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Title [PATCH] Immediately close all file handles
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Created on 2008-05-09.22:13:48 by pjenvey, last changed 2017-06-02.17:15:59 by pje.

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msg643 (view) Author: vak Date: 2011-10-08.19:07:52
There are still about 10 places where file is not explicitly closed and FD release is dependent on GC model. Is a patch from me welcome?
msg642 (view) Author: vak Date: 2011-10-08.15:37:18
I fail to install Twisted under PyPy, because am getting "too many open files" error. They are obviously not closed
msg12 (view) Author: pjenvey Date: 2008-05-09.22:13:46
I'm being pessimistic here and ensuring setuptools closes all files immediately 
when done with them, in particular for Python VMs that don't use reference 
counting GC.

Those VMs may not GC/close those files until later, and open file handles are 
particularly bad on Windows (you can't delete a file that's in use).

This is of low priority
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