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Unified Diff: Misc/NEWS

Issue 10639: reindent.py converts newlines to platform default
Patch Set: Created 8 years, 8 months ago
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--- a/Misc/NEWS Tue Jul 26 09:37:46 2011 +0300
+++ b/Misc/NEWS Mon Jul 25 09:47:18 2011 -0400
@@ -10,47 +10,6 @@
Core and Builtins
-- Verify the types of AST strings and identifiers provided by the user before
- compiling them.
-- Issue #12579: str.format_map() now raises a ValueError if used on a
- format string that contains positional fields. Initial patch by
- Julian Berman.
-- Issue #10271: Allow warnings.showwarning() be any callable.
-- Issue #11627: Fix segfault when __new__ on a exception returns a
- non-exception class.
-- Issue #12149: Update the method cache after a type's dictionnary gets
- cleared by the garbage collector. This fixes a segfault when an instance
- and its type get caught in a reference cycle, and the instance's
- deallocator calls one of the methods on the type (e.g. when subclassing
- IOBase). Diagnosis and patch by Davide Rizzo.
-- Issue #9611, #9015: FileIO.read() clamps the length to INT_MAX on Windows.
-- Issue #9642: Uniformize the tests on the availability of the mbcs codec, add
- a new HAVE_MBCS define.
-- Issue #9642: Fix filesystem encoding initialization: use the ANSI code page
- on Windows if the mbcs codec is not available, and fail with a fatal error if
- we cannot get the locale encoding (if nl_langinfo(CODESET) is not available)
- instead of using UTF-8.
-- When a generator yields, do not retain the caller's exception state on the
- generator.
-- Issue #12475: Prevent generators from leaking their exception state into the
- caller's frame as they return for the last time.
-- Issue #12291: You can now load multiple marshalled objects from a stream,
- with other data interleaved between marshalled objects.
-- Issue #12356: When required positional or keyword-only arguments are not
- given, produce a informative error message which includes the name(s) of the
- missing arguments.
- Issue #12370: Fix super with not arguments when __class__ is overriden in the
class body.
@@ -237,153 +196,6 @@
-- Issue #12102: Document that buffered files must be flushed before being used
- with mmap. Patch by Steffen Daode Nurpmeso.
-- Issue #12560: Build libpython.so on OpenBSD. Patch by Stefan Sperling.
-- Issue #1813: Fix codec lookup under Turkish locales.
-- Issue #12591: Improve support of "universal newlines" in the subprocess
- module: the piped streams can now be properly read from or written to.
-- Issue #12591: Allow io.TextIOWrapper to work with raw IO objects (without
- a read1() method), and add a *write_through* parameter to mandate
- unbuffered writes.
-- Issue #10883: Fix socket leaks in urllib.request when using FTP.
-- Issue #12592: Make Python build on OpenBSD 5 (and future major releases).
-- Issue #12372: POSIX semaphores are broken on AIX: don't use them.
-- Issue #12551: Provide a get_channel_binding() method on SSL sockets so as
- to get channel binding data for the current SSL session (only the
- "tls-unique" channel binding is implemented). This allows the implementation
- of certain authentication mechanisms such as SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS. Patch by
- Jacek Konieczny.
-- Issue #665194: email.utils now has format_datetime and parsedate_to_datetime
- functions, allowing for round tripping of RFC2822 format dates.
-- Issue #12571: Add a plat-linux3 directory mirroring the plat-linux2
- directory, so that "import DLFCN" and other similar imports work on
- Linux 3.0.
-- Issue #7484: smtplib no longer puts <> around addresses in VRFY and EXPN
- commands; they aren't required and in fact postfix doesn't support that form.
-- Issue #12273: Remove ast.__version__. AST changes can be accounted for by
- checking sys.version_info or sys._mercurial.
-- Silence spurious "broken pipe" tracebacks when shutting down a
- ProcessPoolExecutor.
-- Fix potential resource leaks in concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor
- by joining all queues and processes when shutdown() is called.
-- Issue #11603: Fix a crash when __str__ is rebound as __repr__. Patch by
- Andreas Stührk.
-- Issue #11321: Fix a crash with multiple imports of the _pickle module when
- embedding Python. Patch by Andreas Stührk.
-- Issue #6755: Add get_wch() method to curses.window class. Patch by Iñigo
- Serna.
-- Add cgi.closelog() function to close the log file.
-- Issue #12502: asyncore: fix polling loop with AF_UNIX sockets.
-- Issue #4376: ctypes now supports nested structures in a endian different than
- the parent structure. Patch by Vlad Riscutia.
-- Raise ValueError when attempting to set the _CHUNK_SIZE attribute of a
- TextIOWrapper to a huge value, not TypeError.
-- Issue #12504: Close file handles in a timely manner in packaging.database.
- This fixes a bug with the remove (uninstall) feature on Windows.
-- Issues #12169 and #10510: Factor out code used by various packaging commands
- to make HTTP POST requests, and make sure it uses CRLF.
-- Issue #12016: Multibyte CJK decoders now resynchronize faster. They only
- ignore the first byte of an invalid byte sequence. For example,
- b'\xff\n'.decode('gb2312', 'replace') gives '\ufffd\n' instead of '\ufffd'.
-- Issue #12459: time.sleep() now raises a ValueError if the sleep length is
- negative, instead of an infinite sleep on Windows or raising an IOError on
- Linux for example, to have the same behaviour on all platforms.
-- Issue #12451: pydoc: html_getfile() now uses tokenize.open() to support
- Python scripts using a encoding different than UTF-8 (read the coding cookie
- of the script).
-- Issue #12493: subprocess: Popen.communicate() now also handles EINTR errors
- if the process has only one pipe.
-- Issue #12467: warnings: fix a race condition if a warning is emitted at
- shutdown, if globals()['__file__'] is None.
-- Issue #12451: pydoc: importfile() now opens the Python script in binary mode,
- instead of text mode using the locale encoding, to avoid encoding issues.
-- Issue #12451: runpy: run_path() now opens the Python script in binary mode,
- instead of text mode using the locale encoding, to support other encodings
- than UTF-8 (scripts using the coding cookie).
-- Issue #12451: xml.dom.pulldom: parse() now opens files in binary mode instead
- of the text mode (using the locale encoding) to avoid encoding issues.
-- Issue #12147: Adjust the new-in-3.2 smtplib.send_message method for better
- conformance to the RFCs: correctly handle Sender and Resent- headers.
-- Issue #12352: Fix a deadlock in multiprocessing.Heap when a block is freed by
- the garbage collector while the Heap lock is held.
-- Issue #12462: time.sleep() now calls immediatly the (Python) signal handler
- if it is interrupted by a signal, instead of having to wait until the next
- instruction.
-- Issue #12442: new shutil.disk_usage function, providing total, used and free
- disk space statistics.
-- Issue #12451: The XInclude default loader of xml.etree now decodes files from
- UTF-8 instead of the locale encoding if the encoding is not specified. It now
- also opens XML files for the parser in binary mode instead of the text mode
- to avoid encoding issues.
-- Issue #12451: doctest.debug_script() doesn't create a temporary file
- anymore to avoid encoding issues.
-- Issue #12451: pydoc.synopsis() now reads the encoding cookie if available,
- to read the Python script from the right encoding.
-- Issue #12451: distutils now opens the setup script in binary mode to read the
- encoding cookie, instead of opening it in UTF-8.
-- Issue #9516: On Mac OS X, change Distutils to no longer globally attempt to
- check or set the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable for the
- interpreter process. This could cause failures in non-Distutils subprocesses
- and was unreliable since tests or user programs could modify the interpreter
- environment after Distutils set it. Instead, have Distutils set the the
- deployment target only in the environment of each build subprocess. It is
- still possible to globally override the default by setting
- MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET before launching the interpreter; its value must be
- greater or equal to the default value, the value with which the interpreter
- was built. Also, implement the same handling in packaging.
-- Issue #12422: In the copy module, don't store objects that are their own copy
- in the memo dict.
-- Issue #12303: Add sigwaitinfo() and sigtimedwait() to the signal module.
-- Issue #12404: Remove C89 incompatible code from mmap module. Patch by Akira
- Kitada.
-- Issue #1874: email now detects and reports as a defect the presence of
- any CTE other than 7bit, 8bit, or binary on a multipart.
- Issue #12383: Fix subprocess module with env={}: don't copy the environment
variables, start with an empty environment.
@@ -1030,15 +842,6 @@
-- Issue #11863: Remove support for legacy systems deprecated in Python 3.2
- (following PEP 11). These systems are systems using Mach C Threads,
- SunOS lightweight processes, GNU pth threads and IRIX threads.
-- Issue #8746: Correct faulty configure checks so that os.chflags() and
- os.lchflags() are once again built on systems that support these
- functions (*BSD and OS X). Also add new stat file flags for OS X
- Issue #10645: Installing Python does no longer create a
Python-X.Y.Z-pyX.Y.egg-info file in the lib-dynload directory.
@@ -1076,10 +879,6 @@
Extension Modules
-- Issue #10309: Define _GNU_SOURCE so that mremap() gets the proper
- signature. Without this, architectures where sizeof void* != sizeof int are
- broken. Patch given by Hallvard B Furuseth.
- Issue #12221: Replace pyexpat.__version__ with the Python version.
- Issue #12051: Fix segfault in json.dumps() while encoding highly-nested
@@ -1094,67 +893,6 @@
-- Issue #12624: It is now possible to fail after the first failure when
- running in verbose mode (``-v`` or ``-W``), by using the ``--failfast``
- (or ``-G``) option to regrtest. This is useful with long test suites
- such as test_io or test_subprocess.
-- Issue #12587: Correct faulty test file and reference in test_tokenize.
- (Patch by Robert Xiao)
-- Issue #12573: Add resource checks for dangling Thread and Process objects.
-- Issue #12549: Correct test_platform to not fail when OS X returns 'x86_64'
- as the processor type on some Mac systems.
-- Skip network tests when getaddrinfo() returns EAI_AGAIN, meaning a temporary
- failure in name resolution.
-- Avoid failing in test_robotparser when mueblesmoraleda.com is flaky and
- an overzealous DNS service (e.g. OpenDNS) redirects to a placeholder
- Web site.
-- Avoid failing in test_urllibnet.test_bad_address when some overzealous
- DNS service (e.g. OpenDNS) resolves a non-existent domain name. The test
- is now skipped instead.
-- Issue #12440: When testing whether some bits in SSLContext.options can be
- reset, check the version of the OpenSSL headers Python was compiled against,
- rather than the runtime version of the OpenSSL library.
-- Issue #11512: Add a test suite for the cgitb module. Patch by Robbie Clemons.
-- Issue #12497: Install test/data to prevent failures of the various codecmaps
- tests.
-- Issue #12496: Install test/capath directory to prevent test_connect_capath
- testcase failure in test_ssl.
-- Issue #12469: Run wakeup and pending signal tests in a subprocess to run the
- test in a fresh process with only one thread and to not change signal
- handling of the parent process.
-- Issue #8716: Avoid crashes caused by Aqua Tk on OSX when attempting to run
- test_tk or test_ttk_guionly under a username that is not currently logged
- in to the console windowserver (as may be the case under buildbot or ssh).
-- Issue #12407: Explicitly skip test_capi.EmbeddingTest under Windows.
-- Issue #12400: regrtest -W doesn't rerun the tests twice anymore, but captures
- the output and displays it on failure instead. regrtest -v doesn't print the
- error twice anymore if there is only one error.
-- Issue #12141: Install copies of template C module file so that
- test_build_ext of test_distutils and test_command_build_ext of
- test_packaging are no longer silently skipped when
- run outside of a build directory.
-- Issue #8746: Add additional tests for os.chflags() and os.lchflags().
- Patch by Garrett Cooper.
-- Issue #10736: Fix test_ttk test_widgets failures with Cocoa Tk 8.5.9
- 2.8 + on Mac OS X. (Patch by Ronald Oussoren)
- Issue #12057: Add tests for ISO 2022 codecs (iso2022_jp, iso2022_jp_2,
@@ -1470,7 +1208,7 @@
(length bigger than 2^31-1 bytes).
- Issue #9015, #9611: FileIO.readinto(), FileIO.write(), os.write() and
- stdprinter.write() clamp the length to INT_MAX on Windows.
+ stdprinter.write() clamp the length to 2^31-1 on Windows.
- Issue #8278: On Windows and with a NTFS filesystem, os.stat() and os.utime()
can now handle dates after 2038.
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