin open changed from an alias to the file type to a function in Python 2.5. assumes file is open when replacing/restoring the two with sandboxed 

Attached is a patch that removes that hardcoding

Prioritized as critical, this is evil!
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