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#24954: No way to generate or parse timezone as produced by datetime.isoformat()

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3 years, 7 months ago by guido
2 years, 10 months ago
tim.peters, barry, jcea, roysmith, sasha, nagle_users.sourceforge.net, haypo, jwilk_jwilk.net, mcepl, eric.araujo, Arfrever, r.david.murray, dav01_myths.ru, cvrebert, karlcow, SilentGhost, pederick_gmail.com, flying sheep, mihai_mihaic.ro, aymeric.augustin, someuniquename_gmail.com, berkerpeksag, Martin Panter, piotr.dobrogost, kirpit_gmail.com, ztane, boxed_killingar.net, jstasiak, Eric.Hanchrow, deronnax, pbryan_anode.ca, shanmbic, p.ganssle_gmail.com, sirex, mariocj89, sonots_gmail.com

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Doc/library/datetime.rst View 1 1 chunk +10 lines, -0 lines 0 comments Download
Modules/_datetimemodule.c View 1 9 chunks +95 lines, -18 lines 1 comment Download


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Martin Panter
https://bugs.python.org/review/24954/diff/15693/Doc/library/datetime.rst File Doc/library/datetime.rst (right): https://bugs.python.org/review/24954/diff/15693/Doc/library/datetime.rst#newcode1881 Doc/library/datetime.rst:1881: | | string if the object is naive).| | ...
3 years, 7 months ago #1
Martin Panter
2 years, 10 months ago #2
File Modules/_datetimemodule.c (right):

Modules/_datetimemodule.c:1030: /* Add an hours , minutes and seconds UTC offset
string to buf.  buf has no more than
Normally there shouldn’t be a space before a comma (other cases below)
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