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Is the archive supposed to be complete? I can't find not only the rst or html "features", but more importantly the py and pyd files for the particular versions.

Anyway, I just skimmed through the documentation and found, that most features, which I missed in the builtin re version seems to be present in the regex module;
a few possibly notable exceptions being some unicode features: 
support for unicode script properties might be needlessly complex (maybe unless is implemented)

On the other hand \X for matching any single grapheme might be useful, according to the mentioned page, the currently working equivalent would be 
However, I am not sure about the compatibility concerns; it is possible, that the modifier characters as a part of graphemes might cause some discrepancies in the text indices etc. 

A feature, where i personally (currently) can't find a usecase is \G and continuing matches (but no doubt, there would be some some cases for this).

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