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On 17 February 2010 19:35, Matthew Barnett <> wrote:
> The main text at appears to have lost its backslashes, for example:
>    The Unicode escapes uxxxx and Uxxxxxxxx are supported.
> instead of:
>    The Unicode escapes \uxxxx and \Uxxxxxxxx are supported.

Matthew, As you no doubt realised that text is read straight from the
Features.txt file. PyPI interprets it as RestructuredText, which uses
\ as an escape character in various cases. Do you intentionally write
Features.txt as RestructuredText? If so here is a patch that escapes
the \ characters as appropriate, otherwise I'll work out how to make
PyPI read it as plain text.

Regards, Alex
Alex Willmer <>
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Features-backslashes.patch moreati, 2010-02-21.14:46:39
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