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2010/2/17 Andrew McNabb <>:
> Andrew McNabb <> added the comment:
> Oops.  I had run "pydoc" instead of "pydoc3", so I was getting the 2.6 version of the io docstrings instead of the 3.1 version.
> By the way, it took about an hour to find out how to get Python 3 to treat stdin as bytes instead of unicode.  Now that I know what I was looking for, the documentation for the io library seems fine.  However, since Python 3 uptake is still a little slow, it's really hard to search for good information out there.

There's a note here:

> Would it be possible to some tutorial-style information to the io library documentation?  Stuff like switching stdin and stdout to bytes mode seem like they will be common problems, and it's a bit overwhelming to sort through 14 pages of documentation.  I think for most readers, it would be helpful to start with a brief tutorial before lunging into the hierarchy of abstract classes.
> Overall, the documentation is great; it's detailed and complete.  If there's one weakness, it's the overview.

Yes, but that's another issue. :)
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